The all new 'Justice Furies'?

by burke_rakers
Storyline Hero or heroines transformed into a evil villian
Category DC Corruption
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     "NO! This can't be happenin', Granny! Stompa can't be like this! Stompa ain't gonna be like this! Stompas' life is over! How's Stompa gonna live like this?"

   The woman who raged and bellowed like the dumbest of oxes was a huge, hulking lummox. Tall, brawny and thickly built, her costume was basically the costume of the Female Fury 'Stompa', though now in a mix of blues and reds with yellow trim. In place of the skull symbol she usually wore on her cowls' forehead...was a familiar letter S.

   "Quiet yourself, my dear..." a strong voice purred with a motherly, musical lilt. "...until we can find out what went wrong." The old woman was squat, very well muscled, silver haired, and wore the battle armor of Granny Goodness, though the color was now grey and blue. On her armors chest was a bat-shaped symbol.

   Stompa looked angry and puzzled, then quieted down. After all, Stompa was loyal. Stompa was the MOST loyal. 

   "Good girl, child..." purred the elderly woman, and Stompa felt a tingle of pleasure run down her spine. She was a 'good girl', wasn't she?

   Lashina zipped in front of the woman called Granny Goodness, her once black and silver battle suit a bright red and gold. Her whips and chains winked in the light, and she dropped to her knees in loyal supplication. "I have checked the teleport logs and found the reason for our situation, Granny. The Justice League had defeated the forces of Darkseid..." they all paused at that, somehow not imagining it was possible "...and attempted to teleport back to the Watchtower with his minions in tow. During the transport, Desaad tried to use a secret device to disrupt the tele-wave, resulting in our...merging together. I am Lashina...yet I am also the Flash. Hmm...'Flashina'? Would that be a good name?"

   "Oh, be silent, you lightspeed strumpet!" growled the dark, rasping voice of another woman. She looked mostly like Bernadeth - gaunt, cold and Cruella Devilla-like, though dressed in tight green and black, with a short demi-cape of green. A glowing green sword was held in her hand, and a symbol like a lantern was visible on her chest. "This is our LIVES!"

   Flashina turned on her and laughed, thrusting her huge bosom forward proudly and flaunting her curvy, sexy body "You're just jealous, you withered old crone! Jealous that you didn't bond with a real woman! I LOVE being Flashina! My speed and my electro-whips make me more than a match for my foolish Rogues Gallery."

   The dry, sinister woman with the sword wrapped herself in glowing green armor, her sword having taken the place of Green Lanterns ring. "What are you going to do, you harlot? Fuck them to death as you prance about in fetishized leather? I am quite pleased to be Emerald Burnadeth. I regret NOTHING of this fusion."

   The two woman seemed about to attack each other, but the old woman in the battle armor said "Enough of this. Super-Stompa, separate them." 

   "Yes, Granny Gotham." the hulking, thick-set woman said as she moved between them. It felt natural and right to obey Granny without question. It was what she always did. Always had and always would.

   The old woman paused at that. Granny Gotham seemed...like the perfect name for her.

   "Yes, Granny Gotham! Yes, Granny Gotham!" parroted a shrill, cackling voice from behind them. They turned to see an athletic woman with jaundiced yellow skin, wild green hair and a face that was recognizable yet wrong. Dinah Lance never had so wide a mouth, nor was it spread in a lunatics grin. Though she basically wore the costume of Black Canary, it was now in dark greens and yellows and grey iron trim. Her hands were now wrapped in spiked, iron forearm guards and clawed gauntlets. She laughed and capered about like a mad woman, before she leapt to Granny Gothams feet and licked her boots. "Yes, Granny Gotham...Mad Canary LOVES her Granny Gotham...Granny knows best for all of us...please help Mad Canary...she's so confused...yet so happy and so free-heh-heh-hee-hee!" she broke down into weeping laughter mixed with mad cackles.

   She had to be strong. She MUST be strong...for her girls.

   "Good girl, Canary. Good girl, Stompa. Flashina! Emerald Bernadeth! Attend me, the both of you."

   Loyal and loving, the transformed heroes/villains went to their Granny Gotham. Batman had been the best of them. Granny Goodness was their leader. Obviously Granny Gotham was the best of both worlds.

   The silver-haired old battleaxe purred "Obviously we have undergone a fusion of sorts, but is that bad? I feel nothing but perfection in this bonding. I am perfect, and each of you is perfect as well. I have no desire to be either of the people I had been, so...the transformation was for the best. Don't you all agree?"

   They all nodded. They had some doubts, but when Granny said it was alright...it must be alright.

   "So, we 'Justice Furies' must rebuild our lives, and continue to protect this world. The rest of the team may have their doubts, but...I'm sure we can convince them to accept us as we are."

   Her voice trailed off, with a lingering hint of a threat. The other members would learn to accept them...or they'd get out of their way.

   A slow clap echoed through the room, and all turned to see Wonder Woman...and NOT Wonder Woman. The woman wore something that was almost Wonder Womans costume, though it was now a mix of dark purples, inky black and polished silver. Her black leather boots were hip-high, sadisticly heeled and polished till they gleamed. Her chest piece was gleaming silvery and in the shape of a vulture. Her makeup was dark and dramatic, though her head was wrapped in a dark purple cowl that exposed only her sinister, sneering face. Her golden lasso was now a gleaming golden whip, and from her belt flashed other devices and inventions that her sinister mind had created. She was after all, not simply an amazon warrior...but also a depraved torturer and inventor of countless devices to inflect both pain and pleasure. Swinging her hips like a dominatrix on the prowl, she stroked Mad Canary's hair, kissed Emerald Bernadeth (Bernadeth is Desaads sister) on one dry cheek, then said with a husky lilt in her voice. "Well spoken, Granny Gotham. I for one have no desire to be either of my former selves. I am, and always shall be Diana Desaad, the Amazon of Apokolips...and the loyal follower of she who taught me so much. Allow me to serve you, my beloved Granny Gotham."


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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