Poison ivy breast smothers robin to death for her own amusement

by Solarsearcher
Storyline Ivy's Indoctrinated Ingenues
Previous Chapter Robin tries to rescue batman only to find himself being hypnotized by her massive boobs

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Robin's smothering

Poison ivy examined her new toy. Not as impressive as her pet Batman, but still a useful object. Now that she had hypnotized him, he need to be reprogrammed.

"Robin, now that you are mine, you will do everything I tell you. You will no longer have a will of your own. There will be no resistance against me. I am your mistress, and you will follow all of my instructions, not to the best of your ability, but completely. Failure to follow my commands are not an option. For whatever time you have left, you are mine to command. Understand?" Ivy inquired.

"Yes, Mistress Ivy," Robin promptly responded. "Now that I am yours, I will do everything you tell me. I will no longer have a will of my own. There will be no resistance against you. You are my mistress, and I will follow all of your instructions, not to the best of my ability, but completely. Failure is not an option. For whatever time I have left, I am yours to command."

"Furthermore," Ivy continued, "should you be required to die for me, you will do so without dignity or honor, only shame for yourself, that you could not please me more."

"Yes, Mistress Ivy. I would die for you with only shame for myself not being able to please you more."

Ivy thought about that particular command. She suddenly had an idea.

"Robin, you do not have long to live, so I will make this very clear. You will die in the most obscene pleasure of your life."

Ivy extracted seven doses of her pheromones she used on him previously, and held it tight in her hand. She then removed all of her meager clothes, mostly leaves, and dropped them to the side.

"Awaken, my pet," Ivy commanded.

Robin opened his eyes and found hers. "Mistress Ivy, how may I please you?"

Ivy smirked. "Two minutes ago, you came all over the place. I'm going to make you do so again." Ivy looked down Robin's body, seeing his dick was already hard. 

"Your mission is to resist cumming no matter what. As soon as you fail, you DIE!"

"Yes, Mistress Ivy." It was as if that was the simplest of commands.

Ivy wasted no time. She pushed Robin to the floor and placed his dick between her behemoth breasts. She started slowly moving up and down with her breasts. Curving herself around-

She felt hot fluids in her chest. Ivy burst out laughing.  "That's the best you could do? Three SECONDS!!!" 

"You made me so hard, Mistress Ivy," Robin explained.

"Well, you got it all over me, so you're going to lick it all off! Get to it, boy," Ivy giggled. She lay back on to the ground on her back.

Without hesitation, Robin dove into the space between her breasts. She felt slithering and slurping motions across her chest. 

"Pathetic," Ivy scolded. "You're going to have to die now."

Robin made no comment to her declaration, just continued to lick. Ivy, without creating space between her breasts and Robin's head, turned Robin onto his back beneath her. She kept pressing herself down into him, accidentally sliding her pussy around his dick.

Robin continued licking like he couldn't feel anything. After the cum was all gone, she started to breast smother Robin.

Gradually, the licking slowed. Even though there was no cum left, Robin continued licking.

His tongue was now drifting across Ivy. He was clearly losing his consciousness, however slowly. As his eyes started to lose their focus, Ivy realized she could speed up the process by removing his mask too.

Still without removing his face from her breasts, Ivy peeled Robin's mask off his face. She didn't really care who was underneath the boy wonder's costume, so she didn't even bother looking at his face.

Robin was in his final seconds of life. His tongue stopped moving, but his dick was still hard inside of her. As Robin drew in his last breath, the unexpected happened.

Ivy had made him cum twice over the course of five minutes. She didn't think he could have done so again in such a short time. He came inside of her with his dying breath and his eyes widened into oblivion.

Ivy, for the first time, felt complete dissatisfaction and non complacency. She looked at Robin's still face, dead, in utter disgust. How could a boy be so weak and unable to resist cumming at the first chance he gets.

She stood up, still naked, and brought her foot back and kicked Robin's unmoving face to the side. He looked stupefied: his eyes wide open, his tongue erect out of his mouth, no pants and a drenched costume.

After all these years, the young boy wonder was finally dead. And he died impregnating Poison Ivy.

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