Felicia Strange was VERY busy!

by burke_rakers
Storyline The Body-Melding Ray
Previous Chapter Peter decides to get help from Doctor Strange

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He sped off into the night...knowing that to get to the bottom of this...he'd have to find Doctor Strange as soon as possible. Little did he dream that the yransformed Stephen Strange was the cause of his wifes condition...or just how busy Strange had been sine that momant.

"I can't just remove one piece from the board..." she'd thought "...without removing all of them. Now...who next..."

And with that, a wave of meldings began around the city, as she sped from place to place and 'corrected' certain 'imbalences' in the universe.

When she was done, she giggled...and knew she'd done right. She'd fixed things so well, that she was positive that Spider-Man would HAVE to turn to her...and have no other options. Little did she dream that these woman loved Peter as much as they did...

Elizabeth Osborn - daughter of Normon Osborn and president of her dead fathers company - seethed when she found herself transformed...untill she started to enjoy it. She was nolonger a professional victem, but rather a hard-fisted businesswoman...among other things. Such as right now, when - dressed in the rather sexy green fishnet and purple leather costume she wore as the Goblin Queen - she searched the city for Peter Parker. He'd killed her father, but...she couldn't care less. She wanted to find him...take him...have him as her own...

Betty Conners - reknown scientist - slithered through the city, her reptillian body in motion a wonder to behold. She was like some primitive serpantine goddess, and she coiled and leapt, then scaled up the side of a building. She felt...GLORIOUS! But then, she always did while in her Lady Lizard form. Betty Conners couldn't bring herself to do what had to be done. She was too shy to say aloud the worlds "I Love You" to Peter Parker...but as Lady Lizard she was confident and strong. She'd find him...smell him out...take him and make him hers. Then, while she settled down to care for her clutch of eggs, she'd finish the formula she needed to make her transformation permanent and ALWAYS be Lady Lizard.

A ressurected Gwen Stacy - or rather Gwen Deacon, just another small-time criminal untill Dr. Harlan Stillwell had saved her life - flew through the city with a delightful buzzing song all about her. In her skin-tight yellow and green costume, her red multi-facited eyes glinting in the night and her wings a blur of motion, she was happier than she could have imagined. She was ALIVE! She couldn't quite imagine how, or what she felt so...naughty...but she was alive again! She giggled and she swooped down on a bank, smashed her way through the doors, and zipped towards the vault. It was a little gross, but she still giggled as she pressed her hands against the vault, then used her lovely wings to vibrate out the combination. She was in! She grabbed money and stuffed it into a bag, her rather cute antennae twitching as the guards showed up. She flew part them, knocking them to the floor with her superiour strength, than posed before she sped off "Make sure to tell the newspapers that you bodys were buzzed by Gwen Deacon...the Damsel Fly!" before she flew off into the night. She was excited and alive! She was ALIVE! She...wanted to celebrate with her boyfriend. Where was Peter? She'd soon find him...and fuck him till he swooned into her arms...

Debra Whitman was...unbalenced. But then, she always seemed to be unbalenced. No matter what she did or where she went...she was unhappy, unstable and weak. In a very real way...Felicia Strange did her a great favor. Because now...Deborah Kravinoff was the living embodiment of confidence and swagger. Her athletic, powerful body dressed in her skin-tight leopard and lion themed costume, the lion main of hair mixing with her own long, blond lockes, the only thing that hadn't changed were her features - though now set into an arrogant smirk - and her catseye glasses, which gave her a rather cute-look. A nerd turned femme fatale. She sped thrpugh the city...her prey...Spider-Man! She wanted him...wanted yo (ahem) 'Mount' him...take him as her own...as Kraven the Huntress.

And in the middle of all this...

"Oh, Peter..." the woman moaned as she flew "...I've got to find you...keep you safe...make you mine..."

Aunt May...had changed a lot.

Or rather, May Reilly Toomes. She flew with the grace of an aerial predator, her great wings spread wide to catch the updrafts from the city. Her costume was green and well designed to flaunt the old cougers rather plush 'Mae West' form. Her hair was silvery instead of grey, and her face - though ageing - still had all the accents and manners of a bombshell from the pin-up age. May Reilly Toomes had been a legandary beauty, and even in her 50's she was still an utter knockout. She thought of her nephew, and of how she'd always WANTED him...listed for him. And now...she had the confidence to etll him. She'd have to expose her identity as the Vivacious Vulture, but Peter would understand...and return to her bed.

And thus did they all meet, and after some squabbling...decide to find Peter and sort it out when they got there. Besides, he was such a MAN he'd be enough for all of them, right? They began to chat, finding more and more in common...and it was sgreed. The new Sin Sisters Six : Doctor Octopus, Goblin Queen, Lady Lizard, Damsel Fly, Kraven the Huntress and the Vivacious Vulture. would all split the delicious Peter Parker. He'd be their personal sex slave...then they'd team up and RULE the CITY!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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