Thing finds Susan riding her brother's face

by Sailor Mercury
Storyline Hive of the Wasp
Characters Jubilee Wasp Psylocke Spider-Man Amora the Enchantress She-Venom She-carnage Invisible Woman Sif Valkyrie Gwen Stacy Carnage symbiote Jane Foster Spider-Woman Thing Thor
Category Female Dom F/F Corruption Mind Control M/F Marvel
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"What the hells goin on in heres!" Thing said as he entered the room.

"Oh, Ben, nice to see you. We are just training Johnny here for his new life! And we were going to come get you next."

"Suzy, whats you talking abouts?" Thing asked.

"Her majesty wants sex slaves, and Storm and I have been assigned to take down the remaining Fantastic Four." Susan said as she created a force field around Thing.

"Your majesty, we need some more assistance!" Storm contacted her queen. "We are converting Johnny, and Thing just came in. Susan has trapped him in a force field. Please send some of the other members of the hive to work on him, while we finish with Johnny!"

"Very well. I will have Scarlet Witch send a few."

In a red flash of light, Jubilee, Sif, Valkyrie, and Songbird appeared in the force field, ready to turn Thing into a sex slave.
"I also do wish Hulk was here." a voice said. She-Hulk and Thordis looked over and standing there was Red She-Hulk. "I would also love to have 'daddy dearest' as one of the hive's sex slaves as well."

Thordis began to imagine being double teamed by Hulk and Red Hulk. Hulk's massive, gamma, cock jammed into her wet snatch, fucking her. All at the same time, Red Hulk (or 'Rulk' if you prefer) having his equally massive red, gamma cock shoved up her ass, fucking her. She was such a slutty goddess.

"Hey, ya gals want to wrestle some?" Red She-Hulk asked the two.

"Oh, that sounds fun!" Thordis said. She loved fighting, and the very idea of touching the bodies of her fellow hive sisters, slamming each others sweaty bodies to the ground, oh, it sounded so hot.

"How about we make it more interesting." Red She-Hulk said. "How about have it be a three way match, and the winner gets to fuck the losers with a strap on."

"Or better yet the winner gets to be double teamed by the losers!"

"Fuck yeah!" Red She-Hulk said, and She-Hulk nodded in agreement. Each of them, wanted to win, so they could get fucked.

"Remember, it's wrestling, so you can only use your strength, and sexy body. No weapons."

The woman who had formerly been Jane Foster nodded, and agreed not to use her hammer.

Red She-Hulk took her clothes off, and She-Hulk removed her strap-on. The three naked babes went to the training room. And began their wrestling match.
Hornet Queen, went to the briefing room to see what her servants had brought back. After having sent them out to retrieve Spider-Man, to turn him into a sex slave. She arrived to see Spider-Man trapped in one of She-Venom's tendrils.

"We have captured the sssspiderrr, just as you ordered yourrrrr highnesssss." She-Venom hissed.


"There isss also anotherrrr gift that hasss been captured for you!" She-Carnage hissed with a chuckle. She then revealed Ms. Marvel.

"Ms. Marvel!" She said surprised. "You managed to capture Ms. Marvel for me, fantastic work!"

"Your highnessss, might we take the ssspiderrr to ourrr rrroom, so we can train him for hisss new life?" She-Venom hissed

"Sure, I need to convert Ms. Marvel."

"Thank you, your majesty!" She-Carnage hissed, as she dropped Ms. Marvel. Then she and her symbiote sister went off to turn the web-head into one of the hive's sex slaves.

The former Wasp chuckled. She thought about Thordis' suggestion of capturing Hulk, and turning him into a sex slave. She decided that after everyone had returned to the base and got some rest, she would send her whole hive to capture Hulk.

Janet then began turning Ms. Marvel into the newest member of her hive.
As Psylocke talked to her brother about stuff, she slowly began altering his mind, slowly teaching him his true place in life. She made sure he would not notice the changes, until she was done, and then she would activate every change all at once. Her brother did not suspect a thing, and soon, he would be fucking his own twin sister. Her pussy began to soak her panties as she looked forward to it, in perverted delight.
Spider-Woman and Enchantress chuckled as they began to train Reed as a sex slave.

They each planted a kiss on his lips, as Spider-Woman's pheromones continued to affect Reed.

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