by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Barbra in latex land
Characters Clark Kent Batgirl Catwoman
Category Corruption Change of clothes
Previous Chapter How could the curse have spread out of Gotham so quickly?

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Back around Midnight, Chicago O'Hair International Airport

Victor "Cyborg" Stone didn't have a secret identity.  Waiting for his cousin to make her way out from the terminal, he was spotted by everyone and many people, particularly kids wanted to meet him... Autographs, pictures and so on.  What really was tugging at his composure was the charter flight that was bringing kids from all over to the specialist clinic that had been set up at Rush University Hospital courtesy of the Wayne Foundation. 

"Vic!" his cousin called as she exited the flight, "Ahhh."

Vic saw that Claire was wearing a jacket that mostly covered the Leather Corset, Gotham's Fetish T-shirt and leather pants, but some of the parents were already giving her a dirty looks. 

"Ok Folks three more autographs then I have to take my Cousin back to Grandma's house or I will be in BIGG Trouble," Vic called over the group.

Claire was sneaking past the kids when on girl held up a prostetic leg.  She couldn't help herself, she took the leg by the latex pad and ankle and handed it to her cousin.  He grabbed it by the latex pad and looked at it for a second, He grabbed the pad with his teeth while he cycled throw his hand tools dramaticly and pulled out a surgical laser.  Grabbing the leg by the ankle he engraved his words of encouragement and signature then bent down and helped the girl put it back on.

Clarie gave him a hug as he lead her to his custom rebuilt car.

"You know Grandma is ganna give you a whooping for wearing that," Vic looked at her work cloths.

"I got on the plane about as soon as I closed for the night.  Besides," She fidgeted with the corset, "It won't be nearly as bad as the curses Sarah and her Born again Muslim husband are going to give me for living so immodestly."

"How is Gotham treating you?" Vic asked.

"As much as Uncle Mike keeps on about it being filled with crazy honkies," Claire smiled, "No body seems to mind us making latex versions of the super suits, and people are willing to pay big bucks for a Made in Gotham Batman or Catwoman suit.  That reminds me how is the whole junior Justice League thing going?  And when are you going to come and visit?"

"Maybe never," Vic sighed, "He might not care about people dressing up as him for sex, but if one of US enters HIS city with out HIS permission we are dead.  Besides I'm not in a junior Justice League, its the Teen Titans, and we are reserve members."

"Right," Claire smiled, "Do you know Poison Ivy's real name?"


"I swear she was my last customer for the night," Claire looked off, "But instead of terrorizing the place she got her self a latex date outfit, paid and then walked out."


Hours later

"Grandma, I know your famous ham is cooking, I will be back in an hour tops," Victor was dodging the wooden spoon his grandmother was swatting him with, "I just have to teleport up, load an update and I will be right back!"



Gothcorp headquarters, last night

Eleanor was pissed, the plan had been fill in for one of the overnight secretaries, and when the Securtiy team did it's midnight safe inspection, she popped in grabbed a few grand in bearer bonds, and was back at the desk with the bonds in her purse before anyone knew what was happening.  Then the Gotham Sirens screwed it up, then Batgirl hit them with the horny grenades, then she came in dispensing kinky justice, then the gimp lady, Catwoman grouping her on the way out, and then the cops.  She was horny and pissed, and standing here infront of a sex shop labled "Gotham's Fetish" with latex Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn outfits.  She felt inspired.

Somehow, when latex Bargirl showed up, it sent the villainess into a kinky lala land, one of them had tried to turn her into a puppet and now she was leaking down her skirt looking at the outfits.  Something was spreading, and what ever it was she wanted to spread it as far and wide as possible.  But she needed a new outfit first...


Now, The Batcave

"Hay that's one of the Gothcorp secretaries!" Selina shouted looking at the picture Flash had sent over from his quick interview with the typhoid Marry.

"They really hire speed freaks?" Dick was trying to do an imitation of Batman.

"I'm not blonde," Selina smirked, "I remember her from the Gothcorp failure last night, she was possing as one of the secretaries and I gave her a quick fisting on the way out."

"Do not let her touch you Flash," Batman was shouting into the comlink, "Get her out over open water away from any more potential victims!"

"Relax Bruce," Superman padded him on the shoulder, "At least We are safe."

The chorus of Groans was followed by Bruce actually banging his head against the keyboard repeatedly."

"Hay spitcurl!" Barbara pulled up the Babe-magnet tee-shirt showing off the chest of the Latex Batsuit, "Patient ZERO!  You are now under the influence of very kinky magic!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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