The Avengers start to give birth

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Growth Transformation Pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter The Avenger women suddenly go into labour, forcing them to stay for now.

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Thor and Iron Man could only look on in morbid fascination as one by one their friends gave collapsed to the ground and went into labor.

Spider Woman and Black Widow had staggered against each other's backs, gritting their teeth in pain as they pushed. Being their first litter it was very painful for them, yet every infant that crowned at their pussies made them cry out in orgasm. A growing sense of power and pride filling them as they gave birth to more abominations. Looking down at the bundle of children at her open thighs, Jessica Drew groaned through the pain, she currently had 5 six-armed children crying for milk with more on the way. Picking one up with one of her claws she brought it to her breasts, so bloated with milk they spurted her rich cream with every contraction she pushed under. Meanwhile Natasha was laughed to herself in pride as she already had two of her 10 children suckling from her massive tits, her belly shrinking and healing from the trauma as the rest of her brood crawled and mewled for her attention. She wanted more!

Tigra chose to lay on her side like a cat as she gave birth to another pack of Tiger Abominations, her 6 breasts swelling larger to prepare for her coming brood while her current pack watched on surrounding her. The cat in her had fully awakened and she was roaring with each cub that passed through her birth canal, she NEEDED to announce to the entire group just how many she was giving birth to. Each cub born was pulled close and licked clean before being placed in front of one of her thick nipples to feed. After half an hour she had all of her breasts occupied with a feeding cub and yet she bore more, looking up to her pack she smiled as she recognized the looks they gave her, she knew they saw her as their alpha mother now.

Of all the women paralyzed in their state, crying out in pain as they bore more monsters to add to their group, the Wasp was crying out with joy. So far she had been pregnant more times than the others and had giving birth to more than any other female in the Abominated Avengers. While Ms Marvel grunted in pain as another crowned at her birth canal, Janet moaned in ecstasy as they passed through her easily. 'Labor' wasn't even a proper word for it anymore as she now fully enjoyed giving birth to over a dozen little wasp abominations, all the while her drones fawned and tended to her and her new brood.

Panting in exhaustion yet satisfied with herself, Janet smiled at her latest clutch of 18, among her male dominant batch she noticed one mewling green child that was not like the others. She now had a daughter, another potential queen to make a hive of her own once she grew and matured, looking over to the others her smile broadened. There were so many of them now, maybe a hundred or more! Spider, Cat, Wasp and normal abominations filled the great hall of the Leader's lair.

Off to the corner she noticed Iron Man and Thor looking at them all with increasing worry, this sobered her a little as she got up and walked over to the two scared Avengers, her body healing rapidly and returning to its chiseled muscular frame as she leaned down to speak with the two in front of her.

"Tony, Thor your not in any danger." The shared sigh of relief they gave calmed her as she continued. "No matter what were still the Avengers, we're just... Well..."

"Big, green and more powerful than a freight train." Chuckled Jessica as she looked up from feeding her clutch. "This is a bit different but believe Jan when she says we're still us."

"Speaking of US." Growled Moonstone as she stood up, her small brood crying at her feet as she placed her claws at her broad hips with a huff of arrogance  "Where's Cap? More importantly where has that witch of yours taken him of to?"


While the Avengers dealt with the expansion of their horde, Howler had dragged Steve out of the hall and into another room down the way. When Maria Hill first transformed she was overwhelmed with hunger and desire, her inhibitions were gone and her aggression was growing out of control, right up until Tony had knocked her out with a full on blast from his repulsar rays. When she came to she was more in control but nothing like the straight laced soldier she once was, she was powerful now, unstoppable! A rampaging beast that could level cities, Thor had mentioned that she howled when she grew out of her cloths during the transformation. Howler, the name had a ring to it.

"Maria, where are you taking me? The others need hel-"

"HOWLER! Call me Howler, and right now I'm taking you somewhere you can make me as knocked up as those bitches we left in that room!" Kicking open the double doors to an empty room she smiled as she threw Cap against the wall and pressed herself against him, a chessar cat grin on her fanged lips as her claws roamed over his muscular body. "Mar- Howler, you have to control yourself, there's still a rampage going on in the city, we have to stop it."

"There's going to be a rampage if you don't stick that bat of yours into my hungry snatch you whining little weakling, how did you get those bitches pregnant anyway?" Mocked the Massive scale-skinned woman as she squeezed his heavy sack. "I thought you were the strongest of them."

Snorting at the challenge to his position in the group Captain America spun her around and pinned her against the nearby wall, using his talons to force her legs apart and push her down. "You want to see how strong I am?! You question how many of those whelps out there are my brood?" Smiling with a gasp as he shoved his hard cock into her folds, Howler wiggled her hips to rile him up more. "Well? Go ahead stud... Or maybe I should get a thrumming from that Panther in the grou-"

"Aaaargh SHUT UP!"

Laughing at him as he began plowing into her aggressively she raked her claws against the stone walls, leaving deep gouges out of the rock as she was fucked hard from behind, already he was living up to what she imagined. Pretty soon she would be as big as her competition in the other room. For now though she wailed and moaned with wild abandon, enjoying every second with the super solider turned giant monster as he came closer to cumming inside of her.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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