The Bimboization of Victoria Hand begins.

by ESchorcho
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Victoria Hand Norman Osborn
Category Marvel Bimboization
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Norman Osborn tapped away at the electronic tablet logged into Bimbotech’s mainframe.  Mr. Fink had assured him that Bimbotech was at his disposal for what he had planned.  Osborn smiled at the cooperation that the C.E.O. had shown him since he came to him with the proposition to convert as many pesky heroines that continued to meddle in his and other criminals and villains’ nefarious plans.  Mr. Fink was a smart man and realized a unique opportunity to advance his techniques to transform strong-willed, intelligent women into brainless bimbos obsessed with getting as much cock as their greedy holes could take. 

And what better test subjects than super heroines?

With that thought he leaned back on the executive’s chair he had rolled into the room and leaned his head back on the perfect pair tits behind him.  Mr. Fink had sent one of his bimbos to keep him company while he did his work.  The leggy redhead in the pastel-pink mini-skirt had removed her top the minute she entered the room and began to massage Norman’s shoulders while he worked.  He smiled contently as he rested on the perfect set of pillows for his fatigued neck.

“Mr. Osborn, sir, can Muffy do anything else to make you more comfortable? The redhead asked, cupping her inflated tits and lightly rubbing them into the back of Norman’s head.

“As tempted as that is, I am unfortunately going to have to pass.  Maybe we can call this a rain-check?” Norman said, smiling with the knowledge that whoever this woman was before becoming the sexed up slut, Muffy, she no longer understood what a rain check was.  He then pointed in front of him as he turned his head to address Muffy directly, “And besides, I do not want to miss out on my former assistant embracing her new identity as a fuckable bimbo like you, my dear.”

Norman watched the redhead’s lust-filled green eyes follow where he was pointing.  There, in a Bimbotech conversion chair, sat Victoria Hand secured tightly, the chair humming along as it worked to rewrite her entire identity.  At first Muffy’s plump pink lips were pursed in a quizzical O before they came together and she beamed knowingly.  Even though she was nothing more than a sexed-up, vapid, tart of a girl, she knew what being in that chair meant for boring, flat-chested women.

“She’s going to become like me!” Muffy exclaimed, tossing her wavy red hair for effect and preened at her cleverness.

“That she is!” Osborn smiled, putting the electronic tablet, with its orders to prepare the Bimbotech conference room for his teleconference, off to the side.

He leaned forward and studied the look on Victoria Hand’s face through the clear plastic portion of the helmet fitted over her head.  Victoria’s eyes were half-lidded and glassy as her body shuddered in pleasure at what was being done to her mind.  Norman tilted his head and noticed a fine layer of sweat that had formed on her forehead and was beginning to run down the sides of her face.  The perspiration had begun to cloud up Hand’s glasses and Osborn knew with a slight twinge of disappointment that he wouldn’t be able to see her once so acute eyes turn into wanton orbs of pure lust.  It served him right to be so greedy.  He was the one that wanted Victoria’s trademark glasses kept on during the procedure and threatened physical action be taken to any of the technicians that advised him differently when she was being positioned into the chair.

“Muffy, be a good bimbo and please leave Ms. Hand and I alone.  I have something to say to her.” Norman ordered.

“Whatever you, like, say, sir,” Muffy sighed, a little disheartened that she wouldn’t be getting Norman Osborn’s cock.  She then turned sharply and proceeded to mince out of the room in her impossibly high heels.

“I don’t know how much of you is in there, Victoria, but I want to you know that I am at this moment more sincere than I have ever been in my entire life.  So believe me when I tell you I hope your brain hasn’t turned completely into pink mush…yet, because I have something to get off my chest.” Norman proclaimed, taking time to study her face, before adding, “So I guess I will just proceed assuming you can hear me.”

“Now then, I can only imagine what’s going on in your mind right now, Victoria.  But no matter what happens from here on out, none of this was necessary.  You should be at my side right now joining me in jeering laughter while some pitiful do-gooder is strapped into that very chair and she becomes a walking, talking fuckdoll of a woman.  But NO!  Once H.A.M.M.E.R. fell and you abandoned me, I assumed you would land on your feet, but to actually cast your lot in with the big red, white and blue boy scout to betray me?  Come on, Victoria?  What were you thinking?”

Osborn paused to observe Victoria’s face as her mouth puckered to form a circle, her tongue snaking out to lick an imaginary cock in front of her.  Norman held back mocking laughter at the sight when suddenly, Victoria’s brow furrowed and she squirmed in the chair.  A determined look spread across her face and she gritted her teeth.  Osborn raised his eyebrows, impressed with how the woman before him showed resiliency against a full-blown assault on her mind.

“Nooo!” Victoria mewed weakly, before she closed her eyes for a couple of seconds and then cried out in complete ecstasy.

“Ah…” Norman chuckled, “Glad to see my girl is still in there somewhere.  Now back to what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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