Lex Luther is informed about Supermens fight and wants a bit of the Ship for himself.

by colleem
Storyline The ancient Ship.
Characters Doctor Doom Lex Luthor
Category Marvel and DC
Previous Chapter Supermen enters the Necron Ship and fight the last living Necron

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Lex Luthor was looking at his monitors. Thanks to its sources in the Star Lab he had learned about the alien Space vessel the same time as Supermen. Then he leaned over the information he had received. If this information were right the spacecraft had to be gigantic. Besides these he could calculate the age of the ship relative exact . Calculations if they were correct, and of course they were because he himself had made them, this ship was the oldest previously known alien spaceship on earth. Not even Braniac's ship or ships of the other known Races were so old.
He had to know what was in it. He had to know it before the JLA would hide all the data forever. He had had little time to prepare everything. Through fictitious companies he had managed that the drill-probe that Supermen brought to the ship had been modified by him. Tiny drones were directly entered the ship and had silently tried to download every data of the ship. Unfortunately he discovered that his technology was around millions of years behind this Technology and he could not find a way to get an easy access. Finally he had managed to get access to the data module and the download of the main Data begun. But even though he had the entire database of his company to dispose it was an unbelievable amount of Date. And none of it made sense. He could not translate it. Neither the language nor the source code made any sense. He had the knowledge of this Ancients race and now he could do nothing! Angrily his hand slammed on the table when he saw his goal so close. He had seen one of these weapons of an alien robot brought Supermen to its knees. If he could make his own versions of this weapon he would bring the Man of Steel finally to its knees.
But then the unbelievable happened. The elders who were the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps, had come to earth and had taken the whole spaceship. They claim that this race was long forgotten and should remain so. Humanity was not the appropriate breed for as a dangerous technology.
Supermen and the JLA had first attempted to convince the elders of converse but finally Supermen had recognized the enormous threat and the wisdom of the oldest and bowed to their wish. It had lasted only a split second the giant spaceship had dissolved into nothing and see no trace it anymore. Now he was the only one who had the Data but it was clear that he was not able to crack this code. He needed help.

Deep in the heart of the Castle flashed a warning light. Shortly afterwards, the face of Lex Luthor appeared on the screen.
"What do you want?" the deep bass voice boomed out under the steel mask. The fingers, which were in a heavy high-tech gauntlet typed up and down impatiently.
"I want to offer a deal Victor. Look at this data!" Lex grinned broadly. He knew how unwillingly Viktor aka Dr. Doom collaborated with him. The two were just too similar. Only with the difference that no one noticed that Lex Luthor was one of the most dangerous men in the world, while Dr. Doom was well known thanks to the Fantastic Four.
Doom stared at the screen and his eyes widened at what he saw. A completely unknown language and symbolism. Nothing that could come from this world. Then he looked at the data the probes had gathered from the battle. He could clearly see the advanced AI which had only needed seconds to adapt to the most powerful man in the world. If he could build this AI and this in his own Doombots he was invincible.
"What do you want Lex?" he asked, although he already knew the answer. Lex Luthor would ask him for help and that could only mean that he was not able to crack the code by himself.
"I need your help here to break this code. The information do not help me when I do not understand them. And I've got something! There are 30 zettabyte of data in my memory bases." Doom was impressed. Include this amount of information had incredible knowledge of the universe or even just totally outdated information about the universe. On the other hand, it was simply too tempting to assess this knowledge.
"Okay. I'll help you. BUT I'm will copy all data that you can send me understand! And Lex. Not even God can save you when there is no useful information Lex. It would be a shame if the whole world would know that the great world saver Lex Luthor is one of the dangerous villains in the world would it? "
For this reason it Lex hated other to work together that approached at least approximately at his genius and power. Dr. Doom was quite able to make him a lot of trouble, but he had no other choice.
"Of course, but Viktor. We have to stick together right?" he said as he turned off the system and Viktor got from hundred satellites only tiny fragments of data. Nevertheless, it would take even with the high density of data for several days to get this amount in full on its own system especially because he hadn´t enough memory to store so much knowledge.
Lex sure would try to send only unimportant things. But the nice thing about the data he could not read was, that he never knew what was important and what was not. It took 3 days until he could get his first hit. He had to define the alphabet of the ancient language. Still, it took another 12 days until he was able to translate the first texts. From then on it was always faster. Each translated text it went faster and faster. He sent all the information he had to Lex and he also kept aside nothing. So far, little information had been interesting for him there.
But he made a mistake. As soon as Lex had gotten the first translated text he was able to make his own translation of this matrix. Only with the difference that he let twenty teams work on it and so all the data could translate into a fraction of the time. After only 6 days he had thanks to the virtually unlimited financial means all data he wanted.
And what were the information's! Once were the Necron, as they called themselves, a race of flesh and blood like the people on the earth were now. But then they found a way to get with the help of their star gods eternal life. They had transformed their souls into humanoid bodies out of living metal. Only the most important and powerful of their race had keeping her fully mind but he did didn´t cared. He wanted the same for him! He had found how this Body could be build and even how to transform his Soul into his new body. With only minor modifications it would be able to create a body that would look the same as his own now.

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