Baby Cakes visits "the commish"

by burke_rakers
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   She felt so alive...so very alive. Had she actually stood in the way of Gothams' brilliant criminals? The more she thought of it, the more ashamed she felt. Her old 'Rogues Gallery' had been right all along. The people of Gotham - heck, the world - were useless 'sheeple' who deserved nothing at all if they didn't have the guts to stand up for themselves. The more she thought of the helpless inhabitants of Gotham...the more she hated them. The more she hated Batman. The more she HATED EVERYTHING SHE'D DONE!!!

   "The Riddler...Penguin...even the Joker had been right all along. Some men are wolves and some are sheep...and the wolves deserve to rule. But...what of my old friends? I can love Alfie, but he had to remade first. Old Alfred was such a moral fool...much less interesting that the sneaky, huge-dicked pervert the Joker had turned him into. Whatever had caused this transformation, Baby Cakes HAD to find out how to make it permanent. Permanent for her...permanent for her friends.


   Commissioiner James Gordon sat in his cramped office, laboring over reports in an attempt to find something to pin on the Joker. Trying...but knowing he'd fail. For months now, the lunatic had been sending some big-titted little baggage over to his office once a week, and though he'd tried to resist...he'd found himself a prisoner of her loins. Every time she'd touched him, she'd taken his resolve...stripped him of his will...made him her slave. Somehow, he KNEW that the teenage slut...had been Batman. The Joker had won some terrible battle, and now he had the power to do whatever he wanted...and he'd turned Batman into Baby Cakes and made James her slave. So here he was...working hard before she arrived so after she left...

   Damn! She was here! He sighed, said a quick prayer for the soul of his old friend, and readied himself. She's slink in here, suck his dick, and steal from him his willpower for a week. She'd...

   Oh...my G-...

   The woman who undulated into his office was sort of Baby Cakes...but mostly not. Her body was fat, her face was different, and her eyes were no longer the empty eyes of a trapped idiot...but the keen, cunning eyes of the most evil criminal.

   "B-b-baby Cakes?"

   "Hi yah, Jimmy. My ol' frien', Jimmy Gordon. Workin' hard, huh? Dat's real nice...but what'cha workin' fer, huh? Workin' fer Gotham? Man, that's a waste o' time, Jimmy. A smart guy like you should be fakin' in da big bucks. Folks should be payin' you fer everythin', Jim. Remember...remember th' first time yah took a bribe? Wasn't it great?"

   James Gordon stepped back from her horrible, hypnotic eyes. Eyes that saw right into him...and saw the truth. Well...yes. He had taken bribes. Lots of them. Thousands and thousands and MILLIONS of dollars in bribes and kickback and dirty, back room deals. He tried to resist, but...she was looking out for him. Keeping him safe. Making a new man of him. Baby Cakes was taking the old, foolish James Gordon nad remaking him. Some part of him struggled...but as he looked into her eyes...he felt that everything she was saying...was rewriting reality itself...

   "Such a corrupt and wicked man you are. Your affection reserved for those who deserve it. Me an' your family, an' th' other cops on th' take. But everyone else...they gotta pay...an' pay...an' pay..."

   His cramped office spread out...became panneled in polished oak and walnut...luxury upon luxury filled the room...Gordons rumpled clothes became a flashy, custom-tailored Kiton suit with gleaming gold buttons. He tried to hold on to his mind...but as his desire for wealth grew into a driving, roaring GREED...his cock swelled and Baby Cakes slipped her hand down his pants...just like all bitches should. It wasn't that Gordon hadn't love his wives...it's just that bitches were bitches, and Baby Cakes was a bitch. A hot, lusty bitch that he fucking loved.

   (she's Batman. She's my friend.)

   Well thank goodness she wasn't Batman anymore, because Gordon...because 'Big Jim' Gordon would have had the man killed. Jim had his finger in every criminal pie in Gotham, wetting his beak and taking his cut from every criminal who didn't pay protection. He tried to fight it...

   Baby Cakes felt Gordon's will struggling...and she sucked harder...and harder...sucking out the last lingering traces of his old morality, yet leaving the essence of his personality and mind. His body shifted and warped...

   Barbara Gordon knocked on the solid, carved oak door of her father, certain that something was...wrong. The cops here all seemed to be...different than what she remembered. I mean, it was the same...all the same...but somehow...as she rolled her wheelchair through the halls, she just felt that something was off...

   "Ah, Barbie...good to see you, honey." said her...father? Was THIS her father? Well...of course it was. She blushed a bit, as her clothes went from somewhat frumpy...to sleek, stylish and expensive. After all, her father was one of the richest men in the state. He always had been, but...she worried that his wealth might have some sinister sourse. She thought it, then pushed it away. 

   'Big Jim' Gordon was a large man, his body bloated and fat. His greed extended to food, and he'd niow always been a big eater. A gorger, actually. A hugely obese man with a lust for power...but he was her father, and she loved him.

   Big Jim waddled to her side and hugged Barbara, asking "Do you need any money, sweetie? Is that why you stopped by?"

   "No daddy, I just...oh!" she cried, as Baby Cakes slid out from under Jims' desk, touching up her makeup and smirking at her. 

   "Hey-hey, Barbie...jus' stoppin' by t' spend some time wit my favorite fuck. Yer daddy's got whut Baby needs."

   Barbara knew that this...vulgar girl was her fathers girlfriend. And though she didn't approve, as she watched Baby Cakes slide up and rub her fathers huge belly, saw his face beaming with pleasure...and she knew she shouldn't get in the way.

   "Well...I'll be seeing you two. Take care." she said, as she left. She didn't see it, but 'Big Jim' frowned at the image of his daughter in a wheelchair. How had he not killed the Joker yet? That son of a bitch should be hauled into this office and skinned alive!

   Baby Cakes loved the man she'd made of her old friend, but as she watched Barbara Gordon scurry off, she knew she had to help her too. Still...that could be for later. Right now, she wanted to have this stud ride her fat ass again.

   But as she touched him, Jim shook his head. "I'm going to kill that son of a bitch." he growled.

   Baby Cakes smiled, than said "Why don't I just make her better. Somehow...I think I can do it. Make her better...just like I made you better, Jim."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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