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"It's just so damn frustrating!" Det. Doris Major pounded the oak-paneled wall, shaking the picture hung upon it. Luckily, none fell- no good would come from smashing the commissioner's family portraits!

Police Commissioner Martha Langstrom smiled. She had pounded that wall more than once over the past few years. And major had good cause. 

"I understand, Doris. But my hands are tied. Creating the Amazing Woman Task Force was Chief O'Bannon's call- and he has the Mayor's blessing. When I spoke with him, O'Bannon said he took you off the case because you don't work well with others- and you have to admit, there's some truth in that."

"Look, I've just had a bad run of partners. But it still stinks. I caught the first break on the case- and now they won't even tell me if they've found this Jenkins kid."

"Well, I can tell you that Brett Jenkins seems to have disappeared. No reports of him at any of his usual hangouts."

They were interrupted by the intercom's buzz, and the nasal voice of Mildred, the secretary. "Commissioner, you're 4:00 is here- Countess Dante."

Martha pushed a button- "I'll be right out, Mildred. Sorry, Doris. I'll keep my ears open, though."

"Thanks, Commish. I gotta ask- a countess, really? Going back to your debutante roots?"

Martha sighed. She and Major had become friends- Martha was always interested in the women on her force, knowing what a tough road it could be- but she loved pushing that button. As the daughter of one of Metro City's founding families, Martha was born with a silver spoon in her mouth- and always resented it. Her mother practically disowned her when she joined the Academy after college- although her father seemed pleased. the opposite was definitely true when she married Jim- a fellow officer, although he had moved into forensics. They both relented once Timothy was born, 17 years ago- and after they retired to Hawaii, she accepted their offer of the family home. But she had tried to keep Tim's life on a more down-to-Earth level- and he had lived up to her hopes. 

She smiled sadly at the picture of the three of them on the wall- taken just 3 weeks before Jim's death, almost a decade ago. Doris saw this, and placed her hand on Martha's shoulder. "Sorry, Commish. He'd be proud of you, you know?"

"Martha smiled at the tough policewoman. "Thanks. For you information, Countess Dante and I were roommates in college. She was just plain Rei Sakura then- well, she was never "plain" anything.  She married an Italian Count about 2o years ago. he died a few years later, and she moved here, and we got became friends again. her daughter and Timothy were best friends. then she had some family crisis, and moved back to Japan. She's back in the states now, and is moving back into town. So, yes, I know a real live Countess. Problem?"


"Well, why don't you come out and I'll introduce you/"

"I came out years ago, but, sure, why not?"

Martha grimaced a bit at that, Major noticed. Well, she had always been a little squeamish about Major's sexuality- about any sexuality, in fact. Too bad- she was still an attractive woman, mid-forties, short blonde hair, a curvy body- probably carrying 10-15 extra pounds, but in the right places. Oh, well...

They went out the door, and Major was dumbstruck at the sight. The Countess, who had to be in her 40's, was gorgeous! 5'9" (in  stylish heels), dressed in a tight red suit, tailored to show off her trim-yet-curvy figure. Her face was high-cheekboned and full-lipped, with startling green eyes. her jet-black hair was done up in and elaborate 'do, held together by a jeweled comb. An emerald necklace, with diamonds surrounding it, hung around her neck, and into her cleavage. Major couldn't help but think of the Dragon lady from the old comics.

"Countess Dante- you haven't changed a bit!" said Martha, her voice taking on a formal tone.

The Countess looked at her, expression haughty. "Commissioner Langstrom- it's a pleasure to see you again." Her voice was  low and throaty, and sent a thrill down Major's spine- directly into her pussy!

They stared at each other for a few seconds, then began to giggle. they rushed towards each other, and hugged, laughing heartily. Major was actually touched by the scene. She turned away , and noticed, on the couch, a young woman. She was obviously the Countess' daughter. She had slightly European features, but took mainly after her mother. Her long black hair fell nearly to her waist, although in the hunched posture she had, staring at her phone, it was hard to tell. She was dressed almost like a fetishized Japanese schoolgirl- knee socks, short black skirt (riding up almost to her panties, as she had her feet against the coffee table), and white blouse- under which she was obviously bra-less. She was possibly taller than her mother, and fuller-breasted- she looked to Major like trouble.

"Oh, Rei, I want you to meet one of our best detectives- Doris Major. Detective, this is the Countess Dante."

The Countess raised her hand- Doris fought the urge to kiss it, and shook it lightly. Her skin was smooth as silk, and slightly hot. "A pleasure to meet you, Detective. i know with officers like you, metro city will once again become the safest city in America." It was an old slogan, but as she said it, Major believed it. Her eyes were so green, a color she had never seen- almost like a cat. It was an effort to let go of her hand. 

"Thank you, m'am.  I do my best. And i'm afraid I have to go. Duty calls." Major almost smacked herself. "Duty calls?" She had never said that before in her life!

As Major left, she heard Martha say- "Is this SuSu? My god, you've grown up!"


"Can I get you something? A soda, some tea- something stronger, perhaps? Just between the two of us." Lance said to the lovely young black girl in his office, walking to the bar.

Jasmine smiled, ruefully. John Lance, suspected mob boss, was acting just like most of the men she knew- thinking they could get her to lower her guard with the promise of illicit liquor. Plus, she didn't trust him- one of the things her investigations had turned up was how much this "Crime Lord" of Metro City seemed to use narcotics, drugging officials, putting them in compromising positions. Better not to take any liquid from him.

"No, thank you. I have a bottle of water."

"How about a glass of ice? It's hot out there, I know- and our AC isn't exactly working well."

It was true- the heat wave had started 3 days before- and the room was warm. "A glass of ice would be fine."

He took a few cubes out and placed them in a glass, then poured himself a scotch neat. "There yo go. So, when will your camera crew be here?"

Jasmine poured some water into the glass. "Half-hour, maybe 45 minutes. A fire broke out at the docks- standard procedure to send all hands down there. Fire's are good tV." She sipped. The cool water felt good.

"Then we can talk while we're waiting. Get to know each other, set some ground rules..."

"I don't do ground rules, Mr. lance. And this isn't a date."

"Okay! And, for the record, although you are quite lovely, I don't date teenagers." Although, Lance thought, he could make an exception in this case. Although she dressed to play down her looks, this girl was a find- full breasts (a d-cup, and probably still growing, if his practiced eye was right), trim waist, and a high, round "booty". Add in strong legs on a 5'5" body- and that cute face, even with her glasses- well, she was quite something. 

He smiled as she took a deeper swig of water. Her camera crew was going to be delayed a lot longer than half an hour- his boys had orders to disrupt traffic, set fires, even commit a little general mayhem- all to keep them away. And since he had her cell phone confiscated (company security), they would have all messages intercepted.

Jasmine took another drink. it really was quite warm in here! Even though mr. lance didn't seem to be sweating. He was certainly a cool customer  She giggled. And pretty good-looking, too. I bet he'd open up for me if I'd open up for him! Wait- what he hell was she thinking?

Jasmine had always kept her sexualitiy in check- with her genius, she had sped through high school, and was in college before she had even hit puberty. Her social life was a disaster. Even after she had developed (and, man once she started, it all came together fast!), t was awkward- so she had concentrated her energy into studying, and, then, to getting the job she really wanted. She had never even been kissed, or had a date- so why was she thinking about taking off her clothes and-and why did she fell so woozy?

She looked at her glass. 'The ice! You drugged the ice!"

"Very good, my dear. It's a lovely little compound we developed- causes equal parts drowsiness and horniness. Hell, I could do whatever I wanted to with you right now- but I have my orders. Maybe later. But for now-" he pressed a button on his desk. A huge man, maybe 7 ft. tall, and nearly as wide, came into the room. jasmine thought he looked like a sumo wrestler, although he was dressed in a perfectly-tailored black suit. With one hand, he lifted Jasmine onto his shoulder, and carried her out.

Lance took the ice bucket and her glass, and dumped them into the incinerator. She was on her way to the "guest house", he knew- an apartment building kept empty except for special guests of the Crime Lord. as much as he wanted to meet her, he had no desire to be a guest there himself.


SuSu Dante was bored. Epicly bored. Mommy had been in with "auntie" Martha for almost an hour, probably telling her how wonderful Japan was, how beautiful the cherry blossoms were- all that crap. Japan was boring, too- but at least she had some boys to play with there. Since they had gotten back, Mom had kept her on a tight leash- more like a choke chain!

The elevator opened, and a young teenage boy stepped out. He was about 5'8", obviously athletic, with blonde hair, and even a few freckles on his handsome face, dressed in a varsity jacket and jeans. in all, the perfect portrait of the wholesome American teenager. He noticed the girl on the couch, and stared. Wow, he thought- she's gorgeous! His eyes ran over her tan, trim thighs, and her breasts- damn, you can see her nipples! he blushed, and felt his dick rising- not an uncommon occurrence for him, admittedly. Then Mildred spoke- which pretty much killed his hard-on, thankfully.

"Oh, Timothy- your mother's with someone. I'll let her know you're here."

"That's all right, Mrs. Lanning. I can wait-'


Tim Langstrom turned to the girl he had been staring at, and then realized-
"Oh my god! Susu? Is that really-"

He was cut off as she jumped off the table and wrapped her body around his own, lips hot against his.


"So, once it became obvious the best I could hope for in my Dad's business was a figurehead position, I turned to my Luigi's business. I had let that run it self- he was pretty much a hands-off type- but I knew we could expand, with a few changes in the business model. So, I started looking for businesses to acquire in America- and Metro City was the place to start."

'And now you're here. For ho long?"

"Can't be sure- but i'm not planning on moving anywhere, Marty."

"God nobody calls me Marty except you- and Jim."

"Well, I'm here to start my life over- and I think you should,-" A series of beeps erupted from Rei's phone. "Sorry- just a text. I was expecting some news about a meeting I've been trying to set up."

It's fine, I understand."

The Countess looked at her phone. "GUEST ARRIVED. STAYING IN PENTHOUSE SUITE."

The Crime Lord smiled. 



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