Suzy meets a heroine for lunch

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four X-Men Iron Man
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter While Roberta detects a unknown attack on her Programm Karla tests out Tony´s defense

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Suzy storm took a long draw off her cigarette as she waited patiently for her lunch partner.  Even though it was an outdoor bistro, the famous heroine smoking in public would have caused scandal! Of course her whorish makeup and seductively scanty black fishnet mini dress with sparse strips of cloth barely big enough to hid her nipples and still leave her tiny black thong clearly visible would have caused coronaries.  At least it would without the help of her favorite jewelry; the Makluan rings from another universe that were so similar to the Mandarin’s but were completely bound to her.  Thanks to the Mento-Intensifier ring she was able to cast the illusion into the minds of all around that she was the most chaste and respected heroine in appearance and behavior.  They couldn’t even smell the smoke.  The White Light ring did its part as well by casting a 3 dimensional hologram to make any camera in the area see the same thing.  All was in place for her guest to arrive. Suzy was going to have fun making this young woman into a willing part time whore.


Angelica Jones was very nervous as she walked down the busy Manhattan street.  She had known Susan since Reed helped cure her from her mutation’s inability to completely protect her from her own power.  Mrs. Richards had been so supportive and even protective of the young woman when she needed friends the most.  Angelica was honored that she was the first person that Susan had reached out to after the announcement of the divorce a few weeks ago.  Of course, she had to grin slightly as she thought of Hawkeye and his betting pool on the subject.  Angelica was dead last right behind Moondragon and Sersi as the first person that Sue would turn to.  No one was more surprised when she got a call from the Baxter Building, with the possible exceptions of Wasp and She Hulk who were in a dead heat for most likely to be called.  In any case, the stylish bistro was just ahead and Angelica could see Susan sitting patiently at a corner table.


The pretty young redhead smiled warmly as she waved to her friend and quickly took her seat next to the respective heroine.  She was almost giddy with anticipation and the wonderful smell of roses from nearby only seemed to heighten the feeling.




Roberta had checked her calculations and data more times than any person could count.  She was positive that Reed Richards, the man she loved with her whole being, was completely in love with her.  There was no mistaking his happiness now. Their life together here at the school and with the children was so far beyond the man’s concept of perfection that he could not possibly be anything but happy.  Once Susan accepted her new life and moved on, even she wasn’t a concern for him.


Roberta had thought of the other possible human opponents.  Doom was a definite possibility. He had time travel technology and he would be able to nearly duplicate Franklin’s power in a fashion similar to the incursion she detected the night Sly Willie broke into the Baxter Building. Still, Doom would have used some mystic sources as well and that was not the case to date.  Roberta noted she needed strong mystic defenses moving forward.


Then there was the Winged Wizard!  It was conceivable that his future self would have the capability to pull this off, but this presented horrible possibilities.  His normal modus operandi would logically lead to the conclusion that he would have done something horrible to the children to emulate their power.  No, Roberta would see to it that he would not get near the Richards children.  Besides, if he were trying to get control of this situation he would have Susan as his personal sex toy. Still, the Wizard represents a clear and present danger to the family and he would have to be dealt with!


Another possibility was the Mad Thinker.  He had proven an incredible ability to reverse engineer any technology.  In his own way, he was almost as gifted as Victor or Reed… But only in understand and adapting the discoveries of others.  He did not have the ability to make leaps needed to pull some of this off and not nearly the ambition.  No, he was not the culprit; at least not on her own.


As the beautiful android continued to go over the possibilities, names like Hank Pym, MODOK, the Leader, and Nathanial Richards.  Thousands of scenarios flashed through the mind.  It became almost obsessive to the point that she didn’t even notice that Reed’s class had ended and she was alone with her man.  Reed gently put his hand to the side of her face and pulled her gaze back to his and asked her “Roberta, you have been a billion miles away all morning.  Are you going to let me help?”


Roberta cursed herself silently in her thoughts as she realized that she just did something suspicious in front of the most curious man in the universe. Quick calculations determined a course of action as she appeared to fumble for an answer.

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