Queen Hippolyta reveals that Diana must make the lustful dreams of ever Amazon come true - starting with her own!

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Hippolyta Wonder Woman
Category DC Romance
Previous Chapter Meanwhile on Themyscira...

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Wonder Woman had decided to ascertain the situation firsthand, before involving any of her Justice League teammates. So she had boarded her invisible plane and headed to her home island. Once she had reached the shores of Themyscira and landed her plane on the beach, her eyes fell upon the most erotic display she had ever witnessed.

While some of her sisters managed to control themselves, others were pleasuring themselves or each other with abandon wailing out the names of their fantasies. Some Amazons whose desire had been another sister were already sleeping curled in their lover's embrace. Those who had been able to reign in their lust were patrolling the island to cover their sleeping sisters with blankets and to restrain those who were masturbating frantically.

This proved to be a very difficult task as even when their hands had been bound behind their backs the horny Amazons continued to twitch and writhe on the ground while rubbing together their thighs wet from their own arousal.

The scene only served to remind Diana of her own unresolved tension. She had put on her uniform without cleaning herself and parts of it were stained with her own sweat and pre-cum. Images of her Dark Knight made their way into her mind. Images of him invading her personal space and roughly shoving her against a wall. Then sneaking his armored hand inside her shorts to finger her cunt with two large finger while biting on the top of her cleavage.

Wonder Woman shook her head violently trying to calm herself. Get a grip over yourself, Diana, she chastised herself. She hurried to her mother's quarters before another fantasy could take a hold of her. She walked at a fast pace between her sisters moaning without restraint.

She was surprised to hear more than two thirds of her sisters wishing for the attention of a man (or even more than one). Most of their fantasies featured her fellow Justice League members, which wasn't that surprising since they were the only males allowed to set foot on Themyscira when they came to or for help.

She was slightly ticked off every time she heard an Amazon moan Batman's name. No way, sisters, he's mine, she growled mentally.

"Mother!" she called Queen Hippolyta, wrenching her from her prayer. Her mother had been kneeling in front of Aphrodite's altar asking for the Goddess' council and guidance.

"Diana, my daughter, your greatest trial is about to begin. We glorious Amazons have been cursed and only you can break this infernal spell," she explained to her daughter.

"What must I do, Mother? How can I free my sisters of this curse?"

"You have to help them fulfill their fantasies, my sun and stars, starting with your own, as only the object of one's desire can make us reach release and free us from the spell," she proclaimed observing her daughter's messy state.

A deep crimson blush covered the virgin princess. "What are talking about, Mother?" she blurted out trying to avoid her Queen's eyes, not unlike a certain colleague of hers.

"Don't try to play those games with me, Daughter," she commanded sternly. "I have been watching you and your interactions with the Batman. You have had the desire to mate with him for a long time."

"You are right, Mother," she bowed her head slightly in apology. But then she looked straight into her mother's eyes, pride and defiance shining in her own. "And Bruce is a worthy mate. I have nothing to be ashamed of."

Hippolyta chuckled at her daughter's defensive streak. "You don't have anything to justify, my little sun and stars," she continued with a gentle tone. "I, myself, am not a stranger to desire."

Diana took a good look at her mother. The Queen looked just as flushed as she was and was probably just as wet under her concealing robes. Wonder Woman's lips curved into mischievous grin.

"And who is the object of your fantasies, my Queen," she asked barely holding herself from giggling.

Hippolyta answered with her own smirk. "Do you remember when Athena sent me to help out the Justice Society as Wonder Woman." She waited for her daughter's attentive nod before going on. "I have come to appreciate the company of the hero Wildcat."

"Wait! You mean Wildcat as in Ted Grant?" Diana interrupted her mother.

"Yes. But I was too much afraid of heartbreak to follow my heart after Hades' betrayal." They both frowned slightly at hearing that name.

With a smile Diana reassured her mother. "Don't worry, Mother, I will help you out. Wildcat is a member of the Justice League nowadays. You can come with me when I head back to the Watchtower."

"It's an excellent idea, Diana. And I will likewise help you out with your Dark Knight," she winked at her daughter's blush.

As erotic thoughts of their chosen mates tried to take over them, mother and daughter, queen and princess, started planing how they were going to save their sisters from the lust curse.

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