a teenager, that is a combination of both supergirl and power girl

by Hardbody
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Batman Wonder Woman Power Girl Supergirl Flash Superman Martian Manhunter
Category DC Female Dom Mind Control
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A curvy and statuesque beauty; her mane of golden blond hair long and wavy, flowing to nearly her ankles; her crystalline blue eyes glowing with their own captivating light, sparkling and luminescent; and her full pouted lips forming into a mischievous smile.

As the steam from the temperature differences from within and without the capsule interacting cleared, her full form was revealed, a bosom that surpassed Powergirl's, all the more obvious as her own canyon of cleavage can be seen in the negative space around the 'S' blazen proudly in the House of El Diamond across her chest. Her torso wrapped in a high-collared sleeveless blue leotard, with a red micro-skirt molding to her full hips, and matching red bolero jacket with the House of El 'S' shield on the back. Were her height not already a rival for Wonder Woman's, the 6" heels on her crimson boots would have elevated her closer, but instead they cause her to tower even taller on the magnificent length of her almost endlessly long legs. The final items to her attire being the fingerless red gloves that match her skirt, boots, and bolero, and a golden belt slung across her hips with the family crest once more formed as a buckle.

Were her features not so youthful, she might easily be mistaken for a mature woman, but instead they only accentuate that she has more to develop. 

As she peered around, everyone present began to feel waves of desire, each of their eyes trailing up and down her form in awe, each struck somewhat speechless by the Super Goddess before them.

As she spoke, her melodious voice seem to resonate through their beings, only seeming to amplify the intensity of the desire she was stirring in them, "Khap nahn Kara Ous'El. Uju zhao khap uju dehdh!" her Kryptonian almost like music, and the Kryptonians nodding.

The Task Force merely lowered their weapons and stared in complete awe.

As the Martian Manhunter arrived, she sauntered over to him and spoke but one word, "Iwahzrham!" which he nodded, and placed his hands gently on her temples, shivering at the contact with sheer pleasure. After a few moments he seemed completely drained, but she spoke once more, "Thank you, Martian. Now I can speak as the people of this world do, even if Kryptonian is prettier."

She smiled and turned, "I have come to rule. Who must I defeat to take that honor?"

Superman and Batman weakly shook off some of the effects they were under, while everyone else just kneeled down and smiled adoringly at the Kryptonian beauty. They spoke at once, "Us, and all the heroes of this planet." then rushed toward her.

With the ease of an adult stopping a small child, she caught Superman's punch, not with her hand, but merely the end of the perfect nail at then end of her left index finger against his fist, his knuckle shattering at the point of impact. Batman she allowed to try to complete his attack, but at the close proximity, he found his resolve disappear again and he fell to his knees, flushing with desire, and instead gently kissed her thigh.

She waited for Batman to faint from the pleasure, then moving even faster then Superman could see, she dashed inside his guard, pressed her chest against his, and wrapped her right hand around his left bicep, crushing it with ease, "Let me explain. As you resemble my cousin Kal. I was ill when I was young, so my father used genetic modification to augment me, he essentially perfected my genetic structure and then duplicated those genetics and layered them, so I am myself multiplied into one being. It is why I am stronger, faster, smarter, more beautiful, and even my pheromones are so far beyond the ordinary that I am... well... irresistible." Her words having the added weight that her pheromones were overwhelming Superman's sense of smell, his mind turning to mush as his body became so beyond aroused that he collapsed, drooling, and his groin throbbing and ejaculating over and over again as she released him, not even the pain from his broken arm and crushed hand dulling the sheer orgasmic bliss she had triggered.

To make sure there was no chance of any other resistance from those present, she moved at super speed and pressed against everyone else present, kissing them for a millisecond on the lips before moving on. When she was through she paused to decide what to do next.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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