Ravager and Cheetah start asking about Harley

by crazysixjohn
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Cheetah Vicki Vale Catwoman Joker Rose Wilson
Category DC
Previous Chapter The Joker's operations culminate, while Harley and Ivy chat

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"So.... what happened to her." Cheetah questioned while flicking her thumb at the entranced Vicky Vale.

"If i were to guess, it appears she been brainwashed." Ravager said.
"Into liking Harley.... really?" Cheetah asked skeptically.
"Then you explain her sudden infatuation and why she is acting like that." Ravager said
"Alright alright, say you are right. That she been hypnotized. Why would Harley do this? and why leave her here?"
"She said she had to prove herself, maybe she can't be with her mistress till she does so." Ravager mused
If that's the case..." Cheetah muttered "Vicky what was your mission."
"Oh to stay here when Batman shows up and try to shake him off the tail at what happens to them." Vicky said
"Them" Cheetah said confused. "Them who?"
"The heroines of course." Vicky said
"And why are you telling us this precisely?" Ravager asked
"Oh cause Mistress wants batman and the police off the trail till she leaves Gotham, she didn't say anything about you two." Vicky stated
Both Ravager and Cheetah looked at one another. "This is starting to look even more complicated then it should be." Ravager stated.
"Uggghhhh." Catwoman groaned as she was starting to wake up.
"Oh goody, Catwoman waking up!" A very familiar voice said. Catwoman eyes widen as she saw Joker grinning very darkly at her.
"Guess what. I have big plans for you." Joker grinned

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