(SW) Arriving on Coruscant Baroness makes her way to meeting with Darth Sidious.

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Dropping By
Previous Chapter After being contacted by Dooku, Sidious wants to meet with the Baroness in person before proceeding further.

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Entering Coruscant's atmosphere Baroness pilots her ship to where she is going to meet with Darth Sidious. Landing her ship on the landing platform Baroness exits her ship fully armed descending the landing ramp she follows the path to meet with Darth Sidious.

Baroness continues to walk staying on edge expecting an attack from anywhere. Eventually she comes across a cloaked figure who she can only assume is Darth Sidious. Approaching him Baroness bows respectfully in deference to his authority. 

"Rise Baroness, Dooku has informed that you know of my identity if true you will not likely be leaving here alive." Darth Sidious.

Standing Baroness responds. "It is true I know of your true identity as an intelligence operative it is my job to gather as much information on my targets as possible."

Intrigued Sidious takes a moment before responding. "You are a spy."

"In simple terms my lord yes I am." Baroness replies.

"Again my dear what is to prevent me from ending you?" Sidious asks.

"Simply I am more useful to you alive rather than dead. Being rather powerful in the force if I were to be taught I believe it would increase my abilities as an intelligence operative." Baroness explains.

"If you wish to be taught how to use the force why not ask the Jedi?" Sidious asks curious.

"Because the Jedi are protectors of a diseased democracy that should be replaced." Baroness admits.

"You believe that the Republic is a diseased and inferior form of government."  Sidious asks intrigued.

"Of course especially one controlling a good portion of the galaxy. How can anyone believe that a democracy has the strength necessary to protect itself or to maintain order in the galaxy. Hail Cobra" Baroness got caught up in her speech.

Pleased with the Baroness' response  he chalks up the ending to her speech as her over enthusiasm. "I feel at this point it would be foolish to be rid of you but how to explain your sudden appearance."

"I have thought of that my lord I believe I have a plan that would be perfect for this." Baroness suggests.

"Very well explain your plan." Sidious tells to continue.

"I will be posing as slavegirl held by pirates once my cover is established I will be rescued by Jedi preferably Anikin Skywalker as one of the Jedi. I will explain that I am a former aide of yours from when you were a senator. Then I will be reunited with my former employer and happily resume my duties as your aide. Then several months later the Sepratists gain a new intelligence operative named Lady Cobra. All the while when acting as your aide I will try to seduce Anikin and bring him over to your side my lord." Baroness explains her plan.

"Hm you have clearly thought of this plan for quite some time I will take you on but this plan of yours will be your test if it fails then you are useless to our goals. However succeed and you will be taught how to use the powers of the Dark side." Sidious gives the go on Baroness' plan    

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