Poison Ivy's new mind-control lipstick is just the first of many new toys . . .

by Wilder
Storyline Ivy's Indoctrinated Ingenues
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Poison Ivy pouted. Her charming and wonderful sidekick Harley Quinn was supposed to have created a massive distraction to keep the caped community off her back as she broke into Gotham's STARLabs but it was already near 3AM two days later and she hadn't even seen a hint of an explosion or heard a single bank alarm.

"Typical. I thought if there's one thing she couldn't screw up with mind control lipstick, it'd be causing a major bit of chaos." she grumbled, unaware that Harley had captured and transformed some of the world's greatest superheroines into her adoring lesbian love slaves. "I guess it's true what they say - if you want something done right . . . hmm, actually, that gives me an idea."

Ivy grinned. Why should she have to rely on Harley when she could use her lipstick to get herself a bevy of brand-new "sidekicks"?


Catwoman had been scoping out STARLabs for days now, based on a tip she'd heard that Ivy & Harley wanted some kind of rare plants contained inside. She didn't give a crap about justice - she just wanted to beat the redhead down for daring to mind control her a few months ago. Unlike Batman, she planned to leave them both with a few scars. She was nobody's fucking pet.

She was about to call it a night when a familiar voice rang out.

"My, my, I thought I'd find a Bat doing stakeouts but not a Kitty Cat."

"IVY!" hissed Selina Kyle, whipping around to face her. "I'm going to claw out your eyes, you redheaded bitch!"

She pounced and tackled the green hourglass silhouette in the shadows, only to realize too late that it was a trap. Ivy had grown a tangle of vines and flowers to resemble her, a tangle that immediately ensnared her.

"Aw, poor kitty seems to hold a grudge. Well, don't worry, you won't for very much longer." the real Ivy said with a grin as she kissed the helpless Catwoman full and long on the lips. The cat burglar immediately stopped struggling, her emerald eyes going blank and her mouth going slack.

"There now. There's a good kitty." Ivy said, idly unzipping the front of Catwoman's black leather costume to unleash her big, perky tits. She'd had so much fun with them back when she and Harley had made the little Bat-groupie into their own personal pussylicking pussycat.

"Unlike my last lipstick, this one won't wear off. Now repeat after me - I am the property of Poison Ivy."

"I am the property of Poison Ivy." Selina echoed.

"Nothing makes me happier than pleasing Poison Ivy." the redheaded added, tweaking one of Selina's dark nipples.

"Nothing makes me happier than pleasing Poison Ivy." she said, breath catching slightly at Ivy's ministrations.

Ivy grinned as she slid a second slim green hand down Catwoman's taut belly and underneath her thin cotton thong, her fingers tickling her clit and finding her delightfully warm and wet.

"I'm madly in love with Poison Ivy." she whispered into Catwoman's ear, her breath hot against the other woman's skin as her fingers toyed with her snatch and hard nipples. "I would do anything for her. ANYTHING. I live to serve Ivy."

"I'm madly in love with Poison Ivy! I would do- ahhh! - anything for her. ANYTHING! Oohh, I live to- to-"

Catwoman paused but whether it was from her mind resisting or the sensations her body was feeling at Ivy's expert ministrations, she could tell. She redoubled the speed of her fingers and aggressively kneaded her fat tits as she hissed into Catwoman's ear.

"You live to serve me, your Mistress, your reason for living! You live to serve Poison Ivy! SAY IT!"


Ivy chuckled as the cat burgling bitch came, covering her hand in her juices.

"Now that's a good kitty!" she chuckled, sliding her hand out of the other woman's pussy and licking her fingers clean. "You can wake up now, Catwoman."

For a moment, Catwoman looked dazed but as her eyes swam back into focus, she saw Ivy in front of her. Poison Ivy, her mistress, her love, her reason for being was touching her! She nearly fainted with joy.

"Mistress Ivy!" she half-moaned, half-purred. "How may I serve you, Mistress? I live to please you."

Ivy grinned.

"I was going to need a distraction, my delectable little pussycat, but I've just had a better idea. Why don't you go steal all those nice plants I need for me instead? I might even see fit to let you kiss my feet if you don't trip a single alarm."

Catwoman nodded and took off the rooftop in a dash, babbling breathlessly.

"Yes, Mistress! I live to serve you! I love you, Mistress!"

Ivy smirked. With Catwoman in her control, she could lure any of the Batfamily into a trap. And with the rare plants in that lab, why, she could manufacture even more interesting toys than her new and improved mind-control lipstick. Perfume that could turn anyone of any gender into a nymphomaniac. Breast enlargement pollen. Intellect-diminishing spores. Perhaps even some clever cocktail of all three. Any of those bratty Batgirls would be far more interesting as bimbos than crimefighters and she did need some test subjects to play with.

"I think I'm going to have a very fun night tonight." the redheaded beauty said while chuckling to herself.

No offense meant to anyone writing HHH but I just felt like opening up options to allow for a little more girl on guy action and bimboization.

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