While Dr. Burke talks to Reed, Suzy entertains Tony

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four Iron Man X-Men
Category Marvel Mind Control
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While Dr. Burke met with Roberta and the male members of the Fantastic Four, Tony paid a visit to his dear friend Suzy.  With Pepper busy at work, Tony really needed this and Suzy owed him after taking the rings, but that was beside the point.  The only thing that mattered was soon he was going to be balls deep in the best fuck he knew!


Roberta, or at least one of her drones, greeted him warmly as he exited the elevator “Good afternoon Tony.  It’s always good to see you.  What brings you here today?”  She had to stop herself from asking if he were here to see Reed as he might pick up on the change of familiarity.


Tony eyed the lovely android as he replied “Thank you Roberta.  It is always my pleasure to see you too.  But, I am here to discuss some…business with Susan.”  His vitals showed clearly what his business was.  He was the 6th ‘business’ visitor she had so far today.


As Roberta 19 pleasantly passed the time in conversation with Tony, Roberta 16 guided two very happy gentlemen, both rich tenants of the building, to the elevators.  The middle-aged men looked so relaxed that the android practically poured them into the waiting elevator, but she went with them just to be sure them made it home safely.  As Tony couldn’t help but stare, Roberta 19 put one sexy finger to his chin and redirected his gaze to her smiling face and said “Sorry for the delay Tony.  If you had called ahead you know Suzy would have made sure that you would have been welcomed by her personally.”  Roberta 19 wrapped her arm around his and started to walk Tony into the penthouse.  “You do know that you are one of her dearest and closest friends?  She so looks forward to seeing you!”  The android let go of his arm and moved toward the bar “May I get you something Tony?  Martini? Your favorite bourbon?”


Tony readily accepted the bourbon and some light flirtatious conversation with the gorgeous android.  He really wanted to nail Roberta as well, but something deep inside (in fact programming Roberta had left within him the first time she used her power on him) told him to look but don’t touch.  It wasn’t long before he heard the voice of an angel coming down the hall “Hiya, baby! Long time no… see.”  Suzy strode down the hall from her bedroom in a sexy sheer camisole that left nothing of her exquisite body to the imagination.  She happily accepted the bourbon that Roberta gave her as she passed the bar.  Suzy purred as she took a sip “So, what brings a hot stud like you to my playground? Business?”  She grabbed her breasts seductively “Or pleasure.”  She gave him a look that would melt an iceberg as she licked her lips.  “Well, I guess there isn’t much difference, is there lover?”


Tony almost blew a load just looking at this hot slutty vixen but he calmed himself “Well, I could say that I’m here to get those lovely rings back, even though they look far better on you than they ever did on the Mandarin!”


Suzy purred as she replied “Got a bit of a problem there, sport.  These things have an abandonment complex.  Once someone puts them on, they attach body, mind, and soul.  I couldn’t get them off if I wanted to.  Sorry baby, but next time you have something that will bond on a genetic and spiritual level with the first person to touch them, maybe you shouldn’t leave them unlocked and on your desk.”


This was news to Tony, but it explained a lot about the Mandarin and his rings.  He knew that she was right and that retrieving them was a lost cause, but at least he ‘knew’ deep inside that Suzy was his best friend and had his back.  The hero was noticeably disappointed when he replied “Well, there goes that idea.  I was going to use them to power a suit for battling the Mandarin himself.”


Suzy smiled “No worries, baby.  We are *always* thinking of your best interests, right Roberta?”


Roberta 19 replied “Actually Tony, it was logical how you would use them.  The problem is that they would only be of assistance one time and only then if you managed to surprise the Mandarin.  With his control of the rings he has, he would have sensed these rings as soon as you got within range of your own weapons and since they hadn’t bonded with anyone, he would have no problem taking them over as well as your armor and you.  They would have acted like a high gain antenna for him and you would have been his puppet until death.  But we have an alternative for you.”  The android held up a one inch cube device and continued “This device taps into the same energy force as the rings as well as Zero Point Energy.  It only has 5% the power of the combined rings, but that still makes it 3.567 times more powerful than your current power source.  Additionally it cannot be controlled by the rings and will actually harden your defenses against the Mandarin.”


Suzy moved in on her prey and purred “We felt so bad that you lost your toys that we simply had to find a new plaything for our sweet boy.  Roberta is using these for backup power but she can have 10 ready for you by the time we get through playing.”  Tony smiled wryly as he took the vixen into his arms and planted a fiery kiss on her seductive lips.  All was right now.  He had his replacements for the rings and the fuck of his dreams was in his arms, just a credit card payment away.  It’s good to be an Avenger!

As the amorous couple retired to the boudoir, they could hear Roberta calling them "Excuse me, Tony, but I think a matter requiring your expertise has arisen!"

Both Suzy and Tony returned to the living room as Roberta 19 activated the TV. There an the screen was a live news cast of people panicking in the streets outside the U.N. building. In the sky above the Helecarrier could seen dangling vertically as if it were a charm for a bracelet while dozens of police cars circled it like a merry-go-round. The camera zoomed in on the maniacally laughing villian... Graviton!

Tony gasped "oh, this is not good! That guy is mad as a hatter!"

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