Miss Marvel's plan worked as Rogue goes into labor.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Ms. Marvel Captain America Rogue Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson
Category Marvel M/F Growth Transformation Corruption Pregnancy Female Dom
Previous Chapter Rogue battles the Avengers

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Staggering back from the pain in her belly, Rogue fell to her knees moaning as her water broke. Carol's plan had worked, having fought with the mutant long enough that her pregnancy progressed to the point where she was now defenseless. Rolling onto her back Rogue screamed as she felt the first painful spasm of labor  just as Miss Marvel stood up with renewed strength and stomped over to the red head. The others came closer, surrounding the prone abomination as she groaned and huffed in pain.

"Looks like I win Rogue, your in no shape to even stand let alone fight me." Smirked Carol as the red haired she-abomination sneered back at her, panting hard as her contractions spiked through her. "So what? Your DEAD! "Hnnnngh... Once I bear mah babes Ah'm gonna eat ya'll alive!"

Still smirking arrogantly at the mother-to-be Carol turned and walked away, returning with a fire hydrant torn from its location and shoving it straight into Rogue's stretched pussy. "Aaargh NOOOO!" Whimpered the she beast as Miss Marvel kept the metal object inside of her, keeping her brood from being born. "Stop! I'm gonna pop! Lemme have mah kids..."

"Nu-uh." Tsked Carol wagging her clawed finger. "I'll let you if you vow to join our tea-... Horde!"

Looking at each other in confusion the Avengers listened in on what Miss Marvel had planned. "Yeah... The X-Abominations are new, weak, but we're the FIRST, we're strong! Join our Horde and you can have as many kids as you want."

Stepping closer Captain America and Hawkeye nodded to their blonde comrade and added their say. "Join us Rogue or you'll die and your brood won't be born, but if you join us we'll give you a taste of this." Offered the Super-Abomination as he pumped his massive prick in front of the woman, the sight of the offered male appendage, plus the painful ecstasy of the foreign metal object being twisted inside of her pussy along with the pain of her brood demanding to be born was straining her ability to think. "What's it going to be Rogue?"


"AUNT MAY PLEASE! This isn't yo-mmph!" Spider-Man couldn't finish his plea as the green scaled abomination woman laid down on top of him and drove her long forked tongue down his throat, her breasts had grown so large they threatened to touch their chins as she pressed harder against him, straddling his waist with her stout muscular legs. "Gaaaasp... Come on Aunt May, this is just... WEIRD!"

"I'll say Petey but in case you haven't noticed I'm not complaining, I've never felt this alive, so free." Lifting herself up to look him in the eyes she licked her lips and drew circles around his bruised chest, taking her time around each dark spot before squeezing her tits against his face. "Besides, better me than one of those monsters out there!"

MJ lounged close by on the ruined bed mattress enjoying the show, covering her smirk with an outstretched claw as her other hand massaged her cleavage. "Yeah! They'd probably try to EAT you or something, not MY tiger!"

Giggling at her prone nephew under her, May Parker was intoxicated by her great power and strength, she was three times his size and more than 20 times his strength. Nothing was going to happen to him while she and MJ were with him... Nothing bad anyway.

"Now be a good nephew and suck my tits!"


"Come on Rogue, we're waiting." Teased Wasp, tracing her claw around her erect nipple as the others watched on. "What's it gonna be?"

"Maybe she needs a demonstration." Grunted Cap as he pulled Moonstone towards him, kissing her hard and slapping her muscular ass, giving Rogue a show while Carol twisted the metal object in her crowded pussy. Hopping up and wrapping her powerful legs around Captain America, Moonstone positioned herself over his cock and mounted him as he stood. "He's so potent Rogue, just imagine how many you'd have... Or better yet how much he'll give ME!"

Rogue could only squirm and moan as she watched Cap and Moonstone grind and thrust against each other, this was torture for he. She was filled to the brim with new abominations waiting to be born but with Miss Marvel teasing her blocked pussy and the rest of the Avengers descending into an orgy before her. "Yes YES! Cum in me, knock me up you fucking stud!" Roared Moonstone as Cap tightened up and flooded her pussy, the claw marks on his back healing rapidly as he pumped her full of his boiling hot cum.

Rogue couldn't take it anymore, she had to do something or else she'd go mad or worse.

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