Wanda's spell has an unexpected consequence

by LesLes
Storyline Harley's Willing Wanda
Characters Harley Quinn Catwoman Scarlet Witch Zatanna
Category Bimboization Corruption F/F Marvel and DC Female Dom
Previous Chapter Harley takes her new friend back to her shared hideout, and gets her to transform Catwoman

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Willing Wanda paused a moment in confusion. Why would anyone NOT want to be affected by her magic? It would make them happy. Immune to sadness. Just like her! But she was Harley's happy whore now, so with a shrug of the shoulders that set her boobies jiggling in a way that drove the disagreeable thought from her mind, she cast her spell.

"With bigger boobies, sluttier slitty and mini-mind
Willing Wanda belongs to Harley now I vow
Soon all superheroines will be so redefined
But new powers on mistress I must disallow."

Harley's own mad mind gave her a small edge in resisting Housecat's electric sex, as sparks of static danced beneath her black and red jester's costume. Lightning bolts of pleasure seemed to zap back and forth between her nipples and clit shaking her with jolts of pleasure.

Watching mistress dance in involunrary arousal was easily the sexiest thing Willing Wanda had ever seen. Even better than mistress honking her huge hooters! The Wanton Witch's twat twitched, desperate for attention it had so far been denied.

As the spell took effect, Harley's hips thrust one last time. Her right foot was on Housecat's belly, rubbing toes through thin grey fur. "Pet me," her new pet had purred and Harley had. Shuddering toes had pushed the seductress's tiny black leather bra off one enlarged breast to reveal a hard nipple. Harley could feel Housecat's powerful purr of pleasure vibrate up her leg as clearly as she could hear it.

"Wowza!" Harley shouted. "We gotta let this cat loose amongst the bats."

Housecat stretched and leapt lithely onto her hands and knees again. Her bra fell off, her tits almost brushing the hideout's tattered carpet. Housecat didn't care; clothes meant as much to her as they did to a cat. Harley picked up the tamed woman's leash as her pet rubbed herself along the back of her owner's legs.

"Mrrrrow," she purred, "Housecat likes hunting for her owner."

The former Catwoman, once strong-willed and independent enough to stand separate from both Batman and his criminal foes, came with a little magical orgasm as she acknowledged Harley as her owner. The following words were lost in a moan that turned into the deepest purr yet.

"What's wrong, kitty? Cat got your tongue?"

Harley almost doubled over at her own joke. After a pause, while she sounded out the words, Wanda began to laugh along too.

The Wanton Witch's wasn't the only magic acting on Selina Kyle. A subtler enchantment was watching over the Catwoman's memories, a precaution she'd taken before agreeing to share a hideout with a madwoman trained as a psychiatrist and her plant-loving playmate with a knack for pheromones. An enchantment to prevent mentalist mind-games or pollen mind-control from forcing her to surrender the secrets she kept.

"So... Does Pussy like pussy now?"

"To purrrrfection!"

Housecat knew Harley and the clown rewarded her pet's pun with a delighted clap and then squeezing and stroking the former Catwoman's ass.

"Well, Harley's gotta think about how she's goin' to turn all them goody two-shoes into naughty nymphos. While Harley's thinkin' you're goin' to show how much you appreciate what Willing Wanda's done."

Housecat turned to regard the taffeta and lace clad woman floating a few feet away. Still giggling and jiggling at Harley's pun. The look of animal lust in Housecat's eyes caught her attention and the Fairy Godfucker realised what was coming as Housecat stalked hungrily towards her on all fours.

"Oh, thank you mistress!" Willing Wanda exclaimed with delight.

The Wanton Witch hitched up her skirts and floating down a little spread her legs wide to welcome her new friend and fellow slave. Her pussy had been leaking with lust since her transformation and the divine smell woke the animal in Housecat. She pounced, wrapping herself around one of the self-transformed woman's legs and rubbing her way relentlessly upwards. Each jolt of static electricity drove another spike of pleasure between Wanda's legs and a little more pussy juice. She was already on the edge of release when Housecat's rough tongue licked in.

Willing Wanda came shrieking with happiness and joy. Her wand waved wildly, transforming parts of the spartan room in the hideout into a glistening palace of marble and jewels, beautifully carved statues of women fucking against walls suddenly appearing. Yet beside them remained bare boards and tattered furniture where sparkling magic had not yet touched.

"Mmmmmm, yummy. Housecat loves this cream," the catwoman purred and resumed licking with even greater enthusiasm. Judging from Willing Wanda's moaning the purring was making a good thing better.

"Thank you, Wanda," Housecat slobbered into the Fairy Godfucker's netherlips, "I'll do anything for owner Harley."

Housecat pulled the front of Wanda's ballgown apart, finally completely freeing the Wanton Witch's enormous breasts which bounced with supernatural pertness as the catwoman fucked her. Then Housecat turned a little so her ass faced Harley and with a free hand began to finger her own cunt. Doing her best to show her owner her pussy's pussy as the former Catwoman's tongue showed Wanda her appreciation.

Housecat had said she would do anything for Harley Quinn. The spell hidden in Selina Kyle's old memories tested and found it profoundly true. Selina was willing to reveal Batman's secret identity to Harley Quinn! The spell expended itself in sending a warning to its caster. And was gone.

Harley flopped back into a ragged old armchair and settled in to watch the lesbian sex show. An arm draped over the chair found a discarded takeout box which, scooping up, she found contained some cold Chinese and a pair of chopsticks. As Housecat moved a little higher, sucking Wanda's clit and feeding fingers into tight wet witch cunt, Harley picked up a bit of chicken in partially congealed sauce.

It was hard to see how today could get any better.

* * *

Zatanna relaxed in a bubble-bath, fluffy white foam flowing over the edge of the bath as she stretched tired muscles in the hot water. Few people really appreciated just how athletic a magic show could be, or just how much it could take out of a girl. Especially if she didn't use her real magic in the show, but was still willing to use it to clean the sopping floor of a luxurious hotel suite.

"Roolf si yrd sa fi retaw dah reven neeb," she mumbled in consideration of the hotel's maids as she sank her face under a gentle wave of bubbles.

All that exercise kept a body trim even without magic. And the cutie in the bar downstairs had turned out to be just another incubus looking for a quick ticket to the soul buffet. Still a body had needs, Zatanna thought drowsily, as beneath suds her hand began to drift down her body towards the junction of her legs.

"Mmmm, odlid raeppa ni... Oh, fuck!"

Spluttering in alarm, water sploshing out of the bath in great waves as her arms and legs scrambled to lever her out, Zatanna eventually shot to her feet. The magical alarm she had placed on Catwoman's mind had triggered and now screamed for her attention.

Unknownst to the black-haired magician a fraction of the chaos magic rewriting Selina's body and mind had been transmitted with Zatanna's own magical signal. Too little to cause the same changes in the sexy magician, but enough to set her magic and behaviour a little off balance, to colour her magic with a taint of something else.

Zatanna would probably not have just left without putting anything on. She probably would have noticed where her drifting hand was back to and what it was doing before she did. But then chaos magic affects probability.

"Tropelet ot Namowtac," she exclaimed. She had to be quick. Whatever magic had been cast on Selina was powerful.

Zatanna's clothes, from tuxedo jacket to signature fishnets to white bra and black panties, remained where she had shed them in the now unoccupied suite's master bedroom.

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