He remembers he's supposed to rape Lex Luthor's bodyguards

by BatPimp
Storyline The Pink Lanturn Corps.
Previous Chapter Superslut gives her cousin a blowjob, as thanks for fucking her ass and pussy.

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Superslut had been deepthroating Superstud for about ten minutes before he shot an enormous load of spunk that literally sent his teen cousin flying. Thanks to her super-strength that matched his own, she was able to make him come better and faster than he had ever experienced.

Now that his cock was free from any orifice, his brain was beginning to remember his mistresses' orders. He knew who were his next targets: Mercy Graves and Hope Taya, Lex Luthor's private bodyguards. Although the two women were loyal to his nemesis, Clark knew they lusted after his cock. It was going to be their lucky day.

Superstud flew away at super-speed, still nude as the day he was born and his erection still hard even after hours of raping dozens of women. He barged into Lex Luthor's office through the window in the middle of a meeting. The people there didn't know if they had to be more shocked because Superstud interrupted their reunion or because of the superhero's shameless (lack of) attire. Nonetheless they were too shocked to even move.

The few security guards that tried to chase Clark away failed miserably. Superstud then turned his attention to Hope and Mercy who were posted in front of Lex like the two watchdogs that they were. Faster than the human eye could see, he had them bound in thick ropes and standing on all fours.

When he started fucking them from behind, using his super-speed to alternatively fuck one then the other, Hope and Mercy cried out in pain from the sudden intrusion. Though soon enough they were both moaning and whimpering like two cock-hungry bitches in heat begging for more.

Back where Superstud had left his previous victims, Superslut and Wonder Whore telepathically received their new orders. Their mistresses wanted them to capture and fuck the superheroes that didn't come to Fire and Ice's gang-bang party to convert them to the Pink Lantern Light.

Superslut flew away to find Steel while Wonder Whore teleported back to the Watchtower.

Green Arrow, Flash, Blue Beetle and Kyle Rayner had all been invited by either Guy Gardner or Booster Gold. They came to this party, intent on spending a good time drinking beer and watching television, but Fire and Ice had other plans for them or more precisely for their cocks.

"Hello guys!" a nude Ice greeted them at the entrance. They didn't even need to be hit by the Pink Lantern ring to be completely entranced by Tora. And it didn't take much coaxing from her part to convince them to take off their clothes and start fucking the hell out of her.

"Ooouuuhhh! This is sooooo much fuuuuun!" Ice cried out as she already had two cocks sheathed in both her cunt and crack.

Harley spied intently at the newly arrived Batmobile as Bane and Killer Croc continued to gang-rape Poison Ivy in a corner.

"Why isn't he going out of his car?" she asked out loud after no one had exited the Batmobile for several minutes already. "Time to check it out," she cried out to no one in particular as she raced out of the room, down the halls towards the exit. When she reached the parking lot, she stopped next to Batman's car and peaked through the window.

"Oooh! Kinky!" Harley exclaimed both in arousal and surprise at what she saw. Inside the Batmobile, Catwoman was lying on her back on the backseat couch while a very well hung male was humping her. Selina was writhing and moaning in pleasure under the man that was fucking her with his pistoning rod.

Harley's surprise though actually came from the identity of the man that was having sex with Catwoman. It wasn't Batman but Nightwing who had driven Catwoman back to the asylum in order to put her back in a cell.

"I didn't know Kitty-cat had a thing for Dark Knight Junior," Harley commented, referring to the young man who was driving his glistening cock through Catwoman's slurping MILF pussy. "Daddy Bats won't be happy 'bout this," she giggled gleefully.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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