Priscilla tries to reason with Katya

by burke_rakers
Storyline TG universe
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Lulu blushed and giggled as the brutish Sabertooth looked him up and down. "Shit, Wolvie...you got tiny...an' cute as a button..."

The simpering boi wiggled towards him, slipped an arm inside his, and allowed himself to be led away. Such a big, handsome man. Such a total dreamboat. Why had they ever fought? It made no sense. Lulu remembered being Logan, but now whenever he thought of the old battles with Creed, he knew he had always been wrong...because Creed was always right.

"Thanks, Creed..." the tiny sissyboi gushed as he snuggled against him. Creeds hand crept towards Lulus crotch, and he heard the jingling of tiny bells. Creed grunted "What's that?"

Lulu giggled and lowered his tight panties, exposing his tiny, babys penis. The head was pierced with a silver ring, from which tinkled a tiny silver bell. He explained "I'm jus' a silly lil' girly-boi, Creed. Not a big, strong man like you. A REAL man. Charlie sez that girly-bois thingies are jus' cute, lil' toys for big, strong men t' play with..."

Creed smiled at the tiny, helpless sissy...and hugged him close. In his mind, the diminutive sissy was the cutest, sweetest...most perfect thing in the world. He was filled with the desire to take the little fellow in his big, hairy arms...to snuggle with him...to plow his plush buttocks with his massive cock, and to hear the little sissy-boi gush and squeal "Oh, Creed! Oh, CREED! Take my boi-pussy, Creed! Take...my...BOI-PUSSY!!!"

Creed was filled with love for the little sissy, and as he drew the tiny boi into his arms, his hand slipped down to tinkle his bell. Lulu blinked back tears of happiness. The manly smell of 'Creed' loud in his nostrals...filling his ears with the roaring of his own pulse...his tiny boi-penis trembling.


"Oh, Mister Toynbee..." sighed the former Magneto as he fawned over the smaller man. There had been a time when he'd have sneered at or struck the man, but now...the plump old queen found the tiny man to be handsome and gentlemanly. Mortimer Toynebee responded to all this affection, by kissing Ericas hand and offering to take him to dinner. Erica blushed and realised that he and the short, fat Toad made a very cute couple. In fact...Mortimer was every inch the stud in his eyes. The evening would be a dream come true for both, as Erica and 'Morty' dined and danced, talked like old friends, and finally...his beloved Morty and he would enjoy a long, lusty makeout session back at Ericas place. Both would be smitten by the other, and in the end...Morty would propose and Erica would tearfully accept. By this time tomorrow, Morty and Erica Toynbee would be on their honeymoon...all old conflicts forgiven.


Charlie watched as old enemies became new friends and lovers. Erica and Motimer looked so perfect together (which wouldn't mean that Clarlie and Erica wouldn't still be lovers, just that Morty would be joining them) and little Lulu and big, strong Sabertooth would make such a sweet couple. They were all happy. No conflict beyond what could be resolved with a nice round of heavy petting. No argument that couldn't be halted with a kiss.


Kitty could have simply fled easily. But...this was Peter. Granted, the tall and muscular man moved with the easy grace of a movie vixen and was dressed like a 50's era Marilyn Monroe (right down to the platinum blond hair and beauty mark), still...his eyes. They were rimmed with feathery mascara-enhanced lashes and smokey eye shadow...but they were his eyes...and they were in pain.

"Please don't leave, Katya..." he said in his breathy, sex bomb voice "...I love you. I know our ages always kept us apart. You're so much younger than I...but I no longer care. I've loved you from afar...but now we could be together..."

"Peter, you've changed. All of you have."

"For the better, Katya. Wolverine...Storm...Nightcrawler...Cyclops...myself even. We have always been unhappy, Kitten. Even you are a sad and damaged dool, crushed and broken often by this terrible world. The humans will never accept us. They will never let us live in peace. The Avengers will always side with the government and someday...we will be in camps, waiting to die at the hands of a people we spent our whole life protecting. We are doomed. Doomed, Katya. Or rather...we were. Kitten, Peter is miserable. But Priscilla...is happy. From the tips of my dainy toes to the waves in my hair, I am happy. I LOVE my new life as the scrumptious and talented Priscilla! I am beautiful and glamorous and every time I sing I feel the love of the crowd filling me..."

Kitty was facinated as the graceful, uber-feminine man stepped back, posed with his mouth open in a classic Monroe smile, then spun and sauntered towards the sinks. This wasn't a public bathroom, but rather one set aside for the performers. Ornate, pink and gaudy as heck, it had a row of lighted mirrors and makeup chairs, as well as a many beauty products. He slid his well-padded bottom (his ass was a firm, plump bubble) into a chair and reached for a can of cold cream. He shook it, removed his rings and opera gloves, and prepared to remove his makeup. Layer after layer of cosmetics were wiped away, then he splashed water on his face and dryed his cheeks and brow...then looked at her. Though his lips were still the full, plush, colligen enhanced pillows of the glamorous Priscilla...the face was still Peters face. Framed by his waves and swoops of platinum blond hair and glittering diamond chandelier earrings...it was Peter.

He slipped a cigarette into a long, red holder and drew a diamond encrusted tighter from his handbag. With a practiced flip, he lit the cigarette and drew, then exhaled a perfect smoke ring. He said "Kitten...I love being Priscilla. I'm happy as Priscilla. But if you cannot accept me as Priscilla, then...I'll be Peter for you. For you, I'd strip away my finery and jewels, scrub off my paint and perfume, wash the dye from my hair and walk out of here as (shudder) Peter. We'll go back to the remaining X-Men and you'll go your way and I'll go mine, because we still wont be together, because I'll eventually shake off my Priscilla nature and be plain old Peter again...and Peter is far to shy to act on his desires. Peter accepts that society judges him. Peter goes along with what others think, and he'd only have the courage to admit that he loves you...after it's too late. If you ask this of me...then I'll do it. I'll do it...because right now I'm Priscilla, and though Priscilla could give a fig for the judgment of others or the opinions of the outside world...Priscilla does love you. I LOVE you, Katya...but if we leave, I won't be able to love you for long."

The lovely, feminine girly-boi blinked away tears and lowered his head, his whole attotude being one of controlled grief. He said again, less in the lisping, breathy tones of 'Priscilla' and more in the husky, haunted voice of Peter "I love you, Katya...I always have...but Peter isn't strong enough to say so. I HATE him! He's weak and childish and a fool not to see that you're the only girl for him. I...I..."

Kitty Pryde stepped from the stall and embraced the feminine man. She was so tiny and he was so big that she felt dwarfed by him, but also...felt warm and comforted by his size. She looked into his tear-streaked face and kissed him on his full lips. They were soft and yelding, and still tasted vaguely of lipstick...but she didn't care. She'd waited years to hear this man say words like this to her. To tell her that he really loved him. That she was something other than a substitute 'little sister' for the big, farm boy. She kissed and he kissed back, his powerful arms wrapping about her...the fact that he had long, acrylic nails didn't matter...or that he smelled of perfume and powder...what mattered was the mind inside. And she could see now that Priscilla WAS Peter...but free from the burdens that kept him from being hers."

"You know...Priscilla is a lovely name..." Kitty said in a soft, dreamy voice. "...and you're obviously so much happier now...."

Priscilla hugged and rocked the tiny girl, saying "I am, Kitty. Can you accept that. I'm still a man, you know."

Kittys hand crept down the front of Priscillas gown...and felt the huge, thick cock that was there. Bound and strapped down, it was still fully erect and trembling with need. She snaked her hand under his skirt, and felt the full, heavy length of it...and her hands came away moist with precum. Priscilla moaned and Kitty looked into his eyes...

She watched as Priscilla reapplied his makeup, rings and gloves. Then he stood, posed and preened in the mirror, and glanced down at Kitty. "And now...for you, Katya."


At the party, Priscilla sauntered in on Kittys arm and the crowd went quiet. Kitty was dressed in an almost Zatanna-style fetish tuxedo, cut and stitched to show off her feminine frame and flaunting her lithe, coltish legs in black fishnets. Her shoes were gleaming white pumps. Her gloved white and cuffed. Her hair was drawn back into a tight bun and her black tophat was set at a rakeish angle. Her makeup was understated but dark, giving her a smokey 'mistress/dominatrix' look that flattered her features. She was obviously in charge as she said "Hello, all. I'd like to re-introduce myself. I'm Katya Pryde...and this is my boi-wife, Priscilla Pryde. We'll be doing her act as a duo from now on...that is, if you don't mind Professor."

Charlie Xavier smiled at the girl, and went to her. As he did, he probed her mind...and saw to his delight that she'd come to this dicision on her own. Now pushing from him or Blondie had been needed. She loved Peter...and if Peter was happier as Priscilla, then she had the emotional maturity to accept that...accept it, and join him in his new life. A trained dancer and gymnist with a lovely voice, she'd make a wonderful partner for Priscilla in the classic song and dance acts that were so much a part of his stage show. Charlie did reach into her mind, and open her opinions to everyone. Now, Katya could look at Lulu (now being humped by his lover Creed) and Madame Nightcrawler (making out with his own mother) and be just as happy for them.

"Child, I'm just so glad you've come over to the right side." cooed Charlie, and Katya hugged her man all the tighter. Such a lovely couple.

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