The Avenger women become massively pregnant, growing rapidly during the orgy.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men
Category Marvel M/F Growth Transformation Pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter Fun with the X-Men's rampage

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Hours had passed and the feral orgy still continued for the prone Avengers, they couldn't think or concentrate with the sonic emitters still buzzing in the air, instead the only thing on their minds was to breed. The Leader smiled as the females in the Avengers were already showing signs of being pregnant and were growing at an excelerated rate.

Black Widow was screaming with pleasure as Hawkeye and Ms Marvel's son were both pumping into her stretched pussy, every release of cum into her crowded womb only made it swell larger. Her breasts had grown nearly twice their girth, leaking green milk from her puffy nipples as the two males licked and sucked her tits. She had to hold back a groan as her hips creaked wider, her ass growing larger to cushion her pregnancy.

Wasp had five of her sons feeding her their cum as Ant Man plowed into her from behind, her belly had grown so large it already reached the floor and still grew with each 'meal' she drank, she felt like she was going to pop as the activiy in her belly became a storm of kicks and punches from her unborn brood.

The rest of the Avengers were in a similar state, unable to control themselves as they concieved more of their kind in front of the little green mad man laughing in his chair above them. 

"Most excellent, your all more than ripe for the picking, I'd say within another hour there will be over 50 abominations added to my ranks, not including the horde being formed in the city as we speak." Sitting back down and moving to the video screens he sat back and enjoyed the mayhem being recorded by the local news casts and security cameras in the crumbling metropolis. "Grrrr... Wont... Get... Away with... This!" Snarled Captain America as he plowed into Miss Marvel, the woman had her claws around his neck with her muscular legs wrapped around his waist as she was forced further away from her growing belly.

"Oh? Does the super soldier still have an once of will behind the monster? Tell me then what could possibly stop me now that the only obstacles I face are reduced to rabbits in heat at the foot of my chair?" Mused the large headed man as he raised an eye brow in mock curiosity.

"P-plan... B!"

With that final grunt of will the side wall to the Leader's lair had been smashed out, followed by a glinting hammer flying back to its master. "What in the name of...?"

Before he had a chance to see who had discovered his lair, a massive green form body tackled him with enough force to destroy his podium and shut down the sonic emitters, causing the Avengers to slump down in exhaustion. Looking up after slamming into the ground and hearing every bone in his body break he found a female abomination with cropped black hair looking down at him, along with Thor and Iron Man poised to strike.


Wolverine was pinned down by the massive abomination on top of him, Jubilee was stradling his waist and riding him hard, moaning as she twisted her wide hips again and again.  Silently he was grateful his bones were indestructable otherwise he'd have a shattered pelvis by now. "YES! FUCK YES! This is everything I ever dreamed." Screamed the young woman turned monster as she finally made him cum, not too far Shadowcat howled as he achieved the same.

"Jubilee, you've got to stop." Panted the small man as he tried to pry her off of him, only managing to make her moan as his hands sunk deeply into her hefty breasts. "I'm not stopping Logan, not until I have a crop of little wolverines in my tummy."

"Kitty... Please, your still in there I know it."

"Oh I am Piotr, that and more!" Laughed Shadowcat as she tossed her wild red hair over muscular shoulders. "I've never felt more powerful in my life, its a pity you can't be like us, you'd be welcomed in the new Gamma World."


Suddenly sobering up from Logan's outburst the two abominations looked at each other worriedly. "Dead?"

"Incase you haven't noticed the rest of the team and half the city were more than happy to try and kill us for food."

Shaking their heads and moving away from the two X-Men, Shadowcat and Jubilee couldn't bear the thought of both of their crushes being eaten alive, and yet... They KNEW it would happen.

"N-NO! NO NO NO NO!!!!" Roared Jubilee, the spikes lining her back and arms twitched angrily as she slammed a clawed fist against the wall and caused it to collapse. "NO ONE IS EATING MY LOGAN! I'LL SMASH THEM BEFORE THEY EVEN TRY!"

"Piotr is MINE! No on eats my Colossus, I'll KILL them if they try!." Both women were now raging before the two X-Men as they recovered from the sex they were forced to enjoy against their will. "Alright then, lets see if we can still do some damage control up top.


Slowly opening her eyes, Carol looked up to find the rest of the Avengers slowly stirring after being nearly driven mindless with lust. Looking down at herself she could only shake her head at how large her belly had become, already she looked like she was due with quints and if the amount of kicking in her womb told her anything she carried far more than even that. Hefting herself up and cradling her massive womb with her claws she found Tony Stark, Thor and an unknown female abomination looking over the smoldering remains of the leader with Captain America and Black Panther joining them.

"It would seem we came just in the nick of time Captain, were you successful in finding a means of returning to human form?"

"No... The Leader admitted to us that there's no cure, we're stuck like this for the rest of our lives, and half the city." Looking over to the new abomination checking him out and leering at his limp yet massive cock he looked over to the others for an answer.

"Tis Maria Hill I'm afraid, she was among..." Thor didn't have a chance to continue as Maria pressed herself up against Steve, grabbing his cock and slowly pumping it to hardness, all the while giving the monster a smoldering kiss. Pulling back she chuckled at his response. "They keep calling me Maria Hill, I'm not that little bitch any more."

"T-then who are you?" Moaned Cap as her claws began fondling his heavy sack, her massive breasts pressed so hard against his barrel chest that they were pushing him back to give her room. "Howler... But when we're alone you can call me your breeding bitch all you like."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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