While Roberta detects a unknown attack on her Programm Karla tests out Tony´s defense

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Roberta Moonstone Mister Fantastic Iron Man
Category Marvel
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Karla and Stark

Karla was in her office and thought about what she had learned in the last few days. Mary Jane Watson had gave her all her knowledge and it all made sense now. The strange event around the Fantastic Four. Nobody had seen one of the Members except Mrs. Richards for a few days. It was said that the rest of the team was on a secret mission but Karla was sure that this wasn’t true. She had gathered information about a strange University near the city. She wasn’t able to get better information about it but she was sure that this was in a direct connection with the unfaithful Susan Richards.
Tony was like he was before he became the Iron Man. A full blood playboy that was fucking every woman he could get. Now it was clear to her why she was in this company and this position. He wouldn’t fuck her, that was sure, but he would lust after her and get his lust fulfilled with other woman. He feared that she would tell it Pepper Pots. He didn’t trust her after all and she was sure that a part of him still loved that redhead. Also this new porn Company that he sponsored. She had read about it in the newspaper. It made good movies they said and was on a good way to change the view of porn movies in the eyes of many people. These movies weren’t cheap ones. It was clear that Tony was behind it all. But why? And how could she get some advance of it. She hadn’t interacted with Mary Jane Watsons programming because she didn’t knew about some of the booty traps in her mind. It was possible that a change in her mind would send an alarm to the original controller. And the last thing she wanted to do was to fight an unknown enemy. Her mysterious friend with the Teleporter device and the time traveling possibilities hadn’t made another move for now and she was unsure how she should act now. But there was a great possibility for getting power and influence in this situation and she wanted nothing more than power. It wasn’t necessary that she had to be evil. She just wanted that her life was superior to all other. She wanted money, she wanted fame and she wanted true freedom! And with a little help of Tony Stark she could get everything she needed. 
Pepper Pots waved before her head suddenly.

Hello? Someone here? Where were you Karla?” the young woman asked friendly. At first she had feared that Tony had just brought her to the company for her good looking, but now she was aware of her great help in the firm. She had a fulltime job helping the workers here with the stress and the surroundings of super heroines. 

“Sorry Ms. Pots. Was thinking about a Problem with one of the Co-Workers from sector 2. What can I do for you?”

“Tony wanted to see you. He needs the file from Luo Helar. He thinks about giving him a promotion and wants your opinion about it. I know it is almost end of the day but it seems important. Tony wants to get this done as soon as possible. Could you do me the favor? We wanted to make a pick nick tomorrow so it would be great if you would get this done today?” she smiled and Karla nodded.

“Sure Thing. Let me search the file and then I will be on my way. And if we have to work until midnight. We will be finished tomorrow Ms. Pots.” 

Thank you very much. See you.” She said and moved out of the Office. Karla smiled and took her favorite Gems out of her case and put them on. Maybe this was the chance she had waited for. Maybe it was a trap. She would be careful in each case. 

Reed and Roberta.

Something was terribly wrong suddenly. Roberta had to double check the information out of her private network. While she had sleep at the side of Reed someone had tried to hack her mainframe. She thought about her new desire to sleep and found out that this too was a very strange command routine in her brain. She had analyzed it and found out that someone had implanted this new code into her a few days before. She had always copied the behavior of sleep but now she had really shut down like a human. That was the reason that someone had been able to hack into her mind. It had been a very clever human. He had very much information about her core data and had managed to hack through 3 of her 4 firewalls. If he had more time left he surely would have been able to collect all of her higher data without her knowledge. There were only very few humans or even mutants that would be able to do such a thing. One of them would be Reed Richards. Fear burned in her. She had noticed that it was necessary to constantly keep him in line. She hadn’t used her powers on him to often to let his mind as much intact as possible. But his love for her was built on a hypnotic command. Now her love had evolved into a true love but still it was build up on a lie. She scanned his mind as good as she could, but as Emma had already noticed it was very hard to scan his mind completely. She scanned his higher emotions and his rational mind but couldn’t find anything that would make her suspicious. 

Unknown to her Reed Richards Mind was on a certain level aware what was going on. His mind was build up so complex that he was easy able to build hidden champers of his mind within his mind. In one of this champers, unknown to him a little part of his brain had managed to take cover. This little part of him knew that all his emotions was a lie and that Roberta had to do something with all of this. But this little Spot was so deep hidden in his own mind that it was even hidden from Reeds conscious mind. When he was awake he believed that his life was perfect now just like it was. Yesterday he had been able to cure Ben Grimm. The ring had gave him the possibility to change at will from his fighting form to his humanoid form. But he had warned him that in his humanoid form he was nothing more than a mere mortal. Ben had been totally happy and the first thing he had done was to visit his beloved girlfriend. They took a long vacation on China to spend some time together. It had made Reed so happy that he was able to help his friend after such a long time and the first thing he thought about as he opened his eyes was how perfect his live was. He looked down at him and saw Roberta sucking his cock and kissing it. 

“Good Morning Honey. This one is a little bonus for the Rest of the Day!” she smiled and soon after he moaned in delight.

In Tony´s office

Karla and Tony worked hard on the files and soon both of them were sure that the promotion would be a good thing for the co-worker. It was about 8pm and Tony couldn’t wait to go to bed with Pepper or one of his little Fucktoy. She could see it in his eyes that he was not in the mood to work any longer and that he was trying to get some release on the next day. So she smiled at him and toyed with her pendant that was visible in her deep cleavage.

“Mr. Stark. I must say that you really should get some Rest for yourself. I would say that you need some holidays without any Supervillian or World ending Scenario. You will burn yourself out if you try to lead all at once. When did you had time for yourself the last time? Mh?” she asked and he smiled at her.

“I know what you want to say Karla but I am too busy right now to go on vacation right now!” 

He looked sleepy at her but it was clear that he had had a long day. His eyes went to her breasts just like she had hoped and immediately she started to swirl the gem around in slow motions.

“I understand that Mr. Stark. But you do too much. The Iron Man, the Avengers, Pepper Pots, the Company and all your little secret projects! You must get some rest, some way to relax!” she said careful modulating her voice to a soft and relaxing tone. 

 She hoped that he was too sleepy to notice it and slowly she started to breath deeper so her breast started to rise and fall much more.
Tony had noticed that her tits moved up and down more and more but he didn’t care. This day absolute everything went wrong for him. MJ wasn’t able to visit him for a nice relaxing fuck, Suzy was on her way with some very important preparations and Pepper was only talking about their Pick nick the next day. So he welcomed the view in front of him right now. Some good full breasts. When she was away he would jerk a little bit of his anger away and would then go to bed. He didn’t even notice that Karla was swirling the Pendant right before her breasts. It would be a great excuse for him if she would notice his gaze. Karla smiled as she saw him gazing at the breasts. He wasn’t focusing them but in his view he could surely see the gem in some way. It would be enough for her.
“Tony. I think it would be enough if you would try some Yoga techniques. If you just would try to control your breath it would be enough. If you want I could teach you how to make it. It is so easy. All you need to do is control your breath.” She said and saw him nodding.

“Why not. If it can help me why not. How does this work?”

“Very simple. First of all you need to get your breath under control. Look at me. I will show you how to make it. Breath in…. and out….. Breath in…. and out. Control your breath to a place where it will be in a perfect match with mine. Yes Mr. Stark. That’s it. Try to calm down. Let me guide you to your breath. And that should be enough. If I would make more you surely would crash on the table and start sleeping!
Tony felt strangely better for now. He had to admit that she really had helped him getting to rest. He felt good and smiled at her. It had been a good idea to get her to the company. 

“Thank you Karla. Maybe we will get into this Yoga Thing deeper someday. But right now your right. I need some good old bed and then I will be in a perfect shape again.”
he left the room and Karla smiled.

Sure Tony. Now I can calculate how hard it will be to get you under my thrall…. And then… I will take you to a point you never want to leave again!”

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