On the way to Xavier's, Ethan has some fun with Emma.

by Shendude
Storyline The X-Men And The Mind-Control Eyes
Characters Emma Frost Wolverine
Category Marvel M/F Mind Control
Previous Chapter Ethan uses his control over Emma to take charge of the situation.

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“Man, these things are amazing! Seriously unreal, I mean they’re so big and yet still perfectly shaped, barely sag at all!” enthused Ethan as he leaned over her and played with her now uncovered breasts. While Emma appreciated the complements, she was growing a bit tired of his constant fondling.

Given the need to recruit the talented mind controlling mutant quickly, she didn’t see any reason not to humor his adolescent urges. Keeping him satisfied for the time being meant she didn’t have to worry about fending off his inevitable attempts to use his power to get his way. With her exquisite body and his clearly powerful libido, she had little doubt he would want to get into her pants. She’d already made it quite clear to him in no uncertain terms that despite her letting him fondle her; there would be no sex of any sort.

They were in the backseat of an enormous SUV as the owner she’d mentally influenced drove them to the small field where they’d left the cloaked Blackbird. Logan was sitting in the row of seats in front of them, resolutely ignoring them. Emma was somewhat embarrassed to be so brazen in her attempt to persuade the boy in front of her friend but it couldn’t be helped. Sex was just one more tool within her arsenal after all, not that she was going to fuck him but having her breasts pawed at was a small price to pay. She could always remove the memory from the boy’s mind once she got a handle on how his powers worked.

Clearly he had influenced his parents as his mother hadn’t been the least bit concerned about a quick trip to across the country to Massachusetts to visit a prospective college when Emma had talked to her on the phone. Without any sort of astral presence at all, Emma was at a loss as to the manner of his ability to influence others. It made her a bit nervous though he’d readily agreed to not use his powers so long as she refrained as well.

“Seriously. What size bra do you wear anyway?” Ethan blurted out and Emma sighed. The power high of being able to do whatever he wanted for the last few months had clearly caused the boy to lose all social grace whatsoever. Icily she responded, “Oh? So you can’t read minds then… that’s a pity…”

Her criticism didn’t seem to faze him in the least as one of his hands snaked lower, “No, but I can read…30HH? That’s ridiculous!” He grinned at her as he read the tag on her bra as it was currently about her waist. She rolled her eyes, not at all interested in discussing feminine undergarment sizing with him. When his hand dipped lower to her abdomen, she batted it away, “Just the breasts.”

Ethan relented and sagged in his seat, emphasizing the bulge in his jeans for her. It was always interesting the way a person’s brain responded to his commands. When he used his power, he was actually forcing the individual’s neural pathways to shift in order to match the pattern his own brain had for a given command. In this case: Ethan can touch my breasts. But there was a whole world of context that was left up for Emma’s brain to make up. Essentially, when a given portion of her grey matter took on his pattern her brain had to make new neural connections between his construct and her unaffected neurons. Each person responded differently, it was possible that Emma now thought it was an established norm that a guy could and should fondle a woman he found attractive. Given the way she let him do it in public seemed to point that way but then again she’d shown she could very easily mentally influence others and probably just made people forget about it.

He was pretty fatigued from controlling so many people back at the school. Also changing Logan’s neurons had been extremely tiring for some reason which given Emma was the super telepath, hardly made any sense to Ethan. The beautiful blonde woman might as well have been a ditsy cheerleader, her brain was just as mushy, nice and malleable like any other. Speaking of which…

“Take my dick out.”

Emma frowned at the teenager’s casual order but she had expected this sort of thing and had already decided that giving Ethan one of her skilled handjobs might be necessary to control his libido. “Sure I’ll get you off, but you’re going to have to learn to control your urges, Ethan. At the Academy you’re going to have to be a lot more subtle about separating girls from their panties. But I’m sure you’re up for a challenge, right?” While she enjoyed putting him in his place, the last thing she needed was for him to realize how restrictive life was going to be under the watchful eyes of a handful of telepaths.

She soon had him hissing with pleasure as her soft digits slid up and down his completely hard member, “Heh… you like what you see, don’t you?”

Emma smirked, “It’s nice.” Just as mutant women tended to be bustier than their less evolved kindred (and in some cases much bustier) mutant men were larger than average when it came to their dicks. Clearly, Ethan was used to human girls oohing and ahhing at the sight of his dick. He’d soon learn that with mutants eight was the new six. She enjoyed the disappointed look that spread across his face.

“Nice and big, you mean?”
She nodded, “Yes, very nice…”Emma judged him a nicely thick ten incher, a size that no doubt caused the girls at his school to wince in pain but it was the definite sweet spot when it came to mutant girls. Hmm… maybe a little sex wasn’t completely out of the question…

“You like’em huge like this?”

God… he was as big as Scott, maybe even a bit thicker. A full foot of fat pulsing man meat… She made a noise of affirmation as she leaned in, bringing both hands to bear on his cock.

“How about massive?”

Emma was immensely turned on as she jerked Ethan’s monster shaft. He was so long and massively thick, he’d surely split her apart but her pussy didn’t care in the least. She was a licensed Size Queen and she’d never even seen one this large.

Logan eyed the reflection in the window, Emma’s full ass sinking down upon the kid’s prick. For all her vaunted powerful mind, Emma had always thought with her pussy. He wasn’t really sure who was mind controlling who at this point. Kid had taken one look at Emma’s tits and that was it for him. She’d seen the teacher sucking that dick and she’d fallen immediately. It had been an overheard comment between Jean and Ororo that had set off her obsession with Scott. Logan shook his head, how he’d ever become Emma’s confidante he never knew.

One thing was for sure, you had to respect a guy who could spread Emma’s legs that quick.

He settled back, listening to the steady slap of Emma’s cheeks upon the kid’s thighs and rubbed his own bulge. Fuck but Jean looked fucking good pregnant…

(Originally written by Cross C for the BE Addventure)

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