Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl join the rest of their team in Batman(Dick Grayson)'s HQ

Storyline Changing the Scene
Previous Chapter Batman´s plot continues...in an unexpected way.

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 Helped by Hawk Woman, Diana made her way along the corridors of Batman´s HQ. Somehow, the amazon felt strange. Her instinct said her that something was wrong, something on the air…on those corridors…or maybe she was still weak by the loss of blood, or maybe it was just the gamma blood from the transfusion that was altering her a bit.

Finally, Diana reached the 3C room where, around a round table, her friends had met. Once the amazon princess entered on the room, all of them left their seats to greet and embrace her.

“Thanks goddess you are alive, my princess. We feared that you…you….”.-Said Artemis, trying to hide the tears that blurred her eyes. The others didn’t say anything. Artemis words expressed clearly what all of them felt.

As usual, She-Hulk remained behind the others though, on her green eyes, Diana could also see tears and a slight expression of happiness on her, usually, sad face. The amazon broke gently the circle of friends that surrounded her and approaching to the emerald giantess, she embraced her as strong as she could while tears appeared on her eyes.

Surprised, She Hulk didn’t know what to do but, after a few seconds of doubt, Jennifer remembered what Diana had made for her years ago, that infamous day. Then, gently, the muscular arms of the green titaness also embraced the ‘small’ frame of the athletic amazon, holding the embrace during a long minute.  Then, both women separated.

Diana, turned to her partners with a grim of anger on her face.-“Why? Why are all of us here?.  We had a mission to accomplish!!! We had to discover the origin and the reason of the anomaly!!! We lost many men around the estate!!!  Allies and friends!!! What the hell were you thinking about? Mission was the first!!! And my fate was only at the hands of Jennifer´s blood. The rest of you should have gone to the Estate!!! For goddess shake!!!”.-Yelled Diana in an unnatural explosion of rage. 

Around her, her partners remained in silence, staring the amazon with a void expression. –“What´s happening with you? Are you deaf? Are you mute? Answer me? Why the hell aren´t you on the Estate?”.-Howled Diana while, unaware, her athletic musculature began to grow massively and thick throbbing vein appeared along her skin, which began to turn green. –“AAAARRGGGGHHH…”.-Screamed in agony Diana when a sudden twinge hit her mind. 

The growing amazon felt on her knees, grabbing her head in despair by the pain that pierced her brain.-“Please…Please…help me…Aaaarrhhhh….”.-Screamed again, staring to her partners, which hadn´t moved and inch to help her. Somehow, what Diana saw next covered her soul in fear.

Motionless, as mesmerized, all her friends stared her with void expressions on their faces…and covered with a dense viscosity all over them.  And worse.  Diana´s eyes then moved to the large screen, which oozed with the same disgusting viscosity while, at the centre of it, a large eye without eyelid…an alien eye stared her with intensity.  And at the rim of the madness, Diana screamed again in a mix of pain and terror, feeling as an overwhelming will fought to dominate her.


Both Black Widows stared each other with fierce determination, knowing that just one of them would leave the server room alive. In the past, Natasha had always prevailed on her confrontations against Yelena, but the red haired spy was sure that her blonde adversary had developed new tricks in an attempt, a vain attempt, to become in the one and only Black Widow, the perfect spy. 

Immediately, without further words, Yelena attacked to her foe with unusual speed and precision. Natasha had expected that her nemesis demanded a kind of explanation about her actions and current alliance but if was clear that she didn´t care of it. The matters between Natasha and Yelena were a personal rivalry, beyond alliances or actions. 

Yelena´s first punch was so fast that Natasha was only able to block it by pure instinct, though she felt her forearm numb after that. Yelena had really improved her martial arts skills since her last encounter. But, before Natasha could react, Yelena launched her left fist with the same murderous speed and precision, which the red haired spy and assassin also blocked barely…and another, and another. Though Natasha was blocking the rain of fists that menaced to crush her face, she was backtracking feet after feet against the closer racks. 

And finally, the blonde Black Widow got to hit the beauty face of Natasha, making her head snapped back. By instinct, Natasha bounced back, preparing every fiber of her peek athletic body to counter attack. Unfortunately, Yelena had pushed back too close to the wall, so her back touched the rack, avoiding her maneuver.  Taking advantage of the second of doubt on the red haired Widow, Yelena launched a massive right that pushed her back with force against the rack, then a left followed with a right. Yelena was taking vengeance of all the past humbling suffered at the hands of Natasha. The fact that the former Avenger is a traitor and assassin was irrelevant for Yelena, which punched the face of her foe with almost homicidal rage. 

With satisfaction, Yelena realized that the ‘original’ Widow was stunned, weaker and weaker by the moment. Then, with a deafening howl of rage, Yelena launched a roundhouse kick to Natasha´s left temple that she couldn´t avoid. And totally at the mercy of her blonde adversary, a massive kick on her sternum sent back with force, collapsing the rack behind her in a rain of electric sparks. The original Black Widow was taking a world class beating at the hands of ‘the other”, the fake, Black Widow. Heaving heavily by the effort, covered in sweat, Yelena looked the fallen body of Natasha. Finally, her dedicated training had worked. She was better than Natasha.!!!

“You are finished, Natasha. I am the Black Widow now…”.-Yelled panting Yelena with a smile on her lips. Trying to not giving a moment to recover, Yelena approached to lift her. Unfortunately, Yelena had already given Natasha time enough to recover. 

Fast as a cobra, the red haired super spy opened her eyes and raised her forearms, shooting her ‘stings’ at close range directly against her midsection. To Natasha surprise, Yelena rolled and bounced to a side, avoiding the poisoned darts of her foe. 

“That´s the best you can do, Natasha? I know your tricks. You can´t beat me now…”.-Said proudly Yelena, getting over her feet. The fallen Widow aimed with trembling forearm to shot her again, but the firing got too much to the left of Yelena.-

"That was your last dart, so……aarrggghhh…”.-Screamed Yelena when the dart nailed on her buttock. Inmediately, Yelena felt as the neurotoxin began to paralyzed her.-“No…no…It…it can´t…..beeeeee….”.-Muttered the blonde Widow, feeling as her mouth became paralyzed by the poison and her legs, unable to hold her up, folded under her weight, sending her on her knees. 

On the other hand, grunting in pain, the red haired widow stood over her feet. Slowly, Natasha approached to the paralyzed woman, whose eyes were wide opened in surprise and incredulity. 

“Ricochet effect, my dear Yelena. You should have foreseen that. You will never be on my league. If fact, you are on the point to die….”.-Whispered sensually Natasha to her ear while her hand caressed her blonde head.-“And, as you supposed, I have taken every bit of information of the servers and, as a bonus, I have hacked the alarm grid of the Nest. In minutes, Kalibak´s parademons, and the same son of Darkseid in person, will scorch this stronghold and, unfortunately for him, he will also take a ‘defective’ Disphormity cannon, which will explode under his nose, disintegrating any living being in miles. But I won´t be here to see the show. AIM is waiting for me…and the value secrets of Doom, Richards and the whole Latverian scientists.”.

Then Natasha, kneeled in front of Yelena.-“Sorry, Yelena, but this is my goodbye kiss…Enjoy it.”.-Said the treacherous Widow, kissing passionately Yelena´s paralyzed kiss, while her hands cupped lecherous the DD breasts of the blonde Widow. Suddenly, Natasha felt as strong fingers grabbed her nape and, with a sudden jerk, the red haired Widow heard as the vertebras of her neck cracked, breaking her spine and paralyzing her body. Natasha´s eyes wide opened in surprise and incredulity, while the frozen face of Yelena returned to life.

“You know, Natasha? I foresaw that trick….”.-Smiled Yelena, removing the dart of her buttock and tossing it far of her.-“I had injected an inhibitor of your neuro-toxin when I realized that you were involved in this plot. And now…”.-Said Yelena, getting proudly on her feet in front of the paralyzed Widow. Outside, both women could hear the alarms and the screams of panic of the troops. Kalibak´s forces were into the Nest in overwhelming numbers. That part of Natasha´s plot had been a success. But Yelena ignored them…by the moment. There was an unfinished business to resolve right here, right now.   

Yelena´s athletic thighs closed around the neck, staring with satisfaction the grim of fear and incredulity on the beauty face of Natasha Romanoff. With deliberated slowness, Yelena increased the pressure of her sculptural legs, seeing with delight the desperate attempts of her foe to breathe.

“I, Yelena Belova, I am the one and only Black Widow.”.-Declared Yelena, staring as the eyes of Natasha fluttered out of control and her wide opened, fleshy mouth fought to get air in vain.

Wanda couldn´t believe her eyes. In the middle of that vortex of space and time, a well-known, merciless, ominous, impious presence reigned almighty. Starro. Though incorporeal, the witch could felt the infinite malice of the creature….and something more, another intelligent presence…but not a living being.

“A Mother Box!!! Starro is melted with a mother box!!!”.-Thought Wanda in despair.-“It is creating the anomaly!!!! But why?”.-Wondered the witch, staring as mesmerized how the viscous tentacles of the immense creature moved as a puppet master, controlling the infinite hordes of uncountable minions, guiding them to a brilliant rupture on the space-time fabric, the exit of a Boom Tunnel, just in the Estate, at few miles of Gotham were million of humans tried to survive to the power of Apokolips. 

During a fleeting moment, Wanda though in Wonder Woman and the others.-“If they have survived, they will stop it!!!”.-Though with hope the Scarlet Witch. But the ominous, odious creature had perceived those thoughts and, in mute response and cruelty, it answered her showing as the partners in whom she trusted were already trapped in its tentacles. In despair, she saw on her mind as Diana, She-Hull, Cyclops and the others, laid on a building close to the estate, had attached on their faces one of those repulsive minions of its kind. Gotham, and the entire world was defenseless against the plague that was coming through that bridge of space and time.


Dr Fries landed heavily in the middle of a vast, grey, scorched, dark crater in the middle of nowhere. He hadn´t no idea where he was but, at least, he was alive. Victor raised his eyes but he was unable to recognize the stars above him.-“Where the frozen hell am I”.-Wondered the man while he made his way out of the bottom of the crater. Five minutes later, the cold scientist reached the rim of the crater but what he saw sank him in confusion…because Victor Fries realized that he was in Apokolips. 

He recognized the ominous buildings, the infamous mines, the uncountable statues of the ruler of that hell…but all of that had become in brash and the umpteenth spouts, rivers and ocean of lava had disappeared. That Apokolips was a dead rock turning around a dying star. At the east of his position, Dr Fries saw a dark cloud hovering around an immense pyramid.

“That´s really strange!!!”.-Muttered with scientific curiosity Victor. –“It is not strange. It is the evil itself….Mr Fries.”.-Said a feminine voice behind her. 

A tall, middle aged woman dressed in clingy yellow attire was staring him with a mix of surprise and hope on her eyes. Victor´s eyes looked the voluptuous woman in front of him. Though on her fifties, though her shot hair was white, she was in good fit. 

Finally, he asked.-“Who…who are you? And…how do you know my name?”. The woman smiled warmly and replied.-“My name is…was Lady Quark. But you can call me Tashana.  About your second question, the woman in red told us that you would come to help us.”.-Dr Fries stared her in surprise.-“Wanda? Is Wanda here? Is she the woman in red?”.-Asked Victor.-“That´s is not the right question. Not here but rather when. Welcome to the future, Dr Fries, the last hope of the universe.”

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