Tina Tells It Like It Is

by secondchance
Storyline Wonder Woman: Vice Becomes Her
Characters Wonder Woman
Category Corruption Mind Control
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The hot, sexy vixen took a deep drag off her smoke as she smiled wryly and surveyed the busy red light district street.  It was a lively night with hookers and perspective johns as far as the eye could see, but it was always busy when Dina D was on the job.  Her killer curves put every other girl in the city to shame and she had the face of a love goddess as well.  Better yet, the slutty whore knew how to use her killer looks to irresistibly devastating effect for both fun and profit. Her sheer fire engine red spandex tube top was at least 2 sizes too small and clung to her perfect EE tits like a second skin that showcased her rock hard nipples for all to see.  Her black PVC mini skirt barely covered her bare 'assets' but hung on to the curves of her perfect bubble butt like a world class race car does the track. Her red PVC thigh high boots boasted 6" heels to push her already impressive boobs and ass even further when she walked and the black fishnet stockings rose scandalously up to her matching mini-garter belt that kept them perfectly in place without blocking the entry to her willing ass or pussy.  Her teal eye shadow brought out her cobalt blue eyes dramatically and her perfect black mascara 'cats eyes' gave her a look of unrestrained lusty wildness.  The deep red of her lips and long stylish fingernails spoke to the souls of perspective customers of the erotic delights awaiting them.  Even her platinum blond hair with raven black roots and long black streaks screamed slut for hire. This bitch was so hot, even satellite shots from space could pick her out as a whore, but she didn't have to worry about that.

As Dina pushed off the brick storefront wall she had been leaning against, she let out a thick creamy cloud of smoke and approached the road.  Already a car had changed course toward her.  It was 9:00 PM now and this is how her day had been since she'd started turning tricks at noon.  One look at the driver told her all she needed to know.  He was customer #31 of the day and she still had half her shift to go.  It was a good day, but so was every day since she met Mistress Tina.

As the man handed her $75, Dina moved in to undo his pants.  A suck and fuck... Ten minutes of heaven for this guy, a quick cleanup and she would be talking to customer #32 by quarter after.  God she loved her life!  She did this guy right there in his car in plain view of everyone without a worry in the world.  Mistress Tina had taken care of all the problems.  Everyone knew that the Glory Drive was a no holds barred area now that Mistress Tina was in charge.  She worked it out with police, media, politicians, and even religious leaders.  No one cared anymore and business was booming! Once they were in her coils, they always saw things her way. Tina helped them just like she helped Dina ditch her old baggage and Dina couldn't be happier now.  As she sucked the dude's throbbing dick, she mused how much her life changed that night a month ago when her mistress cured her of being that stupid sap, Wonder Woman.


One Month Before....

The Amazing Amazon stood on the corner of Kane Drive and 39th Street and surveyed the denizens of the 'Glory Drive'.  It was the oldest red light district in the city and she spend a disproportionate amount of time here.  This place was a trouble magnet of the worst kind.  The police had more patrol cars here than any other part of the city and still the crimes were out of hand.  As a rule, things like prostitution and street crimes were something that Wonder Woman left to the authorities, but over the last few years there had been a change in the traps and attacks that beset her and other heroines.  More and more, it was what she would consider petty thugs that set traps and not the masterminds she was use to.  Invariably these thugs would try to use drugs, mind control, or blackmail to force captured heroines into the sex industry or worse yet, sell them into white slavery.  One such fool had actually used Mad Hatter's devices he had found to get Star Girl and Cyclone to do pornos. To her chagrin, another had actually had Supergirl all dressed as a hooker and ready to work the streets before the heroine regained her senses and beat him soundly.  This fascination with corrupting the virtuous into seedy sex toys was beyond the Amazon Champion, but she knew the cure for such ignorance... Seeking enlightenment from those who do understand.

Diana had picked a near perfect target.  This woman was in her mid twenties and looked like an advertisement of pure hot sex.  The whore had a thing for leather with her tight black mini skirt and her bright yellow halter that raised her impressive bosom into an eye popping rack.  The bitch was smart too as she positioned her self near bushes that she could hide behind whenever a squad car approached. It took a bit of the heroine's hunting skills to do so, but soon she had approached the streetwalker and asked "Excuse me miss.  I was hoping that we could talk."

The lovely whore took one look at the heroine and started giggling "Shit, girl, you must be out of your mind walking these streets like that.  The vice cops will see you four blocks away and the crackheads are likely to take a shot just on principle." The wily vixen ran her hands slowly down her figure as she continued "Tell you what, sweetie, you go put something on a little more street friendly like I'm wearing and I will show you the ins and outs of the trade. There's always room for another smart ho on the Glory Drive."

Diana smiled genuinely at the whore. She may be a hooker, but the offer of help was the kind of sisterly support she would expect of a true woman.  She was definitely the right woman for the job.  The heroine replied "I am glad you offer your assistance, my friend, but threats of criminals is of no concern for me.  You see, I am the real Wonder Woman but you may call me Diana. I've come to you seeking understanding.  Would there be a place we can go privately to talk?"

The woman looked the heroine over suspiciously for a second before extending her hand and replying "My name is Tina. I noticed more police out tonight.  Does that have anything to do with you?"

Diana's cheeks actually flushed red as she replied "Well, certainly not by request. It's possible that they spotted me here and are curious what is up.  They might be trying to 'beat me to the punch' as well. In any case, I do have some meager payment I can offer for your time."  

With that, Diana produced a roll of $100 bills.  Tina quickly examined the roll and replied "Holy shit... there's a thousand bucks here!" She smiled as she looked the beautiful Amazon in the eyes and purred "Sure thing sweetie.  I have a room up the street.  With the boys in blue raising a fuss it was gonna be a slow night anyway."

Soon the women were alone in the cheap hotel room.  It was obviously where Tina did her daily business and the woman at the counter never batted an eye at the heroine, but then again, in a hooker hotel she had probably seen everything by now. Wonder Woman had asked about all sorts of aspects of Tina's life. How she felt about prostitution, what it takes to be a hooker, and even stories about Tina's life on the street followed.  For over 4 hours the women talked and although Wonder Woman learned a lot, she really didn't feel any closer to understanding this new trend in corrupting heroines.  Diana smiled sweetly as she extended her hand to her tutor and said "Thank you for your time Tina.  It has been most informative."

Tina leaned her head back and let loose a cloud of smoke as she laughed "Di, sweetie, the pleasure's mine.  Hell, you were so thorough I thought you were interviewing for a job!"

The heroine looked down and blushed as she replied "No, Tina, I'm quite sure there is no room in the life of an Amazon for... such pursuits." She almost didn't feel something slip over her wrist and pull tight.

Surprised eyes snapped to Tina as the hooker cooed "Oh, but I insist, babe.  Now freeze!  You can't move but you will let me reposition you without resistance."  Try as she might, escape was impossible as the Amazing Amazon was trapped by her own lasso.  Her captor rose seductively as she continued "I bet you are wondering how I got your lasso without you even knowing. A girl on the street learns all sorts of cool skills to survive like social engineering, information selling, larceny, car jacking, and my favorite, picking pockets!  I grabbed the lasso when you first sat down and have been holding it all this time." By now, the hooker had wrapped the lasso four times about the heroine's abdomen and tied it tightly.  Now that her prey was secure, Tina continued "OK, hun, tell me what really brought you here."

Wonder Woman still couldn't move on her own, but she focused her rage into her voice "Unlike you, I don't hide my motives behind lies! I came here to learn what the draw is for prostitution and other sex jobs.  Besides the rampant proliferation of the sex industry, both legal and illegal, there is a rising trend of fools trying to force heroines into being sex toys.  I want to understand this insanity so I might better fight it!"

Tina smiled evilly as she purred "No, sweetheart, you couldn't me more fucking wrong!  You ALWAYS hated being a princess, being an Amazon, and being a heroine.  That shit has been forced down your throat since the day you were born and you aren't doing it another SECOND.  You reject your old life and everything about it.  From now on, you are Dina D, the raunchiest, dirtiest,  and immoral whore to ever set foot on the Glory Drive! You're a street hooker, MY street hooker.  I'm your pimp, you're my whore, and you're damn proud of it.  You love your new life and hate your old life.  In fact, the more tricks you pull the more you love the new you and despise everything about your old life! Have you got all that hun?"

The former heroine fought the lasso with every ounce of her will, but the irresistible magic of the lasso demanded answer so Dina D gasped out between clenched teeth "Yes... Mistress Tina.  I'm Dina D, your whore for hire."  Part of her raged, but the lasso made sure she couldn't help but be elated with her new life as well.

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