Someone is experimenting on a symbiote.

by Regret
Storyline Symbiote Sagas
Characters She-Venom
Category Marvel
Previous Chapter The Saga Begins

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The black alien blob that was the Venom symbiote, stretched itself out and pounded against the wall of its container. It would splatter itself against the wall and reform again and again in a futile attempt to escape. Doctor Smith paid it no mind, he was certain that the container would hold it for the duration of the experiment.If he was successful he would turn the symbiote into an even more powerful super weapon than it already was, and the Kingpin would make him rich for it. He hypothesized that the symbiote held on to a copy of each of its host's DNA and that that was how it granted Brock, Spiderman's superhuman strength and agility. His assistant's started the machine and the symbiote was bombarded with radiation and nano-machines designed to alter its DNA flooded the cell. Smith watched his monitors as lines displaying pain, stress ,brainwave activity , and other vital functions started to spike. A silent scream from his mouthless captive.

"Everything is in the acceptable range proceed with the genetic manipulation. We're behind schedule as it is and the kingpin won't take anymore excuses." Smith said.

The vitals began to normalize as the symbiote's incredible ability to adapt accepted it's new genetic code. The symbiote settled in a motionless goo on the floor and the machine turned off. The scientists gave it no time for rest and moved on to phase two of the test. A young woman was brought in and placed in an adjacent cell to the symbiote.

"Are you sure this is safe." The young raven haired woman said.

"Absolutely Jamie the symbiote has been neutralized, it will instinctual bond with you but you should be able to control it's abilities." Smith said as he powered up the sonic wave safeguards. Smith pressed a button and the symbiote drained into the chamber from above dripping on the woman.

Jamie exhaled nervously as the black slime moved and covered her skin. It bleed through her clothes and bonded with her skin. Jamie clenched her head and fell to her knees. Smith raised his hand over the button to blast the chamber with sonic waves when Jamie returned to her feet. Her hands were clawed and everything up to her neck was pitch black. Smith lowered his hand," Alright now, try to control the symbiote, access it's genetic memory of Eddie Brock.

Jamie closed her eyes and concentrated, she began moaned alittle feeling the symbiotes strength but she returned to the task at hand. It was like she could almost see Brock in her mind she concentrated on his image and opened her eyes. She spotted her reflection her long black hair had changed to blond.

Smith smiled it was only a initial test a simple change, but it was a good sign. If everything went according to plan the symbiote, or rather whoever controlled it, could copy the DNA of others into its own and alter it as desired, granting the host the appearance or even the superhuman abilities of others.

"This is amazing." Jamie said running her clawed hand through her hair. "and it feels so good too. I never want to be apart from it, we want to be together." Jamie stopped and held a hand to her mouth. "why are we talking like this?".

Smith looked up from his computer to see  the symbiote leap up her neck transforming the pretty face into a furious monster.

"You hurt us!" Venom screamed. "We'll hurt you back." Venom jumped at the cell's wall slashing through it with her razor sharp claws. The crew screamed in panic , and smith pounded the fail-safe with his fist. A sonic gun retracted from the wall and blasted Venom separating the host from the now unconscious symbiote.

"I guess it can't be controlled as easily as we hoped." a scientist said sweeping the symbiote back into a cell.

"No, but if anyone can the kingpin will find a way. Especially when he hears our initial success." Smith said. "Place the symbiote in an isolated cell, no one is to go near it until we acquire a meta-human to test on."

The scientists went about their day cleaning up the mess the symbiote caused, making preparations for the next test, and attending to Jamie's wounds. The symbiote's gooey body stirred in its sleep, Expanding and splitting taking a more definite shape. After a few minutes a near perfect copy of Jamie laid naked in the cell floor. Everything was the same except this woman was the same ebony black as the goo it was made from. Venom rose to her feet having regained consciousness, and looked at its hands.

"This isn't right." Venom said in Jamie's voice. She focused on her hand and it split into two tendrils of symbiote. "No partner."

Her contemplation was cut short when a passing scientist noticed the new venom and dropped his equipment. Jamie's doppelganger smiled evil and her face reformed into the Venom mask. She ripped through the glass cell with her new clawed hands and made short work of the scientist. Venom laughed manically, she had been dreaming about how she would pay the scientist back for all the pain once she got free. With the sonic fail safe's only fitted to the experimentation chambers the research facility and everyone in it was torn to shreds. Venom wasn't through yet, she had overloaded the equipment causing them to fail and catch fire. In a few minutes the lab was engulfed and Venom was long gone.

Venom sat on the edge of a near by rooftop and watched the lab burn to the ground. She was unsure of what to do with her new form, before her host's ambition's or hatred with drive them but she was alone now.

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