Susan, you will listen to me as I spend the entire day telling you what all of your problems are.

by colleem
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Invisible Woman Purple Man
Category Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter Realizing he'll need powerful allies, Dr. Violet specializes in "couples counselling" and his first appointment? Reed & Sue Richards

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Dr. Violet looked at the 2 Superheroes who sat before him. Dr. Reed was an Genius and would be an great Help for his Plans. His wife would be an perfect Scout or an very potent Spy. But the Blond Sexbomb would be much more than an Spy for him. An evil Smile crossed his face and Reed looked alarmed by this diabolic smile, but Dr. Violet was almost as quick as Reed with his thoughts. 
"So let us begin my dear Friends. I will tell you what your Problems are and then you can tell me if I am wrong. You two will listen very carefully because you know. I am never wrong! So tell me you two. Can I be wrong?"
Reed looked at him and smiled. "It is normally an absolute impossibility that someone can never be wrong, but your right. YOU are never wrong" even as he said these Words he was fully aware that he was right. This Doctor would never tell something that would be wrong.
Sue at the other side smiled carefully and nodded only. "It seems that your right Dr. Violet. So let us hear what you think."
Dr. Violet smiled and nodded.

"Okay... First of all. Sue. I understand how hard it is for you." Sue looked puzzled and looked at him.

"What do you mean Dr. Violet? What should be so hard for me?" she asked him and the diabolic Dr. answered very direct and forcefully.

"I mean the fact that from the first moment you saw me you got wet for me. It must be hard to hide the fact that you would fuck me silly if we were alone and you wouldn´t be married. It must really be hard to think of me as an living sexgod and the Man of all your erotic Dreams." Before Reed could say anything Dr. Violet smiled at him
"Ah Mr. Reed. You were in your thoughts. I would love it if you pay from now on more attention to our Meeting. You haven´t heard anything of all the things that I told your wife right?"
Reed got red. His thought had walked away for an moment calculating the possibility that an Man could be ever right. But he had missed the things that the Dr. had told his wife. And Sue surely got red also. Surely the was ashamed for him again. He would pay more attention from now on.

"Sorry Dr. Violet. My Mind is a bit overactive." he said friendly and tried to sound as friendly as he could. Sue said nothing. He could see his wife sitting straight in her Chair and had only eyes for the Dr. It almost looked as she was undressing him with her eyes and Reed could swear that Sue´s nipples were rock hard.

"So. First we will start with the basics. Both of you won't mind if I tell things very direct and vulgar. You know that it is much better to tell things straight than to do mindless blabla." both of the heroes nodded in agreement as he told further. 

"Your problems are absolutely Sexually. Sue on one hand is an absolute Sexbomb with tits that are more than perfect. Her Ass is just made for an potent cock that should fuck her all the day silly and hard. Her hot looking red lips are made for an cock to suck it dry. You do agree with me there don´t you Reed?" he asked him.

Reed looked at his wife and he saw how hot his wife really was. Her big breast were absolute perfect and he loved the thought to fuck her ass this night. 
"Absolute Dr. Violet. My Wife is the hottest and sexiest Woman on Earth!" Reed said proud and for an Moment his Wife made eye contact with him looking at him with love and faith but not long before she again looked at Dr. Violet and she pushed her amble Breasts proudly in front of him. It seems that his words fueled something in Susan and Reed was more than eager to get her into bed if she was in this mood.

"Susan Reed. You on the other Side.... mhm how should I tell it.... You know that you like to get fucked and like the feeling of an hard dick in your holes. But you need something real hard. Not something that reminds you on rubber. You need an Dick so hard like possible... and you know that Reed can give you such an hard dick right?"

Susan looked down and nodded. She had loved Reed´s Power to grow in her a very long time. But she needed so much more now. She wanted an real men with an real cock. As she looked at this nice looking Doctor in front of her thoughts wandered to his pants. How big would his dick be? mhm if she was still an single she would already flirting like hell with him. She feel her pussy getting wet just by the vision of her naked in front of him.

But she was married and loved Reed more than everything else.

"So Reed again." Dr. Violet smiled. "now get to your Titfetish. I see that you have an great weakness. Woman with massive tits get you hard. You surely love Susan here but the sight of an Woman with big tits makes you really horny. I fear that you wouldn´t be able to control yourself if an woman like.. mhm say ,,,,mhm like my secretary would try to fuck you. Remember that you must be aware that I am never wrong. Say us what would happen if my secretary would show you her big naked tits?"

Again Reed got red. But this time because the Doctor was right. He dreamed every second of Woman with big round tits. And as he thought of the secretary one room away he saw her ample breasts in his Mind. His Dick was getting hard within seconds and his wife and Violet could clearly see his hard dick.
"I... I.. I must say.. it would be possible that she could arouse me" he tried to came out of the situation but Dr. Violet didn´t let him go this easily.

He pressed his Voice box and asked." Jasmine. Are you there?" Out of the Box came the allure Voice of Jasmine" Sure Dr. Violet. What can I do for you?`" Violet smiled directly at Reed and asked.

"Jasmine. Can you tell me what Size your big tits have? And what color your Bra has?" Jasmine seemed amused and laughs in the box. "But Dr. You know I have 38DD tits. And today I have an black Bra on. May I ask why you want to know that?"

Reed instinctly used his powers to get his dick even greater. 38dd tits. How could he haven´t see this hot slut as he came in? How had he overseen such big hot tits? He looked transfixed at the Voice box and didn´t even saw how disgusted Susan looked at him. 
"ahh nice Jasmine. Oh I just wanted to know. Mr. Fantastic wanted to know how big your tits were. Mhm  Maybe I should send him to you? What would you do with him?" Jasmine said hot and arousing.

"if he want to see my tits he can come to me. Surely I could take him an peek. But what is with his wife? Won´t she be mad if her husband ogles at my fucking tits?"
"Your Right Jasmine. That is possible... but on the other side. I need to talk alone to her anyway. So make some Coffee for Mr. Fantastic and be friendly to him. I will send him outside just an moment yeah?" Dr. Violet smiled and looked at the couple in front of him. Susan was red with anger and if looks could kill Reed would be dead in an Heartbeat. Reed didn´t even notice it. He would get out and see this great tits.

"ahh Susan don´t get mad with him. After all.. Remember. All you thought of since you saw me was my dick too. So don´t be mad at him. Surely he will just look and maybe this turn on will be enough for him to satisfied you tonight. And Reed. Go out. But look out. Jasmines tits are magical. If you should suck on them she will gain control of your mind. You would became an willingly slave to all her urges. But... if we thing right... you want to fuck her right?"
Susan smiled at the words of Dr. Violet. He was again right. She shouldn´t be worried. After all.... She would be the winner of this slut out there. Reed would be so hard that maybe... just maybe he would be able to fuck her to orgasm.

Reed looked puzzled at Dr. Violet for one moment as the words soaked by his mind. He needed to fuck this woman. He wondered if was right with this magical Breast thing but he had been right with all he told until now. But Reed was not stupid. He would seduce this Jasmine. Maybe he could get an little Quickie unnoticed by his Wife. 
"So... I have to wait outside for.. mhm how long?" he asked while he stood out of his chair. His rock hard dick clearly showing in his pants.

"Oh I don´t know. Your wife needs an special treatment and I hope she can take it very long" Violet smiled at Susan and these words made the hot Super heroine squirm in her Chair. If she was free in her actions SHE would have an special treatment for this damn Dr. She would ride him until he would pass out and then suck him dry!

As Reed left the room Violet smiled at Susan and grinned. 
"so... Let's talk absolute free. What do you want to do now?" he asked the blond woman and came around his desk just standing in front of her.
"ah... I want... to.. mhmmmm talk... about my... problems... with dick.... I ... mean.. reed.... and my... ohh damn... I cannot thing straight!" Susan moaned as she saw the object of her desire so close to her.

As Reed came to the Office of Jasmine he saw her sitting on her Chair and toying with the top button of her Blouse. 
"So... Mr. Fantastic... I would say.... you should get undressed!" she said smilingly at him and taken him unprepared.
"What do you mean by that?"

"oh... I mean... that if you.... get naked.... " Jasmine opened the first button... " than I will show you my bra.... isn´t this an fair deal? You get naked in front of me.. just with you flat breasted bitch of an Wife on the other side of the door and you get an view of MY big fat hot TITS!" she pressed her tits together and smiled at Reed. "DO IT NOW!" she commanded him and Reed couldn´t help himself. He needed to see this big tits. She was right! until now the Tits of Susan were perfect for him. But this hot woman.. she HAD tits.. She had him. He couldn´t fight it. He was obsessed with big Tits. He pulled his clothes down as fast as he could and the thought that his wife could come out and see this was not very scary. The big tits of Jasmine were everything for him. Seeing them even were much more important than an intact marriage. 
"My..... Wife... " he told weakly as he pulled the last piece of cloth down and his cock was stiff and hard in front of Jasmine-

"Licking her Lips she opened her Blouse until Reed could see the black Lace Bra which hold these hot tits in cage.
"oh... don´t worry.... I am sure that your little tit-wife will be soon enough on her kneels in front of Dr. Violet and suck him my little hot superhero.... but this is nothing of your Matter.... And do you want to know why this will not be your Problem?" she asked evil grinning as she reached behind her back.

"Ye-----ss.... tell... me..... why..... " Reed was asking short breathing... He knew he should be upset but he couldn´t get his eyes of these tits.

"Because... you... will " Jasmine opened her Bra and let it fall down. "suck on my Tits... you know what will happen than don´t you? You know what will happen to you if you suck on these hot tits?" she asked and grappled her right tit, sucking her hard swollen nipple herself.

Reed couldn´t answer. He just nodded. He would lick her tits.. Yes... Even if this would mean an life of her Slave... He would suck on this hot nipple as long as he could. 

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