Zatanna and the Scarlet Witch, now flustered and horny, explain the situation, unaware that the virus is already seeping out to infect Starfire and Raven.

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC M/F F/F Pregnancy Growth Transformation Corruption
Previous Chapter The Night Beasts hunt for some new 'meat', adding to their pack.

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Walking down the hallway with the bubbly Starfire in tow, Raven glowered at being interupted so abruptly. Meditation was one of the few moments of calm she could gain from the insanity of the Titan's Tower. Stopping as soon as she came to the living room she raised an eye brow at the two visitors.

Zatanna and Scarlet Witch sat on the large curved couch in the center of the room, fidgetting and fanning themselves as they suddenly felt flushed with heat. "Anything we can do for all of you? Maybe some itching powder for that problem you have?" Dry panned they grey skinned girl as both visitors tried to compose themsleves. Sitting down across from the two magic users she and Starfire smelled a strange scent in the air, sweet yet bitter, something she couldn't place her finger on. "T-thanks for coming to see us, the League and Avengers have a crisis on our hands." Panted Zatanna as she tugged at her button shirt, she felt so flushed all of a sudden after leaving. "It seems there's a virus thats effecting the metahumans of Earth, science hasn't yielded anything so they were hoping m-magic might have the answer."

"What kind of virus Miss Witch? The type where one gets the sniffles and blowies?" Asked Starfire scratching her head as she watched the two women squirm in their seats. "No...It's some kind of virus that effects the sex drive of its victims, makes them hyper endowed and... Fertile." Zatanna panted as she tugged at her blouse again, it felt tight on her. "So your thinking if we pool our talents together we can solve this virus? Maybe even cure it?"

Surprising everyone in the lounge, Zatanna's blouse popped a button. Looking down at the stretched space in her costume she could see her breasts trying to make more room as one after another more buttons followed suit. Scarlet Witch could only gasp in shock as she too began to swell up, her breasts overflowing her top to the point that she tried to undo the tie at the back to get some air, the sound of straining fabric filling the room as both heroines outgrew their costumes.

Raven stood up in shock, they were infected! She had to do something to help them, reaching over to check their pulse and heart rate she placed the back of her hand over Scarlet Witch's forehead, just as the red haired beauty caught her wrist and pulled her close. "Mmm such a stern little girl you are Raven, you should learn to let loose, the boys will flock around you." Husked Amanda before pulling her in for a scorching kiss, pulling the young Titan close and feeling up her ass and legs.

"Oh my good- 'Achewwww!" Sneezing from the scent in the air Starfire rubbed her nose as the strange smell grew stronger. Looking back at the two as they struggled with their cloths she too felt an odd tightness in her costume, and a growing desire... She needed Robin!


Landing near a crag of rocks over the beachhead, the Nightbeasts hid from sight as they watched their prey from afar. Smiling at their prize they hid from view as he went about his business.

"Excuss me ladies might I help with some heavy lifting?" Asked Hercules as he flexed a car over his head, his pearly white teeth glinting in the sun as two women in swim suits scoffed and walked by. "No? Perhaps I could rub oil on your backs then? The sun can be quite hot?"

'Good choice sister. Strong, resiliant and not too bright, he should be easy to manipulate.' Laughed Storm telepathically, her sisters smiling as the man put the car down and shrugged, turning to find another place to show off. Suddenly he went stiff, his limbs fighting t omove but remaining still by some powerful force.

"What? What is this? What power holds the mightiest mortal?" Just as quickly as he was held still his legs began to walk, taking him behind a break of stones far from the people on the beach. Turning out of sight his eyes went wide went he found himself in the presence of three large beast women, all of whom looked heavily pregnant and staring him down with hungry eyes. "Welcome Hercules, mightiest of mortals." Mocked Emma as she and her sisters surrounded the man. "Don't worry, if your lucky this wont hurt at all."

Finding a pair of fangs dig deep into his shoulder, he tried to scream but found that even his voice had been stolen from him as they each lunged for him, biting down on whatever they could get their claws on. As they held him, Hercules could feel a burning in his veins, a fire that was spreading as the virus seeped into his body. Gritting his teeth he could feel his muscles flare and burn, hair growing wild on his body as the straps to his belt and sandles became tight. Pushing him against a slab of rock, the three Nightbeasts tore off his cloths in one swift pull. Looking down at their prize they each licked their lips before diving down onto the prone man. Eating the spoils of their hunt.

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