Jack Darby's Christmas

by Fanfic Fetishist
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Jasper, Nevada...
Two years after the end of the Autobot/Decepticon War...

    Jack Darby yawned as the sunlight forced him awake, shining into his eyes.  The black-haired young man grumbled at it, but got up anyway.  The lanky teen, now eighteen years old, cricked his neck and sighed.  He looked himself over in the mirror.  He hadn't changed much physically since he had met the Autobots a couple years ago.  

    He smiled.  It had been both the most terrifying and the most wonderful time of his life, meeting those giant alien robots.  He still remembered the day he first met his partner, Arcee.  The sleek botgirl had been in disguise as a motorcycle, one that Jack couldn't help but admire.  He shook his head, remembering running his hands over the curves of her vehicle mode and then getting on her back... only for a pair of Decepticon warriors to show up, forcing Arcee to flee with him still riding her.  Since that accidental meeting, Jack had become fast friends with the heroic fembot, even helping her out as her partner from time to time.  (Not in a battle sense, of course.  He wasn't suicidal enough to want to try and face a giant homicidal Decepticon on his own.)  The war had gone well, although not without cost.  And in the end, the Autobots ended up returning to their home planet, Cybertron, Arcee with them.

    It had hurt badly for both of them to leave each other.  But because he still had his connection to the government, established when the Autobots had taken he and the other two young humans who had seen them into their protection, he knew he could visit their planet.  It just took a lot of paperwork to get clearance for it.  Arcee, for her part, could visit any time she liked, but if the reports from Ratchet, the curmudgeonly old medic Autobot who had volunteered to stay on Earth as a liaison, were true, then they had a lot of rebuilding to do.  Especially since there were monstrous Predacons to worry about, although Megatron's surprising choice to reform and aid in the planet's defense

    He missed Arcee.  And to his embarrassment, he had found himself having erotic fantasies about her.  She was very attractive for a robot, with curves in all of the right places on her chassis, even if she lacked the 'compatible parts.'  Often he found himself imagining her as his lover, the two passionately united despite the fact that she was physically larger than him...  

    He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts.  He missed Arcee, but he was in a relationship now, with fellow former Autobot companion, Miko.  The spunky Asian/Indian girl was a pain in the neck sometimes (during the War, she had frequently tried to join the fight against the Decepticons.  Nearly dying and nearly losing her partner, Bulkhead, put a stop to that), but she was a devoted friend.  The two had bonded after the War, and while they hadn't progressed to sex yet, they had made out over each others clothes.  

    (To Jack's embarrassment and Miko's amusement, his nurse mother had found them out despite their efforts to hide it, giving Miko and Jack condoms.  Jack wanted to die right there, while Miko couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the day.)  

    Recently, the two of them had a bonding experience over their mutual longing for their Autobot companions.  Both of them, while making out, had called out the names of their partners.  Shocked and embarrassed, but not ashamed, the two had discussed their sexual fantasies about their Autobot companions.  They had gone farther than they had before that day, the two of them taking off their clothes and exploring each others bodies.  They weren't quite ready to go all the way yet, but each had given the other a handjob, becoming more comfortable in their relationship with one another.

    Jack looked at the package of rubbers on the bed, a full box his mother, June Darby, had given him.  He shook his head, sighing.  He loved his mother, but she always liked to make things so awkward for him.  Especially since he had started to have desires for HER as well, something he hated himself for.  Some of the jerks at his high school had gone into exacting detail about all the reasons they thought June was the hottest thing since ghost chilis.  (Their exact phrasing, he shits you not.)  To his dismay, their attention to detail had gotten Jack himself, who also had an attention to detail, to start noticing that his mother, indeed, was highly attractive.  Plus, his first dreams had come on the anniversary of the day his father had walked out on his family.  Her mother always cried on this day, and after all of the sexualization of his mother that he had heard at school, he found himself thinking that he could be a better lover than his father ever was...

    He shook his head, trying to dispel the thoughts.  They were just too weird.  Especially because they were arousing.  

    ...He paused briefly to look at himself in the mirror as he got inside to shower.  He wasn't bad looking, he thought.  He had a decent sized package, bigger than most of the guys at school, he knew this from the showers he took at gym class.  Plus, with the promise that he could join the government agency that helped the Autobots after he was old enough, he had been taking phys ed more seriously, working out and building up a decent amount of muscle.  He grinned a little, posing.

    "Oh yeah... I'm the hottest guy around.  All the bitches and bitchbots want a piece of this..." he said, cringing at his words and shaking his head.  "Good lord, I need to stop actually listening to the crap they play in the locker room..."  

    He finished his shower and went downstairs.  It was the weekend and his mother had the day off, so he could expect a hot breakfast.  What he didn't expect when he went down was two hot women waiting for him.  

    Miko and June were both their, wearing their usual clothes.  June a set of greenish-blue nurse scrubs, Miko a denim skirt, thigh-high socks, and a colorful pink tank top, her hair pink-streaked and bound up in two tufts.  What was different, however, was the fact that both of them were far more curvaceous than usual.  June's normally loose-fitting scrubs now fit firmly around her wide, motherly hips and ample breasts.  (Jack tried not to think that he heard a slight slosh of an overloading of milk inside the ample orbs.)  Miko's clothes looked ready to burst under her new curves, especially her top, which was now stretched around her ample breasts to the point where her nipples could be seen underneath it.  

    "M-Mom?  M-Miko?!  What..." Jack stammered.

    Miko snickered.  "Jack... You are a rather NAUGHTY boy..."

    June smirked.  "Indeed... after that man came to me and told me about your fantasies, I was skeptical and a little offended... But then he gave me these ridiculous curves, and... well, honestly, I'm a little curious..."

    "What man?!" Jack almost shrieked.  "Who did this?"

    "Santa Claus," Miko and June said, staring at him.

    Jack looked for some sign that they were kidding.  Both of them had said it perfectly seriously, and showed no sign that it was a joke.  

    "Wha..." Jack stammered.

    Miko snickered.  "Look, if you don't believe me, check the garage.  Your third Christmas present is waiting for you."  

    Jack, confused, aroused, and somewhat nervous, slowly went to the garage and peered inside.  Once he saw what was there, though, parked peacefully by his mother's car, he threw the door open in delight.  

    "ARCEE!" he said joyously.  

    The blue motorcycle unfolded into a beautiful warrior robot woman.  But to Jack's shock, Arcee had undergone similar upgrades to June and Miko.  Her chest armor now covered black, metal-skinned breasts that bulged out of the blue plate armor.  She also now had a soft, cushy-looking bubble butt and wider hips that still flowed with her chassis, not interfering with her transformation in the slightest.

    "Hey partner," Arcee said conversationally.  "It seems that I've been given some 'compatibility upgrades' by this Santa Claus character."  

    Jack just nodded numbly, his member now at full mast.  He didn't trust himself to speak.

    Arcee smirked.  "Well, I have to admit, I've grown fond of you.  And the prospect of interfacing 'human-style' is intriguing, especially with someone I care for.  Besides, these upgrades feel kinda nice,"  she said, groping her now ample butt.

    Jack's brain finally couldn't take it, the young man fainting.  Arcee just shook her head in amusement, calling for Miko and June. 

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