Fun with the cute boys

by burke_rakers
Storyline Wedding of the century
Previous Chapter Madame and Moondragon introduce the boys to the party

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   (Once again...this is a weird one.)
   They were a little confused at the strange thoughts that ran through their minds. Were they really boys now? No. Not just boys...but men. Big, strong men. Each had regressed to their late teens (prime fucking age for a male), and though they were beefy and manly as heck...each also felt nervous and a little afraid. But as soon as Psy, Storm and Frost (that was their names now, right? So confusing) heard the familiar beat of Janet Jacksons 'Nasty Boys' they began their dancing. Nothing girly or feminine about this, as well-muscled bodies went into action, huge dicks throbing and skin glistening with oil. They were men...they were sexy, studly men. Each knew they'd been woman just a little while ago, but each now KNEW that it had always been their deepest, most secret desire to be a total babe-bangin' stud. They now remembered watching shows like' Jersey Shore' and dreaming of flaunting their lean, muscle-bound bodies like the 'Situation' did. They dreamed of a life of carefree sex, weight lifting and manscaping. They were straight, of course. They loved women and loved to fuck them, but they'd fuck anything and anyone they were paid to. They were man-whores to the very core of their souls, and nothing could be as rewarding as eatting pussy, sucking dick and shaking their bodies for cash. Anything done for money was justified. Money was their whole reason for being. Money was their God. 

   No longer feeling even the least bit confused, Frost (smooth, toned surfers body and short, spiked blond hair), Storm (big, rock-hard black stud with a cock like a python and big, white mohawk) and Psy (muscled body patterned with Yakuza-style tattoos and long, purple hair bound into a pony tail) moved and gyrated before the crowd, their lust for women, men and money amped-up so high that any life that didn't revolve around male prostitution seemed like a silly waste of time. They were MEN, after all. And THIS was what they WANTED to do.

   "Look at those bitches..." thought Frost "...they all want a piece of me. They'll get it...but it'll cost them. I can't wait to build a harem of ageing suger-mammas to worship me on MY terms."

   "Shee-it..." thought Storm, as his massive, fully errect cock glistened with pre-cum - "...can't wait till th' dancin's ova, an' th' fuckin' begins. Wanna shove mah big dick inta every payin' pussy an' ass I see's."

   "Oh, Psy so hoany..." thought the once reserved English woman, who now looked like a dark, Japanese fantasy come to like "...Psy wanna fuck Yankee pussy rong time. Shove dickie tween titties. Pound ass rike a drum. Bang day gongs rike dirty, Jap-stud Psy is. Psy so...soo...HOANY!"

   Still, as hungry as they were for sex, not a one of them would give it away for free. It wasn't that they didn't like empty sex. It was rather that they owed their pimps so very much. They worshiped the very ground that the MacEvil's walked on, and they loved handing their pimps weekly bundles of neatly organized cash.

   Filled with a happiness that they'd never even come close to as mere 'woman', the three young, hot studs danced and gyrated for their admirers, wanting nothing but to serve their pimps and fuck for money. Their g-strings now feathered with 20's, 50's and 100's shoved in by horny men and woman. They were proud Peacocks in heat. Horny stud Bulls. They were MEN..and that was all they ever wanted to be.


   He couldn't figure the thing out. He tried and tried, but it just wouldn't work for him. He couldn't seem to get the hang of the settings, and each time he tried...he just seemed to make it worse.

   Teams rolling down her rocky, orange cheeks, the former Ben Grimm stared at the bizarre monster he'd made of himself. He wanted to be a woman. A sexy, girly little thing that would yeld to any man who wanted her. He'd managed to make himself female easy enough, but his bulk and mass just wouldn't change. Each time he'd tried to change his physical dimensions, he'd just made his body more unusual...more bizarre...more like some perverts strange fantasy. He wanted to be a girl, not...this.

   The huge, rocky orange woman (and their was no doubt that 'she' was a 'she') still stood 6' tall and weighed 500 lbs...but all that mass had been grossly repositioned. His waspish waist was a narrow, impossible thing, making her look like a cartoonish hourglass. Below that impossible waist, his hips flared out into wide, saddle-bag hips and a massive, projecting butt...all tapering down into absurbly tiny feet that pointed downwards and needed ridiculously high heels just to stand. As bad as that was, above the waist he swooped out into a pair of gigantic breasts like smooth, pointy-sculpted mountains so large that he could barely reach the pebbled nipples. His arms were toned, but just as thick as usual, and his four thick fingers ended in lunatic points, looking for all the world like long, red nails. More mineral deposits had formed about his fingers and wrists, thickening them with bands of gold and gaudy gems that were part of him, but LOOKED like heavy rings and layers of bracelets. About his neck and ear-pits were the same formations, giving the impression of piles of glittering necklaces and clusters of gaudy earrings. The attempt at hair had been laughable, forming thick, woven bands of dark, stone-like dreadlocks clustered with more bright mineral deposites like beads. His face? His eyes were larger and more expressive, but his mouth was now all lips. Enormous, projecting pillows that were so thick that he found it hard to speak distinctly. The pattern of pebbles that made up his huge lips had become bright red rubies, just as the pattern of pebbles above his onyx-rimmed eyes were now composed of frosty turquoise, and pale rose bloomed over his rounded cheeks.

   Each time he'd tried to change again, his orange stones seemed to have grown a little darker, and now as she looked at herself, she blanced and turned away. She looked like some lunatic sculpters attempt to create an exagerated black whore from stone. The last attempt had made her body so wildly out of proportion, that he doubted she could even squeeze her huge, bulky breasts and wide hips into the machine again. She opened her mouth to speak, and saw that her teeth had turned to glittering gold as well, little points of glistening diamond and saphire chips winking from some of them.

   "Noh budy cud luv meh..." she wailed through his thick, ruby mouth. "...noh budy in th' wurld. Wish ah wuz dead..."

   "Never say never, old pal." said an old, familer voice from behind her. Ben turned - her out of proportion body making her look like she was swinging her giant ass and thrusting her massive tits forward - and saw that dark, purple creature that stood in the shadows. It had glistening, reptillian skin, metalic claws and a long, serpantine tail. As horrific as it was, it's face was beastally handsome...and she knew it at once.

   "Des-mon' Pitt! Whut'cho doin' heah? Don' look at meh."

   "I see no uglyness, my dear. I see only beauty. Such lovely skin...such a fine build...such a perfect mouth."

   Desmond Pitt had been a friend of Ben Grimm back in his test piloting days, untill Doctor Doom had nearly killed him, cyberneticly transformed him into a monster, and bound the soul of a demon to him, transforming him into the monstrous 'Darkoth, the Death Demon'. For a second Ben though that he might be able to help her...then she saw the lust in his eyes. The demonic spirit held sway, and though it was still Desmond Pitt...it was something else as well. Something dark, perverse...and hungry.

   "Naw, Des-mon'..." she blurted, trying to move her outlandish body away from him. It was no use, as he could only mince along slowly with his strangely deformed feet. "...don' yo' touch meh! Ah don' wanna hav'ta fight yuh."

   "But, Benjamina...my sweet Benjamina...you WANT me to touch you, don't you? You ache for my hands on your breasts...my rough tongue at your nipples...my huge, purple cock pounding in and out of your smooth, virgin pussy. You look much like me. Like a demon. A bizarre, sexual demon that craves the dick of a stud like me." he said all this, as he moved his hands in mystical passes, conjuring a cluster of sexual entities from the air. Lust demons. 

   Benjamina (wait, that wasn't her name...was it?) continued to move away from him, moving with more confidence and skill as the first of the lust demons slithered into her sould. She didn't want Pitt to touch her...well, yes, she WANTED him to touch her...to take her...to fuck her all night long as she trapped her thick, shapely legs around his purple middle...felt his fangs digging into her tits...his tail around her legs. Her body moved like a natural thing now, and her mind clouded and slowed as waves and waves of lust filled her up, turning her memories into a useless soup that glowed bright only when she thought of the masterful, handsome Darkoth. She'd made herself this way on purpose, right? Become this perverted fantasy monster so she could more closely match her wonderful man?"

   "Yes, Benjamina. Remember when you were young, and you WANTED to fuck me? You hated your male body, and wanted only to be a woman for me. This is the body you made yourself, Benjamina. Then...you conjured lust demons to bind them into your soul, before calling me here to you. You did this for me, right? You did all this for me."

   "Yes, Des-mon'...did it fo' yo', so yuh cud fuk meh."

   He reached out, and Benjamina felt her stones finally falling away in a shower of pebbles, as her REAL body was exposed. Her body - wildly sexualized and impossible - was the same, though her skin was now a glistening, oily purple. Her hands ended in silvery, cybernetic talons, as did her feet...though they were arched into silver high heels. A tail lashed and whipped behind her. Silvery, cybernetic eyes gleamed and her purple horns crackled with energy. Her face was the face of a slutty fantasy woman, fully negroid features dominating. Her fangs gleamed silver in the light, and she smiled though her thickening lips "Oh, Desmond...Benjamina loves you. Benjamina has always loved you...wanted to fuck you...be your wife...mother your babies...fuck you forever..."

   He helped the sexually changed demoness to her feet, felt her tail slip about him as she pressed her buttocks to his crotch, and moaned as she squeezed his massive member with her cybernetic claws. She was a naughty minx, was his Benjamina.

   And with that, Darkoth the Death Demon and Benjamina the Lust Demon vanished to join the party. 

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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