Emma and Logan are sent.

by Shendude
Storyline The X-Men And The Mind-Control Eyes
Characters X-Men Emma Frost Wolverine
Category Marvel M/F Mind Control
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“Jesus, how did I let myself get roped into ‘recruiting the kiddie’ duty…” grumbled Logan before resuming chewing on his cigar.

Emma rolled her eyes.

A bespectacled woman with her hair pulled tightly back into a hideous bun wearing an equally hideous sweater appeared around an opening door, her eyes lighting up with indignation as she noticed the two of them, “Who are you?! Where are your visitor passes?! And-you can’t smoke that here! THIS is a school!”

Logan cocked an eyebrow and spoke around the offending article, “I’m not smoking it. I’m chewing it.”

The pair of X-men never slowed as they passed the woman. Emma theatrically snapped her fingers and the woman blinked completely confused as to who she’d been speaking to. Shaking her head she continued on her way, walking the opposite direction.

“Now would the professor approve of that?” remarked Logan, not really caring about the principle so much as the chance to ruffle the Ice Queen’s feathers.

“He approves of my efficiency. Otherwise he would not have chosen me for this task.”

“Right. Not because Jean’s about to pop and he thought better of sending a pregnant lady over on the Blackbird.”

She stopped, “Really, Logan?”

He turned around to face her before looking down and rubbing the back of his head, “Yea sorry. Bit cranky I guess…” Dredging up the twisted history between Slim, Jean, and Emma was below the belt for sure…

Knowing that for Logan that was an emphatic apology, Emma nodded and continued on.

“So…mind controlling kid, huh? You got a sniff?” he rumbled falling in alongside her.

She scowled. “More than that. He’s currently receiving fellatio from a teacher in front of the entire class.”

“Shit. Kid’s got cojones.”

“Indeed.” She dryly replied before her delicate brow furrowed, “It’s strange though. I don’t sense his mental energies at all. No mental links to any of the controlled. Not even the traces of any that would be left after he influenced them.”

Logan grunted. “Transformers then..”

Emma shot him a puzzled glance before a light touch across his surface thoughts dredged up some images and song, “More than meets the eye? Perhaps. Though the more intriguing puzzle is why you of all people are referencing a children’s cartoon.”

“Don’t sleep much. Late night its better than infomercials. I can recite some He-man, She-ra, or some Thundercats too if you want.”

“Spare me. And here we are.” She gestured at a classroom door, not bothering to look through the window given her already much more intimate knowledge of what was going on inside than she liked.

Logan leaned over. “Well shit. He damn well is getting head from teach. Wait. Is she narrating?”

Emma sighed. “She’s giving a class on proper technique.”

Logan shook his head, “And old Wheels wants this punk in his school? Fucking grade A disaster waiting to happen.”

“The alternative being a talented mind controller falling into Magneto’s hands?”

He snorted, “Putting the headache on that bastard sounds good to me…”

Emma just rolled her eyes.

Fifteen minutes later when the class was let out, Logan snatched the boy out of the crowd leaving the room, drawing him up against a locker. Emma stood with her hands upon her cocked hips directly in front of him; she opened her mouth to speak only to be interrupted.

“Oh wow! Those are huge! Wow! Just- I can touch them can’t I?” Both sets of blue eyes were staring directly at each other when he said it and his mutant ability activated. Emma was completely ready with all of her array of mental defenses. Shields, traps, decoys all of them were active, ready to repel and defeat the mental attacks of minds much more powerful and experienced than this mere teenager’s.

But it didn’t matter. Ethan’s mutant power was direct manipulation of the physical neurons and synapses of a person’s brain. It completely bypassed all psionic projections of will, the very substance of telepathic manipulation and combat. Through the windows of her eyes, his mutant power reached in and rearranged the very meat of her brain to suit his words.

Emma’s eyes darkened but she stepped forward adjusting her pitch on the go. Thrusting out her huge chest, she spoke, “Yes. You can. Now… how would you like to enroll in a university where more than a few of the faculty are huge like m-LOGAN!” She exclaimed as her companion suddenly snarled jerking the boy away just as his hands had sunk into her breasts. Snatching the boy’s into a headlock underneath his beefy arm, he marched down the hall clearly confident in Emma’s ability to sooth any protesting school officials.

“Alright, bub. You better quit with the mind tricks or I’m going to start some of my own. Gotta warn you my kind sort of involve shoving a blade up yer nose and kind of swirling it around a bit…”

(Originally written by Cross C for the BE Addventure)

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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