What's Rogue's answer?

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Rogue Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man
Category Marvel M/F F/F Growth Transformation Pregnancy Female Dom
Previous Chapter Spider Man tries to appease the new "Mayday".

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"YES! Please ah can't take it anymore!" Screamed the red haired abomination woman just as Miss Marverl pulled the hydrant out of her stretched pussy and stepped back, laughing as the mutant woman gave birth to her brood in rapid succession, crying out in both pain and pleasure as her litter entered the world. "Good choice bitch, welcome to the Avenger Horde."

Answering with only a gasped moan of bliss, Rogue collapsed in a heap with six baby abominations squirming and crying at her feet. Standing up and tossing the crumpled metal object away Carol smiled down at the woman, she felt powerful dominating the mutant that once left her in a coma and used her powers for years. Stretching and arching her back she moaned as her strengthg returned to her, her muscles filling up with power. Gasping as a pair of claws came up from behind her and started squeezing her massive breasts she felt a long hot tongue lick the side of her neck before nibbling on the point of her ear.

"Nice job adding Rogue to the fold Carol." Grunted Ant Man as his cock bobbed under Miss Marvel's pussy, she smiled and ground her ass back against him just as he lined up under her.
Wrapping her arms over and behind his head she gasped as he entered her, pounding into her as his claws roamed down to hold her hips. "These monsters only respond to power, if we prove we're the strongest... Mmmmph... Then we can reign in their rampage before it gets worse."

"Mmmm good idea, now fuck me! I wanna be big and ripe when I face the X-Men, let'em know just how strong we REALLY are." Grunting with effort Ant Man sped up his tempo and pounded into the Blonde Abomination in his grasp, roaring as he came hard into her vise-tight pussy.

Nearby Captain America was on his back as Howler and Moonstone shared his cock like a meal, licking and sucking on his pole as they pushed against each other for room. "Stop fighting us lover, we're hungry! Give us some cum!" Grunting as his two women coaxed him into pumping hot jizz down their throats he started to think about what SHIELD has planned for the city, now that Maria Hill was comprimized and the entire town had become infested with hundreds of abominations. If they made the same mistake as last time, the abominations they'd kill would release spores into the air, infecting more people and making more of their kind. But if they did nothing and if the Avengers failed to coral the monsters then what? "Argh! Stop biting my cock!" Roared Steve as he pulled Howler up and stabbed his erection into her folds, growling as he came into her.

His only hope was to try and contain the pandemic as best he could, before it got worse.


"Mmm... Just look at you May... So hot..." Moaned MJ as she shared a passionate kiss with the monster woman in bed with her, Peter had passed out and was carefully placed to the side so he wouldn't get hurt. Meanwhile the two abominations made out to burn off the rest of their pent up heat. "Feels so good, never want this to end, never want to go BACK!" Growled May Parker with a gleam in her eyes. She like what she had become, before she was a frail old woman worried day and night about her nephew. Now she was a 10 foot tall powerhouse with tits the size of her head and hips as wide as a tractor tire, and she knew, she knew she was younger now somehow. This was a new life for her and she was NOT going back.

"I'm hungry..." Moaned Mayday as Mary Jane pulled back with a smirk, lifting her 'sister' up by the claw she led her out of the loft and kicked down the door of a nieghboring apartment. "The others ran off after I started getting big and green, we got the whole building to ourselves May."

"So? What do we eat first?" Storming up to a nearby fridge she tore off the door with a giggle and started shovelling foods and containers into her mouth, everything tasted good to her and she soon found that she was ravenous. Emptying out the last of the fridge she turned to find MJ eating torn chunks of the furniture and cloths from the living room. "Everything's food now May, eat til your full."

Curious of MJ's behaviour she picked up a small couch cussion and sniffed it, after taking her first bite into the pillow nothing was safe. Both women devoured everything in sight, gorging on anything remotely organic they could sink their teeth into, after an hour the entire loft had been striped bare and both sat heavily in the center of the barren room holding their expanded bellies under their claws. May moaned in bliss as her claws could barely meet each other at ther furthest curve of her stomach, even her hips and breasts had expanded and her tits were leaking a thick green syrupy fluid. She lolled her head as she digested her meal just as she snapped back with a gasp.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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