She wants to enslave him

by C.King
Storyline Heroes for Hire? No, Superheroines for Sale!
Characters Viper / Madame Hydra
Category Marvel
Previous Chapter Madame Hydra's plan for the clones

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 Madam Hydra, Viper, continued, "No, I want to have him under my power. His mind, body and soul loyal to me and HYDRA. In that order. So you as well as the Black Cat will seduce him into a position where you will drug him. Then deliver him to me so that I may use my powers of... persuasion against him."

 The two women nodded and continued with their mission to please their mistress. Who was continuing to plot. The three purchases had purposes. Hill for access to S.H.I.E.L.D., Black Cat for her stealing skills, and Spider-man...

 'The hero was a scientific genius, held amazingly potent and flexible powers, but also had connections to every superhero and supervillain in the world. And now I know he's Parker, a handsome face to go with his hot ass. To have him or a version of him completely loyal to me has so many possibilities.

 But a failure can breed success. Hydra has many mind altering tricks which keeps intelligence and even creativity. Including a finished serum from the toxic herb Juferio. Smuggled out of Wakanda, the drug was  love potion which made any man the slave of the women who used it on them. Turning them obessive but compliant of their mistress. But modified by HYDRA science and using our programming, I could turn Parker into my loyal love slave.

 Plus I can work on getting one or more of the telepaths for my use. Or even someone just if not more powerful. Like the Scarlet Witch or an Asgardian.' she thought as they arrived at the female villain's hide out.

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