The First Sale

by LesLes
Storyline Heroes for Hire? No, Superheroines for Sale!
Characters Emma Frost Black Cat Maria Hill Mary Jane Watson Spider-Woman Viper / Madame Hydra
Category Change of clothes Corruption F/F Marvel Mind Control Nudism
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The woman strode confidently up the stairs to the upper level of the disused warehouse, her green cloak trailing behind and mostly concealing the attache case she carried. Beneath her iron self-assurance was a cool wariness; her agents had discovered little about the organisation whose representative she was about to meet.

She emerged into darkness where a single spotlight lit a metal chair. The invitation was clear and she walked into the circle of light without disguising the sneer this theatricality deserved.

"Hail Madame Hydra"

The female voice was refined, full of old money and older vice, as a second spotlight momentarily dazzled Madame Hydra. Her eyes adjusted to the illumination and confirmed what her ears had already revealed. She recognised the woman dressed in white standing in her own circle of light.

"The White Queen. So this is a trap. Will the rest of the X-Men be making an appearance?"

Madame Hydra's pistol was drawn and pointed at the telepath's head. She was certainly Emma Frost. The blonde was beautiful, dressed in a white corset and thong and radiating a commanding sensuality. How fast could the mutant turn to diamond?

"Oh, Ophelia, don't be so dramatic. Though with that name... I am a White Queen, a flawless copy of the unknowing original made by my mistress and owner."

"A copy."

"A flawless copy." The gorgeous blonde agreed calmly as she took a seat and crossed her legs in a provactive pose. "And while I am expendable I am exquisitely expensive. The rules here are, as tradesmen say, 'you break it, you buy it' so I do suggest you put that gun away."

Reluctantly Ophelia Sarkissian, once Viper and now Madam Hydra, holstered her pistol and took a seat.

"Isn't that better? I don't know why you're acting so surprised, darling," the blonde continued, "We are here to complete a transaction."

"Is the 'merchandise' ready?"

"All the memories and powers of the originals, but none of the morals and of course utterly and irrecovably obedient to their owner. In this case you. No matter how you test, betray or punish them they will obey you without hesitation. They will lie, steal or kill at your command."

"All the memories?"

"Up to a few hours before delivery, you understand. There are limits to the miracles my mistress can perform."

"And their teammates, lovers, and friends, are they willing--"

"None of the morals. Why if you had bought a Sue Storm she could walk past every scanner in the Baxter Building, have breakfast with Mr. Fantastic, joke with her brother and murder those annoying brats Valeria and Richards all without batting an eyelash. As I've said, every superheroine we sell is completely obedient to their owner. Though a Sue Storm would cost considerably more than the three, how shall I put it, rather 'street-level' heroines you've ordered."

Madame Hydra frowned as she hefted the attache case on to her lap.

"That's not what I ordered."

"My mistress only does superheroines. Spider-man was never on offer. We've made a substitution we think you'll be happy with and, as a show of good faith, added a little bonus flatscan that will net you the web-crawler if you really must have him."

Madame Hydra stood and with a kick sent the attache case sliding along the warehouse floor where it came to rest with its handle just an inch from Emma Frost's feet.

"Forty-seven million dollars in non-sequential notes and bearer bonds as agreed, but this substitution better be acceptable."

"Excellent, I can see from your mind there's no need to count it. If you'll follow me."

The White Queen ignored the money as another four spotlights suddenly switched on to reveal four women who had been hidden quietly in the darkness. They stood at attention, ready for inspection.

"Wait! How much would it cost to buy you?"

"Me?" Emma raised an eyebrow. "I'm not for sale. I already have an owner. But to buy another copy of me, as I said I'm exquisitely expensive. My mistress charges a premium for telepaths. After all enough of us and you might be able to make your own acquisitions. A premium for sex fantasies too and I'm in so many. And each of these breasts is a masterpiece of the surgeon's art which does not come cheap, as you can see."

Utterly without shame Emma Frost opened the top of her corset and freed her breasts, cupping them to display them to Madame Hydra. Eyes wide Madame Hydra certainly couldn't tell they were fake apart from the clue of their more than normal size.

"But if you're happy with your first purchases I'm sure a price can be arranged so you can own me too."

Now even less dressed, Emma Frost sashayed over to the four women waiting patiently at attention. Madame Hydra followed her, stepping over the case full of money. If this was a trick or trap it was less than a tenth what Hydra would pay to see everyone involved dead.

"Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat. Fifteen million dollars."

Emma Frost presented the first superheroine as if selling women was an everyday event.

The white-haired woman wore a green Hydra uniform trimmed with white fur that had been expertly tailored to follow the curves of her body. At the front it was zipped down to below her navel to reveal deep cleavage and most of her large breasts.

"Jessica Drew, the Spider-woman. Our substituion for twenty-two million dollars. I believe you have some history with the original. If you want to spank this one she'll be more than amenable."

The dark-haired woman wore another tight-fitting Hydra costume, with small white wings below the arms. Madame Hydra pulled out a scanning device. Hydra had extensive records on this traitor. It took a moment but the device confirmed that either this was the original Jessica Drew or indistinguishable in a way that no LMD or Skrull should have been able to manage. Emma Frost pretended not to notice but simply waited before carrying on her sales patter.

"Maria Hill. Ten million dollars." Emma Frost indicated the only woman with short hair. Madame Hydra couldn't supress a triumphant smile at seating former director of SHIELD wearing a Hydra uniform. "No powers, but she does retain all her SHIELD training and authorisations."

The final woman in the line wasn't wearing a Hydra uniform or standing at attention. In fact the teasingly posed red-head wasn't wearing anything at all, her nipples were hidden by a few carefully placed strands of hair and her hands hid her cunt but not the trimmed red pubic hair above.

"She looks familiar."

Madame Hydra's colored a little as she realised she was talking about a naked woman. Emma Frost's smug little smile showed she'd noticed.

"Mary-Jane Watson."

"The model?"

"Model, actress, and she's even been a night-club owner. This Mary-Jane will be anything you want her to be. Whether that's kamikaze killer or porn-star. And if you ask she'll tell you a few tales about the Spider-man."

With a broad smile Mary-Jane Watson stood to attention, shaking her head and clasping her hands behind her back. In the process she fully exposed herself to her new owner.

"Face it, mistress. You just hit the jackpot."

Emma Frost took advantage of Madame Hydra's surprise to grab her hand and turn her to face down the line of superheroines she'd just bought.

"Well ladies, anything you'd like to say to your new owner?"

As one Black Cat, Spider-woman, Maria Hill and Mary-Jane Watson threw their arms above their heads in salute and chanted in unison.

"Hail Hydra! Immortal Hydra! Cut off a limb and two more shall take its place!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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