Mary Jane wants her Spider

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson
Category Marvel M/F Corruption Transformation Growth
Previous Chapter Spider-Man returns to his loft to find an abominated Mary-Jane waiting for him.

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His spider sense was going insane, it had been ever since this whole thing started. After the Thunderbolts got turned into those monsters and died they released some kind of green cloud that turned anyone who inhaled it into abominations like they were. Spider-Man had been brought to the brink of exhaustion trying to contain as many as he could with the aid of SHIELD, but now nearly half the city was turned, and so was Mary Jane Watson.

"I want my Spider!"

Somehow his wife had been exposed to that mist outside and now she had him backed up against the wall with her powerful arms at either side of his head and her massive breasts pressed up under his chin, keeping him pinned there. She was over 2 feet taller than him now, her body covered in smooth green scales with boney spikes jutting out of her arms like ridges, those same ridges running down her spine like a fin, twitching with her mood. Her hands and feet sported sharp talons that looked sharp enough to cut through stone with ease, what with the long claw marks on the walls and doorways. She was totally naked save for a few strands of her old cloths that barely held on after she out grew them, the loft a mess after she sated her appetite on everything edible.

"MJ? Sweatheart? That's uh... A new look for you." Stuttered the web head as his wife pulled his mask half way up and kissed him hard, her tongue snaking into his mouth and down his throat as she pressed herself harder against him. "Cough... Feeling a bit frisky huh?"

"I've been waiting for you ALL day Petey, I ate everything in the fridge, my closet and my dresser." Smiling down at her husband she licked her lips as she continued. "But now I'm hungry for something else, something your very well equiped for."

Picking him up by the shoulders she hauled him with her to the bedroom, smashing the door out of the way as she threw him down on the matress. "This time Tiger the house wins! No jackpot for you."

The Avengers left the remains of the Leader's lair, even if he was the culprit behind the abomination plague he made it clear that there was no cure. The only cold comfort for them was that unlike the other monsters rampaging through the city THEY were still in control of themselves, to a degree...

Padding out on all fours like a cat, Tigra stood up as her pride followed her out with the others. Wasp was surrounded by her entire swarm, all buzzing around her as she stood with her husband Ant Man. Captain America had Moonstone and Howler hanging onto him affectionately, the latter sporting a larger belly after their romp alone.

"So what do we do about the others in the city?" Asked Iron Man as he stood next to his friends, their children looking at with curiosity as he hovered above them all. "You we can reason with but the only thing on THEIR minds is to smash anything they can fight."

"I think we may have an idea." Said Hank as Steve walked up to join them. "Moonstone and Miss Hill have become subserviant to Cap after he proved he was more pwerful than them... And knocked them up."

"If we prove we're the most powerful force they'll bow down and follow what we have to say, it won't fix the damage but we can direct it at the very least."

"Well good because it seems the X-Men have been turned along with everyone else in the city." Thinking hard about it Tony came to an idea himself. "I'm heading off to the Xavier Mansion to give him a heads up, maybe he can do something about this whole mess."

Flying off at high speed the rest of the Avengers squinted as Iron Man flew out of sight. "Well we've got that as a back up, COME ON AVENGERS LETS SAVE THE CITY!" Gathering up into the Quinn jet with what room was available, the jet lifted off and headed for the city, while the flying abominations in the team followed behind the winged vehicle.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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