Goliath's Girlfriends

by Fanfic Fetishist
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Eyrie Building...

    Goliath, leader of the clan of gargoyles that inhabited the island, woke up with a roar.  At the insistence of his clan, he had taken the week off from patrol, his lieutenant, Brooklyn, saying that he needed to relax.  He was reluctant at first, but Brooklyn checked in each night before sunrise to let his leader know that everything was fine, and he actually was enjoying himself.  

    For the past two nights, he had been staying at the apartment of his clan's human companion, Elisa Maza.  The policewoman had been a blessing, providing the clan with a positive view of humanity and protecting them during the day to the best of her ability, all while managing to maintain her job at the local police department.  She was intelligent, fun to be around, and while not as much of an intellectual as Goliath had turned out to be in this time, she was able to keep up a conversation with him about topics he had interest in.  She even educated him on modern concepts he was unfamiliar with, teaching her how to use a computer and the like.  (He had decided he wanted nothing to do with TV beyond news reports, however.  All of the other programming just seemed... stupid.)  

    And then there was the fact that she was beautiful.  

    He hadn't thought so at first, merely thinking her 'pretty for a human.'  But in a rather convoluted set of circumstances involving his former mate, Demona, and a fae named Puck, Elisa had been turned into a gargoyle.  She hadn't changed all that much, but still... it made him realize that he had begun to desire her.  

    The problem was the species difference.  He was gargoyle, Elisa was human.  Both admitted later that there had been the temptation, on both of their parts, to try having sex, but with Demona around and in control of the powerful Puck, other things took priority.  Their relationship had grown since then, the two becoming closer, but there was always that one bit of frustration setting them apart.  

    (And on a more embarrassing note, he wasn't sure Elisa could FIT his manhood inside her.  Whenever he and Demona rutted, the redheaded gargess had to give him oral sex to lube him up properly first.  It wasn't bragging to say that a frequent joke among his clan back in the medieval time period he came from was to question whether or not the Captain of the Guard gave him his name or whether or not he got his name from an excited utterance of a scullery maid who saw him bathing.  Demona had always thought it funny.)  


    Goliath stared out over the Manhattan skyline, sighing.  He regretted not being able to convince Demona to abandon her rage against humanity.  But looking back, Goliath knew that the rage had always been there.  And centuries of immortality, guilt for her part in the deaths of so many gargoyles because of her anti-human actions, and refusing to acknowledge her guilt had left her far too insane.  Gargoyles mated for life, but sadly, he and Demona had proven to be the exception.  He still dreamt of her from time to time.  She was a lovely gargoyle, and the mother of his daughter, Angela, but she was also batshit insane and genocidal.  

    To his eternal regret, he had fallen out of love for her.

    But again, that didn't stop the dreams.  

    More and more, Elisa had been making her way into his erotic dreams, sometimes leaving his manhood still rock hard even after shedding his stone shell.  His favorite dreams involved both Demona and Elisa as his loyal sex slaves, pleasuring him according to his every whim.  He dreamed he rutted them so much that their bellies bulged with his cum, eager to bear his eggs...

    Goliath chuckled, shaking his head.  He normally didn't muse on his dreams this much.  He turned inside, admiring the Christmas decorations Elisa had set up.  He had come to adore the holiday, and the meaning behind it.  As he came into the apartment, he looked around for Elisa.  He spotted her standing near her bedroom door, and gaped.  

    Elisa stood there, her breasts having swollen out to the point where they were larger than her head.  Her black t-shirt, pulled up to expose her midriff now by her expanded chest, also showed off some impressive cleavage.  Because her boobs were now too big for her bra, they were visibly held up only by her shirt, showing that they were still all-natural.  Her butt and hips had widened as well, giving her an hourglass figure that most porn stars would envy.  In the policewoman's hand was a leash attached to a collar which was wrapped around Demona's neck.  

    The red-headed gargoyle was nude save for her gold tiara and a large red Christmas bow that wrapped around her ample breasts, enlarged like Elisa's were, and crotch, tying her arms behind her back.  Demona grinned brightly when she saw Goliath.  

    "Master!  It's so good to see you again!" she cooed.  

    Goliath went wide-eyed.  "WHAT!?"

    Elisa shook her head, chuckling in disbelief.  "Oh, it gets better, big guy.  You're getting a very nice Christmas present this year."  

    Goliath frowned.  "Elisa, what are you..."

    Before he could finish, Elisa touched a small rune on her neck that Goliath hadn't noticed before.  In a flash, Elisa's clothing changed from the sweatpants, t-shirt, and red jacket she had been wearing to a black top and loincloth, her jacket modified to leave space for the wings she now sported as she magically transformed from human to gargoyle, her already sumptuous curves expanding even more.  

    Goliath's jaw dropped, his mind immediately going back to the dreams he had as he felt his manhood stirring.  What Elisa had said stuck in his mind as Elisa finished transforming into a gargoyle, gesturing to herself and smiling uncertainly.  

    'You're getting a very nice Christmas present this year...' 

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