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Storyline Sue Storm: Hydro-Woman
Characters Invisible Woman
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“Ah that’s better” Sue groaned as she felt the warm water begin to flood over her naked body. It had been a long day today, but then days that involved the negative zone always were. Sue always felt dirty after coming back from the negative zone and had rushed immediately to the shower. Sue quickly lathered up her shower gel and began to rub it over her luscious body, starting with her neck, then her long arms down to her well formed breasts, her flat stomach her pussy.

Not really thinking too much about what she was doing, Sue stopped lathering herself and slowly slid two fingers into her wet cunt. She groaned with pleasure. The negative zone always made her feel dirty like this too. Sue began to rub her clit, Reed would be busy for the rest of the day so what was the harm in giving herself a little pleasure. She certainly deserved it after today’s escapade. Sue began to thrust her fingers faster as her other hand gently played with her erect nipples. Just a quick little orgasm, what would be the harm?

Sue thrust her fingers faster and faster into her dripping pussy as she felt an orgasm begin to flood through her. She closed her eyes, she hadn't felt pleasure like this in a long time.

"Oh god yes" she grunted "Ah..Yeah"

After a few more moments she shivered before a massive climax tore through her. "God yes" she screamed as the wave of pleasure engulfed her body. She slowly began to reduce the speed of her thrusts and leant back against the shower wall. Her large tits rising and falling rapidly as her lungs pounded and her heart raced That had felt so good.

"Fucking hell" thought Morrie Bench as he conciously held himslef against the flow of water rushing through the shower head. The Wizard had sent him to try a new method of infiltrating the baxter building. "The pipes" the psychotic genius had said "The pipes are not scanned or guarded against. You can sneak in through the water supply and spy on the accursed four".

Hydro man doubted this was the spying his partner in the frightful four had in mind, but it sure was one hell of a bonus. Like most villains that had faced the fantastic four, Hydro Man had found himself extremely distracted by Sue Storm. Her smoking figure, those deep blue eyes and the perfectly managed blonde hair. But most of all he obsessed about her gorgeous rack, her large titties with that four stretched tightly across them, practically begging to be ogled.

"She's even more perfect than I imagined" he mused as he watched begin to lather up again. For years he had secretly wanted an opportunity like this one. Dare he disobey the wizards orders?

He watched as Sue gently lathered her large puppies, gently rubbing over her sensitive nipples. Another gasp left her mouth.

"Fucking hell, she's still horny" Morrie exclaimed as he watched her play with herself. "I cant take this any more."

He stopped resisting the flow of water down the shower head and gently let fell down onto Sue's wet body. He felt himself run down her beautiful soft face, her giant mams, her firm ass and her long slender legs. Slowly as to not arouse her suspicion he carefully formed a semi solid water body behind her.

Sue still oblivious had begun to thrust her fingers back into her pussy. She began to moan with pleasure again.

"Man is she gagging for it" Morrie grinned. He slowly coalesced some of the water glistening on her tits into watery mitts. He slowly began to caress her large teats, feeling the large mounds he had dreamed about so often in jail. he couldn't believe just how firm they were. And her nipples felt like bullets.

"Oh god" Sue moaned louder as she began to bring herself to another orgasm. Morrie had to decide. He could still slip away unnoticed now, or he could go for the jackpot.

Sue fingered herself with fervor. She was so close to orgasm. She wished Reed were there right now to sate her growing lust.

Morrie felt it was time to act. Using his powers he thrust Sue hard against the marble wall. She screamed, but her hands were held by spinning handcuffs of water. Morrie knew her powers worked with sight soe he put a ring of water around her eyes, forcing Sue to close them.

Sue tried to form a field around her body, but the water was like a second skin. Soon, the Hydroman's watery form capsulated her entire body, writhing around her, causing her to involuntarily moan in pleasure.

Sue's mind reeled. She had no idea what was happening. No clue, that a villain was all about her coveting her body. She tried to fight, but when she felt a watery dick part her exposed and wet cunt lips, she again moaned.

The onslaught of of water deep inside her did not let up, and soon she was screaming in passion. Morrie knew, that now was the time to come to human form, at least his penis. As he did so, Sue finally realized her plight.

"No!" she sighed slowly, but the pleasure was too much. "Morrie!" she sighed, knowing her attacker now.

He laughed, "I can stop if you like?"

Sue did not answer this question, she merely demanded, "Let me see you!"

The Hydro-man obliged and let her vision return. When she opened her eyes, the villain was naked, and in human form. He smiled widely as his body held her against the wall. His dick buried deep inside her. He humped away at the beauty. How long had he imagined this scenario. And now, it was beyond his wildest dreams. She seemed to put up no resistance as he fucked her in human form.

He laughed, "What if we are seen Mrs. Richards?"

Sue looked directly in his eyes, "I hate you!" She said softly, but her legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms encircled his shoulders. She fucked back at him wildly. Her mind realed at the thought of what was happening. She should fight, but her body betrayed her. She was too close. An orgasm exploded inside her. "OH GOD MORRIE!" she cried out as her climax made her petite form shudder under his muscular body.

As her cunt clenched his dick his own orgasm rose inside him. His cock erupted deep in her womb. He crushed his mouth over hers, and was surprised when her own tongue swathed his own.

What happened next surprised them both. Her tongue seemed to melt in his mouth. He looked at her strangely as his mouth filled with water. Sue's eyes went wide. Her lower body began to pour away, down into the tub. The transformation crept up her form, until her entire body began to change to water and drip down into the pool of water in the tub. Her head remained, "Morrie help me!" she cried, "What have you done....?" He words were cut off as her face followed the rest of her body.

Morrie stood confused in the pool of water. He looked down. What had his seed done to her? Then, he understood as he heard her voice from the tub water.

"What have you done?" Sue's seemingly bodyless voice cried.

Morrie's heart lept. "You are like me now!" he told her. For so long he had felt so alone. Now there was another. And one he had longed to possess. Morrie dribbled down into the tub himself.

The new sensation of his body twirling with hers was amazing to Sue. She heard Morrie's voice. "Follow me, I willl show you this new world! We will live it together!"

Sue suddenly felt empty, and understood that Morrie was draining out the tub. She faintly heard his voice. "You must follow me, or you are doomed!"

Sue's mind reeled. She wanted to run to Reed. But how? And what would she tell him? How could she explain how this happened. Mustering her strength, she slowly found her ability to manipulate her watery form, and flowed down the drain after the Hydro-man.

It was luck that it happened in the end, like anything else Reed Richards had designed the Four Freedoms Plaza's plumbing system was at least one degree more complex than it needed to be. Thus while she was lazily following the one person who could possibly help her figure out how to control her newfound powers, all of a sudden a powerful vacuum activated and Susan found herself diverted from her previous course. By the time Hydroman realized he'd left his protege behind it was too late.

For her part Susan felt herself whizzing through various pipes and tubes her impressions of the world around her growing more indistinct by the moment. It was a struggle just to keep herself together and not so thoroughly saturating the water around her with her essence so as leave her utterly helpless.

It was a struggle that quickly turned into a losing one as she somehow found herself no longer traveling through a system of pipes but being shot out into the middle of some large body of water.

Susan felt the stuff pool around her, there was too much, at this rate she was going to have her consciousness pulled in so many directions that she'd end up nothing more than literally a drop of water in the ocean!

Susan fought back the only way she knew how, she didn't have a single clue about how to control her water based powers, but her invisibility and forcefields still worked just fine. She quickly created a forcefield around herself thus managing to suck all the water that remained inside it into her, making it a part of her body instead the other way around.

She slowly expanded the forcefield into a basically humanoid shape and began to move towards the surface. She levitated herself out of the water and as she stood on its bank she caught a clear glimpse of her new appearance.

Just like water poured into a jug her body had taken on the shape of the container that surrounded it, filling up the invisible forcefield, but at the same time looking completely uniform, just one large human shaped blob of water.

Through a bit of concentration and luck she managed to make humanoid features appear on the blob of water that she'd become (watery hair, eyes, breasts, and distinct fingers) for all that was worth, but now what was she going to do?

Morrie Bench, the Hydro-man was exstatic. He could not had hoped for such luck, the woman of his dreams was now just like him. And she would need him to survive her new powers.

Morrie realized taking this classy woman on her first "flowing" adventure should not be done through the sewers. He turned back, "Hey babe! I'll take you to the Hudson, and we can go to a pool in Jersey from there. "Babe?" He called realizing the girl was gone."SHIT!" He thought. She could dissipate and die if she didn't control herself.

Meanwhile, Susan had found her way into the sewers. She held her "arms" out and was amazed at the sight of the flowing water beneath her force field. She was translucent, save for the flowing water. Her form was feminine now, and she even outlined long flowing hair. It took all her concentration to hold the field to this form. She slowly walked towards the bank of the sewers, "EWWW!" she cried out feeling the muck beneath her. She had to get to the surface. However, a small pipe caused her to trip. This moment of lost concentration caused her to lose the field form. Her watery body slammed down and flowed back into the sewer pool.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" A bellowing Morrie Bench laughed. "You gotta relax babe!"

Sue found herself reforming the "water body". She slowly came out of the pool and observed Morrie leaning against the stone wall. "Fuck you Morrie! What have you done to me?" She reached out with a force-field and lifted her new captor in the air.

"Hey...hey...you can't kill me babe! You need me to get a handle on all this now!" Morrie begged.

Sue realized he was right. "Fine, then tell me how to control this so I can get back to Reed and have him reverse this." She let Morrie down.

Morrie came closer and looked over her watery form. She hated his lustful gaze. "Why change, you look nice. Not even I was that hot!"

Sue huffed but agreed to allow Morrie to teach her to control her new powers.

Soon the pair was floating away in a force ball towards a pool in the woods of New Jersey, several miles from New York. Several miles from Sue's home.

A large flowing waterfall spilled over into a pool of blue water. Despite her present company it was quite breathtaking. Morrie stood on the banks and pointed to the water. "Get in!" He ordered.

Sue shook her transparent head, "I'm scared."

"You'll be fine!" He said, "You're strong."

His words of confidence helped ease her fears. She slowly released the force field form and her watery body poured into the pool. She felt her conciousness spread thinly out, she screamed. "I'm scared! HELP MORRIE!"

Morrie laughed and stomped his feet. He loved this, it brought back memories of his own first days. "Just relax babe! You have full control. Just concentrate like when you use your force fields. But now, concentrate on your body."

Sue did as told and calmed herself. She used meditation techniques which she had learned over the years. Finally, she felt each drip of her form. She was able to hold it and note its position in the water. "It's working Morrie!" she called out.

Morrie nodded, "Good, now think of your body. Think hard. How it was before this." Morrie closed his eyes. He began to think of her body too. He spoke of the image in his head to help her. "Your long blonde hair, tight body," Morrie began to trail off, "the large tits, the long legs, and that ass." He smiled. "Man THAT ASS!" His cock was standing at attention.

When he opened his eyes he saw Susan's face ten feet away shaking her head, "You're an asshole!" It was only her head, as she was making her body invisible. After all, she was nude.

"Got a handle on it don't ya!" He nodded to himself. He was a good teacher. Who knew.

Sue turned away, "It's time for me to go talk to Reed."

Morrie cuaght her by surprise, "Tell him what? How you got these new powers?"

Sue gulped. "OH SHIT!" she said out loud.

"Thats right," Morrie approached her, "You can't say a word. Cause you aint gonna lie to him!" Morrie looked at her softly as she turned, "Look, I'll tell him I poked ya with some fluid or something made by the wizard."

Sue was shocked, "Why would you do that?"

Morrie smiled, "Because your gonna stay with me for a day or two, so I can show you the full extent of your new powers."

Sue thought long and hard. She didn't want to lie to Reed. Besides, what could happen in a day or two. "Deal," she nodded.

Morrie held out an arm. "Great!" His own armed turned to a jet of water and he sprayed Sue. She laughed loudly, as it tickled. Susan's concentration once again faultered and her entire nude form came into view.

"Oh my!" Sue cried out, she let her new powers take over and poured back into the pool. Only her head poked out to see Morrie himself take on a watery form. The Hydro-man dropped into the water to join his Hydro-woman. Susan's eyes lit up as she felt Morrie's own distinct watery form swirl around hers. It felt as if thousands of hands massaged her. She allowed her own form to swirl with his, giving into the sensation. "OH MY!" Sue cried out, her head dribbling into the water they shared.

The pair twirled around each other for hours. Sue wasn't sure if this was sex, but it felt wonderful. The new sensations, the magnificent powers. The pair flowed around together. At one point Morrie brought her over the waterfall. As Sue's watery body fell with him she laughed in delight. It was the most fun she had in years.

After several hours, Susan finally felt Morrie's own presence leave hers. She felt sad, and largely empty. She reformed her human body. Her head spun around, "MORRIE!" she called. "Morrie!" She searched frantically for him. She never realized she was now completely nude and in plain view.

On the other bank Morrie flowed out and took human form. He watched her from behind. "Man THAT ASS!"

Sue turned to see Morrie sitting on the bank, lounging on a rock. He was completely nude now. His cock standing in attention. Morrie noticed Sue couldn't get her eyes off it. "Get over here and sit on it babe!"

Sue looked down. She shouldn't. She couldn't. Her mind reeled.

Morrie nodded contently when he saw Sue smile evily for the first time. She sauntered seductively over to him. Morrie put his hands behind his head, as the blonde beauty straddled his lap. She grabbed his cock aimed it at her cunt and slowly slid herself onto him.

She lifted her index finger, "Just one day!" She laughed, humping the muscular villain slowly. She was too lost in passion to care anymore. Morrie grabbed her ass as she began bouncing on his cock hard and fast. "OH GOD! OH GOD MORRIE!" she cried loudly knowing no one could hear. Morrie's mouth clamped onto her right breast. With his hands on her ass, his mouth on her tit, and his twelve inch cock deep inside her, Sue was in heavan. An orgasm exploded through her body, causing her toes to curl. Morrie watched her head fall back, and heard the guttural moan. Her orgasm was powerful, the sensations of the past few hours taking their toll. She kissed his forehead lovingly as she rode out the mindshattering climax on his cock.

She pulled his cock out of her with a lod "POP" and crept down kissing his stomach. Her hands gripped his ballsack and juggled the massive orbs. Sue's mouth found its target and she licked his long shaft. She met his eyes and smiled as he looked down at her. She held up two fingers to his face. "Two day!" she laughed right before deepthroating his dick.

It had been a fun two days, but only two. A little vacation away from the stresses of her life as a superheroi0ne, but that was it. Even amid all the fun and fucking Susan found she missed some of the enjoyably mundane things.

Morrie of course looked like a kicked puppy when she told him flat to his face that she didn't have any intentions of being his Hydro-woman but considering what'd he'd done to her in the first place she figured that made them more or less even.

Not that she exactly begrudged his company, but he was still only second to Reed, and something told her that having vanished from his life for a few days should be just what the doctor ordered to make him pay her a bit more attention.


Reed Richards closed his heavily lidded eyes as he prepared for another nice of thoroughly unrestful sleep. He'd been calling in favors from every superhero and superheroine he knew to try and find out what had happened to Susan, and so far they hadn't been able to find so much a single scrap of evidence. It was as if she'd suddenly vanished of the face of the earth.

He'd always known that their chosen profession had come with risks, but for her to disappear any sort of warning at all, it was just so... unfair for lack of a better word. It made him so lonely that he would swear laying here in bed he could imagine Susan's arms wrapped around his neck. "Miss me?"

Said "imaginary" arms suddenly became visible and in sheer surprise Reed sprung out of both the bed and the clothing he had been dressed in since it was made of ordinary fabrics instead of unstable molecules.

Susan lay completely visible and completely naked upon there bed a wide smile on her face. "I'll take that as a yes." For one of the few times in his life Reed Richards was finding himself more or less completely dumbstruck. "How?" Susan patted the bed her smile growing even wider. "You should pull up a seat, it's a long story..."


What Susan told Reed was long and it was in fact a story. It started with Hydroman injecting her with some kind of chemical that the Wizard had created designed to temporarily transform her body into water allowing him to kidnap her out from under the Fantastic Four's nose.

It went on to after being transported back to the Wizard's hidden lair and the after the drug had run its course causing her to resume human form he'd started to giving her a thorough brain washing, luckily all the times that she'd been mind controlled over the years had helped Susan build up a considerable resistance to such things.

Before he'd managed to break her, she'd discovered that the formula which had only intended to be temporarily must have somehow reacted with the cosmic energy within her body allowing her to transform herself into water any time she wanted, thus allowing her to escape.

Reed of course swallowed it all hook line and sinker. Susan would have felt guilty about taking advantage of her husband's trusting nature if it wasn't for the fact that the truth about how she'd been half raped by a supervillian and ended up inheriting his powers would doubtlessly have stirred up more trouble than was necessary.

"I'm just so glad to see you're safe, I can't even find the words." Susan giggled as she adjusted her posture from laying on the bed to sitting on it. "Actually, now that I've got a handle on it, its actually kind of fun..." The fingers of her right hand slowly changed form flesh to translucent water as she spoke. "Why don't we take a nice long shower or bath together? Before we're done I'm sure you'll agree with me."

Susan lead her somewhat protesting husband into their shared bathroom, a large smile on her face.

"I know this may sound somewhat sudden Reed, but I've just got a lot of stress that I want to work off and I know just the way to do it, a nice long bath shared by the two of us...."

Because of how wealthy the Fantastic Four were Reed and Susan's bathtub was actually the size of many small hotubs, meaning that there was more than enough room for both of them to slide into it, after taking the time to remove their uniforms.

As Reed reached to turn on the water a forcefield in the general shape of a hand slapped his arm away and Susan waved a finger in her husband's face.

"I don't think that is going to be necessary..." Susan boated proudly leaving Reed feeling utterly wrongfooted for one of the few times in his life.

"But Susan, how exactly are we suppose to take a bath if we don't have any water..." He asked feeling all the more awkward due to his total lack of clothing.

"Like this..." She responded with a chuckle, before carefully turning on the bathtub's plug to make sure water wouldn't train out of it, and then melting into a puddle on the bottom of it.

That simple puddle however began to slosh back and forth and in clear violation of the laws of physics began to self replicate without any sort of external source, Susans imply willed there to be more water, and sure enough, there was.

It rose upwards, slowly at first but gathering momentum all the while like an unstoppable tide reaching the level of first Reed's ankles, then his kneecaps, then his hips and manhood before continuing to rise until he was submerged up to his neck.

A smiling translucent versions of Susan's face appeared on the still surface of the water.

"I hope that clears up a thing or two for you, and now, well now why don't we just relax and really enjoy each other's company?" She pondered aloud.

Reed's eyes widened as he felt the water begin to twist and twirl around his body, currents suddenly springing into existence based purely upon his wife's whims. Susan's control of the liquid was so delicate that she was able to make her husband feel as if several loving hands were all at once rubbing, caressing, tugging, and otherwise fondling his member which began to stretch outwards thanks to his powers and grow firmer due to his natural metabolism.

"Susan..." Reed moaned in surprised, never before having felt anything like the liquid lovemaking that he was currently being subject to and finding himself unable to focus on anything besides just how mind blowing the experience was.

Storyline:Susan Storm: Hydrowoman
Despite Reed's love of her new form, Susan has a hard time enjoying sex with Reed
by guz

Sue did her best to wow her husband with her new found powers. She twirled and danced her form over Reed's body. She could tell he was in another world of ecstasy.

Susan then took on her humanoid form. She left her legs in a puddle to allow water to circle below them. As she straddled Reed, she pulled his member with her wet hands to her inviting snatch. Reed moaned at the wet sensations of his wife's new vagina. It felt glorious.

She lowered her dripping body down onto his erection. Her movements were slow at first. Then Reed noticed that she was bucking wildly on-top of him. Soon she pulled him close. She felt jets of hot sperm enter her watery form. Reed panted in excitement.

He kissed his wife and they embraced. The pair went off to their large bed and Reed drifted off. Sue, meanwhile, tossed and turned. Something was wrong. She couldn't even feel Reed's normally large pecker. She couldn't scratch the itch that desperately burned in her loins. She tried fingering herself softly, but again, no help.

Days past and Sue still had trouble getting off. Her teammates began to steer clear as frustration and anxiety pushed forth a mean personality. When they fought the moleman, Reed almost had to restrain her from killing him with her new watery powers. Something was wrong. Reed set about to find out what in the lab.

"He's always in the lab," Sue chuffed sitting on the couch.

Ben Grimm and Johnny excused themselves to go watch a movie down the street.

"What," Sue thought, "it's not my fault Reed can't please me now!" She flipped through the channels. She stopped when she saw a news flash that the Frightful Four had been thwarted by the Great Lakes Avengers.

"THE GREAT LAKES AVENGERS!" Sue laughed out loud. They were a bunch of chumps. She was shocked when she instinctively stopped the feed on a picture of Morrie Bench, the Hydro-man. The effects of Morrie's violation continued to course through her. "If I had agreed to join Morrie, we would have hit that bank in seconds. Just the two of us!" She found herself laughing at the thought.

As she poured herself a glass of whiskey, she realized that life here had become rather mundane. "I wish I could just take a vacation...from...all this," she turned around the house. "From heroing in general!"

She then found herself perusing a site for superhero costumes. "What would I wear," she joked with herself. She found a very fitting ensemble. "I couldn't," she stood up and paced the floor. She looked at the screen, the strange costume already in the checkout area. She pressed the button to order. "What would it hurt to just see it!"

As days past, Sue forgot about the costume she ordered. The days became increasingly frustrating. Then the package arrived. She opened it. "What now?"

Sue looked down at the box. She had been so frustrated recently. She opened the large box. Luckily, no one had known it had come to her.

She pulled out the contents. She took a deep breath and began to disrobe. Soon, she found herself standing in front of the mirror with the costume on her body. The top, a revealing shimmering blue, barely covered her lovely breasts. The straps came around and covered her tits. A deep "V" was cut down to her navel. The entire top actually formed a "V" in the front, and ended right above her navel.

"This is too much," she giggled to herself. She twirled, exposing the blue shimmering pleated skirt. Currently, she wore no underwear. Her six-inch high-heeled boots clicked as she spun. She had to admit she looked magnificent. However, it was clear who she was. "I can't go out like this!" She shook her head.

She had a small dark thought in her head. She quickly changed back into her normal jeans and t-shirt, and walked down to Reed's "costume" lab, where all the Fantastic Four's garb was created. Reed had made a stable molecules machine, where any cloth could be transformed into stable molecules, to allow for a change in costumes, should the need arise. Sue placed her garments into the machine and pressed the button to start the changes. As the machine whirred, Sue walked over to another of Reed's inventions. It was a color manipulator. "Will this work?" She thought to herself.

She dialed in certain instructions, and the machine was ready. She took the syringe that looked like a tattoo needle and put it to her hair. She felt a sharp pain as she pressed the button to continue. In moments, she found herself pulling her long strands of shimmering blue hair. She looked in the mirror. "I look different enough now!"

Within moments her costume was conformed to stable molecules. She took one look in the mirror and was amazed. The costume could conform to her watery form now. She made sure it would work.

Against her better judgment, Sue found herself forming a puddle on the floor and pouring out into the Baxter Building's ventilation ducts. The computer still picked her up as Susan Storm-Richards, so no threat warning came up. She found herself flowing through the sewers of New York.

In her new form, she could sense the pollution, so she exited the sewer below Times Square. She paced the side bank of the flowing sewer for several hours. "Can I really do this?" She thought over and over. Finally, she came to the conclusion that this is what she needed.

"But what about a name?" She pondered. "Aquagirl", was her first thought. "Too cliche." No, she wouldn't be hyddrowoman or Aqualass or Waterwench or anything of the sort. She needed to think of something appropriate. Strangely, the name of a movie came to mind. She shouted in excitement as she thought of it. It was perfect, it spoke of her new powers and her beauty.

Hours later, Morrie Bench, the Hydro-man sloshed into the Museum of Natural History. He was here for a specific reason. The museum was displaying a new "Titanic" exhibit, with the prize exhibit being the "Heart of the Ocean", a diamond created to mimic the necklace in the movie. It was valued at several million dollars. As he poured through the empty halls, he remembered how the rest of the Frightful Four had shot down his idea to steal it. It had no relevance to them. However, as a water based hero, it meant the world to him. Plus, it would give him the capital to do real villainy.

As he came upon the "Titanic" section, he noted that small pools of water circled the area. "What the fuck?" He thought to himself as he entered the area undetected. He pulled his head into human form just several feet away from the glass casing that was supposed to house the diamond. He noted a dripping case as he looked on stunned. It was empty.

Dejected, the villain poured out of the museum, still remaining undetected. As he exited to the street, he poured himself into the sewer. He splashed down into the muck filled sewer. From above he heard a feminine voice call to him.

"A little late aren't we?" the female spoke.

Morrie poked his head out to see a girl dressed in a shimmering blue uniform on the side bank. Her hair was the same blue. She was gorgeous. "Who the hell are you?" He saw the necklace around her neck shining in the low light.

The girl smiled. "The names 'Blue Crush', and you'd be wise to remember it Mr. Bench!" She twirled the necklace in her hand.

"Who are you?" He smiled to her.

She winked at him, "You don't recognize me. That's good." She turned away. "But I'm a little disappointed, seeing as you created me and all!" She began to walk away.

"SUE?" He called out, his heart beating when he recognized the tight ass.

She turned and smiled. He watched as her form changed. She poured to the ground and into the sewer. He could feel her presence moving. "Well," he heard her call, "let's go, we have much to discuss!" Her head popped out of the water, "And I want to get the FUCK outta this mess!" She looked down at the sewage.

Morrie followed her like a little puppy following it's master.

As Sue flowed through the sewers, she thought how her decisions would be viewed. She was supposedly a prim and proper heroine of New York City, and the premiere member of the Fantastic Four. Here she was cavorting with a known villain, and dressed as one herself, about to do god knows what. But strangely, the idea excited her. Something almost goaded her on. In fact, it was the pollution of the sewer melding with her own form, and beginning to pollute her mind.

She smiled thinking about how all the fanboys who lusted after her would think of her in this new villainess form. They'd probably be whacking it to her even more now. Before, this disgusted her. Now, it excited her beyond belief. She was feeling alive in a way she had not before.

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