Selina and Bruce have a little fun before facing the day...

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Barbra in latex land
Characters Joker Harley Quinn Batgirl Catwoman Batman Poison Ivy
Category M/F Female Dom Corruption Change of clothes
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Alfred was use to any number of rather insane bit of behavior.  This was the home of no one less then the Batman and Robin.  This however was "Odd".  BIOHAZARD and VIRAL OUTBREAK stickers had been posted over both Master Bruce and Master Dick's doors.  A note on Bruce's door had said to check his email.  Alfred was unsure of how to proceed but a quick look told him that both were sick and had guests, leave breakfast and then text them once he had safely returned to the kitchen.  What ever the illness was it seemed that it had not affected them in a manor to keep them from enjoying the company of a lady as four very excited voices were raising a rather amorous chorus. 


The hide out of one Albert Desmond

The woman's hand was combing his red hair while she slept.  Albert for his part was trying to figure out what had happened.  Some parts were crystal clear, burned into his mind like boot legged porn in prison, only all of that really did happen with him as the co-star.  The parts that were still murking were more of the whys.  Why did Pamela 'Poison Ivy' Isly want him to help her make a cold weather rubber tree that would grow right here and Gotham city?  Why was Pamela 'I hate all men and all that their penises stand for' Isly sleeping here with him after a long and passionate night?  Why had Pamela 'Plants reproduce without sex rapist' Isly insisted on getting his help and then paying for it right away with a very pornographic escapade that was now replaying itself in his head.  Why had the only clothing that Pamela 'I am one with nature' Ilsy been wearing was a black rubber tiefront top, a black rubber mini-skirt, and black fuck me boots?  And why the hell was Albert 'naked and missionary please' Desmond dreaming of a green latex catsuit clad Pam, riding him while encased in a black latex gimp suit? 

"Hay, there Doc," Pam said waking up.

"Hello there," Albert smiled, "You want some breakfast?"

"Yes, PLEASE!" Pam smiled.

Only instead of trying to get up, she went down under the covers and found Albert's manhood.  Al's eyes rolled back in his head.  My god the things that woman could do!


The Hideout

Red was no where to be found but Catwoman was having a great old time, or atleast Joker wearing one of two Latex Catuits Selina had left was having a fetish romp with Harley in the other latex catsuit.  Something very wrong had spurred the two on.  With but two changes, both were wearing the same outfits, Spike heeled stripper boots, rubber catsuit, corset, rubber opera gloves, collars, and kitty cowls.  Joker had on an inflatable bra to make his figure more fem.  Harley had a strap-on and was going to town on Cat-Trannies ass.  The two were going at it doggy style, Harley was whispering what a slut Joker was while not only plowing his bottom but giving him a reach around at the same time.  Joker wasn't getting all of it though, Harley had already peaked in blissful orgasm thirteen times already. 

"Ride it," Harley tried to sound her toughest while peaking out, "Ride it like the bitch you are!"

"Oh, thank you Mistress," Joker squeled like a school girl, "Please talk dirty to me!"

"Take it all you effeminate drag queen!"


Wayne Manor

Putting the rubber bat-suit back on hadn't really been a choice, or even a conscious thought.  She simply put it on with out thinking.  Already after the shower, Dick was groping her rubbery ass, crotch and tits.  No mater how much she was enjoying it, it had to stop.  They just had too much to do.  Putting on a pair of Dick's cargo shorts and a t-shirt she thought that might calm him down.  Instead he was doubled over laughing like he had been hit with Joker gas.


"Babe magnet?" Selina said as she walked in the room with Bruce, "Nice choice."

Barbara looked down as say the logo on the t-shirt.

"Everyone down stairs," Bruce announced, "I warned Alfred.  Magic shouldn't transfer by object, unless that object is key to the curse.  As long as Alfred doesn't touch any rubber or sex toys he should be un affected.  We need to start working on containing this."

Dick and Barbara were trying to repress cases of the giggles.  Bruce was confused until he realized what he was doing, dry humping Selina and fondling her latex bosom while hugging her.

"Just what are we trying to contain Stud?  We are out of condoms," Selina kissed him, "Remember?"

"Why are you not going insane?" Dick asked directly.

"Ah, well I had a latex fetish for years already.  Once I got a chance to burn some tension with Bat-stud here," She kissed him again, "I was good to go.  I have lived my life like this already so it's not really all that new."

A thought crossed Barbara's mind.

"Why don't you go steal some diamonds while the Bat is out of the game then?" She prodded the cat-burglar.

"Ahh," Selina shrugged, "I'm good."

Bruce literally fell to the ground in shock.

"Miss Kitty passing up a chance to commit grand larceny?" Dick was in shock.

"Did I really just say that?" Selina asked aloud, "Holy shit! we need to reverse this curse right now!"


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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