Harley has Willing Wanda transform Mr. J

by wfx
Storyline Harley's Willing Wanda
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<There are a bunch of chapters floating around, so I'm assuming mostly everything's happened>

Harley was a loyal sort of gal. The loyalest there was, really,but there was something about having two virtual genies, a pet cat girl, and your own girl scout that went to your head. She'd seen this before, times she'd caught Bats and Joker ruined it. Her time with Ivy had broadened her a bit,but more than that, all this magic floating around was giving her a bit of a diva complex. She was already thinking a bit about taking over the world. Playing second fiddle to Mr. J.. well... that didn't quite cut it.

"Hey Wands," She sauntered over after the libations were done and gave a welcome honk. (She couldn't wait to try that on their next untransformed captive by the way; the Black Bat was just waiting for them,but first thing was definitely first). "So toots, the next one you're going to do for me is going to be our one cheat. One long-range one, just to be safe." Her voice had a hint of worry in it. "We're just going to sweep this one under the table and then go back to playin' by the rules." Rules that were only in her head. She could wish for anything right now and get it but the madness within her was holding that back.

"So.." She whispered with a slowly unveiling grin, giving Wanda her second honk with a grope to go along with it.
"Mrow.." Wayne manor's security systems had nothing on Housecat. She belonged wherever she wanted to go and the second she made it to a door step, the magic kicked in. She made a bit of noise, trounced backand forth, rubbed herself against things, and waited for the door to open. It was just a matter of time.

When Alfred opened it, the bowl of warm milk in his hands, eyes empty, he didn't seem surprised at all to see her. There was a siren call to her mewing and the pheromones she gave off did the rest. Once her ritual had begun he had no hope.

And once she rubbed against him,he REALLY had no hope. The transformation was instant as Selina purred with delight. Alfred's body contorted, shrunk, shifted. He was no longer a man but a complete and absolute woman in her twenties with green eyes and black hair. The magic had changed the clothes to match. She was now in a black and red french maid's uniform. In her hand was a feather duster that has the ability to wipe people's thoughts away, leaving them open to her heavily accented suggestions. She was Harley's new French Tart Maid, Frederique.

Natasha and Brunhilda sauntered more than than walked. The former had a great deal more agility than the latter, but both of them were assisted by the magical clothes they were wearing. Every time either of them tried to remember who they once were, it shifted and strained upon them and they were suddenly very distracted indeed. 

Moreover, it was like they were compelled to walk somewhere, arm in arm, close to each other. It was everything they could do to not stop before every John they saw and try to turn tricks. They could resist though. Both were strong, even if they didn't know it, and both had a higher purpose, a Mission.

Still, the tug of Roulette's Strip Club, as they passed by it... well that was a hard thing to resist.
"Ready, Wanda?" One last honk for good luck. "I got all these new sidekicks to keep track of after all."

"Oh, Harley, I am ever so ready to make everything fluffy, pink, and perfect for you in every princessy way!" Wanda was overjoyed with this one. It was tricky and had lots of words. She started to wave her wand this way and that.

"Joker, now hear me, from wherever you are.
My magic will travel so clever, so far!
Henceforth you'll do things Harley Quinn's way
For this, for you, is a neverending opposite day!
You thought you were in charge, manly, strong
But my magic now tells you just how you were wrong
Appear right now, but only after your transformation
For it is Harley's Frilly Sexretary that is now your occupation!"

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