Thor talks with the former She-Hulk

by burke_rakers
Storyline TG universe
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"She-Hulk? Jennifer, is that you?"

Jen Wally frowned at that, feeling embaressed and angry that this queer (a white boy with hair that long was obviously a queer) would call her "Jennifer". She was a She-Male, dang it! The best of Man AND the best of Woman! She wasn't about to let some flying fruit call her Jennifer and get away with it.

Thor landed, saying "Jennifer, be firm. Thor shall rescue you from..."

Bull Gator rushed him, throwing her arms about his chest and flipping him onto his back in a wrestling move...and Thor felt a tingle running through him as his hammer flew from his hands. Thor struggled, but Wally was strong...and skilled. Thor was the stronger, but he was trying not to hurt the poor transformed woman. But...he was unaware of the fact that the Scarlet Mambo had called upon Loki...and recieved a magical Asgardian talisman - a rune stone enchanted by Odin himself - to aid in handling Thor. Though he didn't know it...for a limited time, the loss of his hammer would revert him to the form of Donald Blake again.

Also...the grip of Jen Wally (who prefered to be called 'Bull Gator') was sapping his strength...and his very maleness. Thor struggled harder when he felt his strength fading...and his hair lengthening...buttocks swelling...breasts growing full and heavy. He struggled as he became an Asgardian female...then, 60 seconds after letting go of the hammer...it became a walking stick, and she became a powerless female.

While his maleness had been flooding away...it had fled into the former she-hulk, who found her female parts fading...and male parts growing. Layer after later of muscle formed...his cock (already impressive) swelled and swelled, as did his balls. His face grew harsh and ugly-looking, as his limbs thickened and his hands became massive paws. When it was done...

Jim Wally LOVED the feel of tiny girls pinned under his bulk. He looked almost exactly like the old Hulk, save for his thick Negroid features and a layer of bulk that had formed over the muscle, like blubber on a Sumo. Jim looked down over his swelling gut (he was a big eaten' an' big drinkin' man) at the tiny white girl who weapt and moaned...and he reached inside his pants and unlimbered his hogleg. His cock was huge, and at the sight of it...the former Asgardian reached for her walking stick...

She screamed when the monsters cock plunged into her tight, new pussy. She screamed as he thrust and thrust into her, and she felt her internal organs reorganizing...reshaping to take his cock more easily. She moaned and weapt...but also thrust back. This was hell...yet also heaven of a sort. The feel of his meat was driving out all thought...save the idea that if he struck the walking stick on the ground, this would end. Even if she didn't become a he again, she'd at least have a weapon...and be a goddess again.

She was so paniced...so very scared...that she didn't see the new carvings on the stick. Glowing symbols laid over the old Asgardian runes...a mesh a fine new words that changed the pattern of the item...bound it to Voodoo and to a very specific spirit. Poor Thor...who didn't know a thing about Voodoo and the Loas...and their abilities to possess objects...and people.

She struck the walking stick on the ground...

The magic...and the Loa...filled her...and made her its home.


Simon entered the room, saying "Presenting...Erzulie Freda. The Black Madonna. Wife of Damballah, Agwe and Ogou. The Loa of beauty, jewelery, flowers, luxury, wealth, dance, femininity, discord, vengeance and jealousy."

She entered the room with grace and a sway that made Robert and Claira Morris moan...for different reasons. She was mature, beautiful mulatto woman - the very defination of the word 'Cougar'. Tall, full-hipped, big buttocked and with breasts like ripe honeydews. Her face showed the perfect combination of races, blended into a single delightful whole. Her hair was long and black, bound up in a colorful mix of gold, jewels and pink flowers. Her skin was the color of good coffee, and her body wrapped yet revealed in a gown of pinks and whites, glittering gold and daimond rings, bangles and necklaces. She walked with the haughty elegance of a queen, and when she reached Wanda Laveau...Wanda went to her knees and kissed the ladies right hand.

"My servant...my daughter..." said Erzulie Freda in French Creole accents, and the former thunder god meant it. This woman had given her physical life. The one thing she'd wanted. And her former existance as a british Viking god made her cringe. She was luxury, femininity and compassion personified, with the soul of a jealous bitch to add spice. She loved her servant, and thus...she wanted her servant to have everything she wanted. She saw in Wanda Laveau all that she'd ever want in life...and she finished that last part of a spell that had been begun by another...

The Gypsy Witch - who hadn't really appeared for some time - faded from the world and joined her essence with Wanda...who she had truly been in a karmic way. Bound together, and with the power of The Black Madonna as well, the new Scarlet Mambo was almost the most powerful sorceress in existance.

"Oh, Madonna..." she cried, and Erzulie Freda smiled "...you are here? And...Thor?"

"Oh, he is hear as well...though I dominate him now. He sees the world through my eyes, and finds it pleasing. He has surrendered himself to be, and we are one. The only trace of his old desires...is his love of Sif. I think I shall call this goddess to me...and make her my lover. Speaking of which. that big green buck you've got working the swamps is quite a fine man. You should find someone to satisfy the poor mans needs. All that dick and no place to stick it? Now that's a waste."

"As you say, my goddess. But first...I should take care of another problem."

Erzulie Freda smiled at Robert and Clara Morris, as well as tiny, girlish Antoinette. In the Loa, The Black Madonna was also the patron Loa of Homosexuality, and she wanted these three...all at the same time. All three licked their lips and Robert stepped forward. "If you would be so kind as to allow the three of us to pleasure you, my lady."

"Oh yes, Erzulie Freda. You have so much to offer."

"Yes, my child. I can see how much you've grown to love your new form. So proud and beautiful. And is this little dish the former Tony Stark? What a delicious little morsel you've become, Antoinette. So humble and giving."

The tiny black boi shuddered and giggled in pleasure. He was so proud to be spoken to by a lady of such taste.


Sam Wilson got off the plane and opened his tracer again. It should pick out the unique signature of his Super-Soldier enhanced body. Granted, from the wild numbers he was picking up...Cap had changed. He'd expected that, after the strange phone call. He'd find him soon, and figure out how to help him...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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