Tony zooms off to face Gravitron, but first needs to get help

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Iron Man
Previous Chapter While Dr. Burke talks to Reed, Suzy entertains Tony

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Sometimes he hated it being a superhero. He had just lost a great possibility to fuck Suzy again and this stupid Villain would pay for it. He flew over the City with Mach 4 to intercept Graviton as soon as possible. He knew that this enemy would be a hard fight even if the whole team would be here. But right now there was only Hulk and Thor by his side and both of them were already engaging the enemy. Even the Helicarrier was fighting him but it was no fair fight. He warned the Carrier  and asked for backup from the Thunderbolts. To his surprise he was informed that Maria Hill had send the Thunderbolts on their way five minutes before. 

After all of the Fights between the Thunderbolts and other Heroes SHIELD had finally take care of it. Each member of the Thunderbolts had nanites in their bodies that could disable their Power in seconds. Also each member was under suspicion of SHIELD agents and their leader was Hawkeye. So they were on the good side for now and it would be hard to use them against each other like in the past. He arrived at the Harbor where he could see how the Hulk fought with the Gravitation itself. To his scanners the Hulk was trapped in a field that boosted the Gravitation around him to 200G but the Hulk wasn’t Stopped. Fueled with pure Rage he managed to get on his feet’s surprising even Graviton. He tried to focus even more as Thor crashed into him with almost no effect. It was like he was surrounded by a huge graviton powered bubble that was impossible to break. Even Thors Hammer was not powerful enough to break through. Tony hovered right in front of him and shot his Omni-Beam right into the field. But the Gravitation was so big that even the light was moved away and so only a small doses of the energy made it to him. But it was enough to push him to the ground where the Hulk was jumping right at him. If he would be able to land some of his attacks on Graviton the fight would be over. Only very few Villains or Heroes could take on a fight with the Hulk but the luck wasn’t on their side. Thor and Tony saw how Hulk was screaming and flying just into the Orbit. The Gravitation around him was now a negative one and so he was pushed away from the Surface. But then a beam of energy hit him in the back and he turned around to fight the new enemy. Graviton was stunned for a brief moment as he saw Moonstone aka Meteorite standing there. This was just enough time for Hawkeye to hit him with a strong version of his taser arrows. Screaming one of the most feared Super villains went down on the ground.

Hey. Great timing Hawkeye. Tony said as he landed on the surface in front of him. On Hawkeyes side there were the Former Power man, Radioactive Man and Moonstone. This was one of the moments were it was good to wear a helm. He could check out on her body and nobody would check it. And he had to say that her body was stunning. Maybe he should try to talk with her but he knew that she was a manipulating bitch but she was also trying to fight for the right side now. 

No Problem Tony. How Is the Hulk doing? 

Do not Worry my Friend. I see him coming down already. I think I will fly to him and bring him back. Thor said and swayed his hammer to lift of. 

Hey.. Hawkeye. Can we talk private? Tony asked and moved with him away from the rest of the Team.

Hey. If you want me to come back forget it. I know that I have to stay with them. Zemo and the Masters of Evil will someday try to bring them back on the wrong side again and there are people under them that truly try to change their life!

No my old Friend. That was not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to ask if you would be willing for some tests. I thinking about to give some of them the chance to get an Avenger. I mean. MAYBE. I would spare some time with them and learn about their goals. Maybe this would be a chance for them? What do you think? Which one would you say is stable enough of get out of this prison? 

No one Tony. SHIELD would never allow it. They are on a good way but nobody could say what would be happening if they got back their power permanently. 

Then I have to talk with Nick about it.This isn’t a lifetime way. We cannot use them like weapons powering them up each time we need backup. They have to learn to life with their power. Mhm I would like to start the test with Moonstone. After all she is one of the smarter ones. She will know that this is a possibility for her. What do you think?

IF you get Nick nodding it up it’s a deal. But beware. She was and is a woman that has great potential for both sides. And she was ever one of the major players. She isn’t a foot soldier.

Thanks man. I will talk to Nick now. 

Two days and over 32 hours of boring discussions with most of the higher staff of SHIELD and other organization’s he had what he wanted. It had been a hard fight and he had to use much of his influence to achieve it but now Moonstone was free for now. He would be his Supervisor and her powers would been disabled permanent for now. As long as she was working with the Avengers she had no access too her Power or anything. There would be 2 SHIELD agents around the Building every minute and she had to wear a tracking device ever second. 
But it was worth the hard work. He would be able to see this hot woman around him more often now and he would use her hot looks to get him horny enough for his Company or Suzy or MJ or Pepper. He wouldn’t try to fuck Moonstone. That would be too risky and it was possible that she would tell it Pepper. That was  something that he could net let happen. 

He was waiting in his Office as Moonstone entered it. She wore a red business Suit that was looking great on her and gave her an aura of professionalism. He had gave her limited access to all of the Stark Systems and she would work in his firm as the Chief of the Psychology Staff. Before she had gained the Moonstone she was a good Therapist and Tony could still need a tough one. Not everyone in his company was able to work in his daily chaos and he wanted to have everyone in good hands.

Mr. Stark. You wanted to see me? Karla Sofen asked and sat down in front of him. 

Yes Ms. Sofen. As you maybe have noticed Fury had allowed me to bring you to the next level. You are one of the better and more stable candidates of the Thunderbolts Program. Even after your events during the Past you always made the right decision and fought for the right side. We won’t be fools. We won’t let you gain your Powers back for now. But let me say it this way. IF you will be successful in this program you will not only get your Power back permanently, no. You will even get the chance to be an Avenger with full Status. This is your Possibility to get back a life that won’t bring you back into a prison. What do you say?

First of all… WHY now? And why me? She asked and was skeptical about his good meanings. She knew that most of the SHIELDS didn’t trust her. Some of them thought that she was even more dangerous than Zemo or Graviton. She was a manipulative bitch how they called her. And damn. They were right. She hated this condition she was in right now and if she had to play nice to get free than she would do it as long as it was necessary. 

As I said you Ms. Sofen. I think you have great Potential. But you need some guiding. And I would be glade if I could be the one that would bring you on the right way again. He answered her and let his eyes wander over his body for a brief second. He maybe thought that she wouldn’t notice it, but she was a very skilled psycho-analyst. She had worked hard for her License and had been a very good Therapist. She was used to notice any subtle changes in the person next to her. She had seen him watching over her body and noticed the opening of his pupils for a second. He had been watching her body. She couldn’t blame him after all she looked stunning and knew that she had a body to die for. But it was a pretty unusual behavior for him. They had fought against each other sometimes and even fought on the same side but he had never checked her out like this. Maybe he was drunk or something like that. But his words weren’t sounding like he was drugged or under the influence of Alcohol. His Speech was clear and correct like ever. But maybe he had only some needs that Pepper Pots couldn’t satisfy anymore? Or he had just a bad day for now. A weak Moment. But she would look about this very carefully and maybe there was a chance for her to use this later. For now she nodded only and informed her about her new duties. It would be fun to work again in a normal way but she wasn’t seeing it as a permanent way. She wanted her Power back! She would do everything about that. So she walked in her new office and looked around. She was sure that the SHIELD Agents would put a close eye on everything she would do and so she opened her Files about the Employee’s that wanted to talk with her in the following days. She would have a full calendar that was sure, as a flash of light appeared on her desk and there was a little box out of wood now. She looked around and opened it. Inside there was a letter that was written in a complex Code she had used in her early days. Nobody knew about it and it was so special that only she knew the code to decipher it. How could anybody use this code to send her a message?

Dr. Sofen. This job is your only possibility to get your Power back. But don’t trust Tony Stark too much. Trust in your own skills. 

then as suddenly the Message had appeared it disappeared in a flash of light. She waited for the Agents to storm into the Room and ask her about it but nothing happened. She looked at the clock and saw that the time had stopped while she had read the message. This could only mean that there was a temporal anomaly working and that this message had manipulated time. But what was it meaning. It had said that she should trust her skills. Not her Power. Maybe she would figure it out later but now she had to play the nice woman. 

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