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Wonder Woman: What's a Sergal?!Stopping Circe and Cheetah from possessing a dangerous idol, Wonder Woman ends up becoming a... Sergal goddess?! Dafuq?
Ditz-MiteA well-meaning but stupid imp with cosmic powers decides to "help" the superpeople of a mixed Marvel/DC universe be "happy" . . . and she's done extensive research by watching porn.
Dr Psycho's PlansDr Psycho plans to create a world of submissive and kinky women. But first he makes the 'Bat-daddy' and deals with the telepaths
Monster CandiesMaleficent is passing out candies with mysterious, transformative effects to the ladies of Disney. 
Freaky RaysSomeone invents a trio of devices that can fire various rays: a reversal ray, a melding ray, and a splitting ray. Time for some fun.
Susan gets porkedA new villain from an alternate universe visits the Fantastic Four
Gargoyles: Big StonesThe Gargoyles stop Demona after claiming the eye of Odin, but now they have another problem to deal with, and its getting bigger by the night.
Busty Invaders from outer SpaceAfter an Idea from C.King. 
Queen Areola and her Priewt comes to Earth to conquer it. Armed with nothing more thenher Bodies can they hope to win? Yes because they have.... the Boob-Power
Incredible(s) InvasionWhen Elastigirl and Invisigirl are captured by Mezmerella and hypnotized to become her incestuous sex-slaves and lesbian super-sluts it's just the first step on an incredible journey. Some they will join with Mezmerella's allies and other slaves to stage an invasion of another universe. An invasion that will convert that other universe's superheroines into slaves like them.
BeginningsInspired by The Incredibles - Mother & Daughter Relations With Mezmerella (NSFW) commissioned by solddate with art by Oo_Sebastian_oO. Dialogue in the first part by solddate and based on this image (NSFW).*Five Years After Syndrome's Attack*"Honestly, sweetie, if there's ever a type of villain you don't want to go solo against, it's a mind controller." The villainess Mezmerella leaned against the top of a classic ball chair as she spoke. The smooth white plastic of the chair was a half-sphere sliced at a steep angle, the inside filled with red cashmere and soft red cushions. Mezmerella was in full costume, the figure-hugging white catsuit and her long flame-red hair coordinating perfectly with the chair's colors. The white of her costume was balanced with black - black knee-high high-heeled boots, black elbow-length gloves, black belt. The corners of her triangular black neck-piece formed sharp-peaked shoulder-pads, the third corner pointing down into cleavage the white of her costume was practically painted on to. Her cape was black on the outside and a light orange on the inside.Mezmerella's white goggles completely concealed her eyes. Each lens was set in tear-drop white plastic and each lens glowed with orange energy. Orange energy that held a yellow spiral."If one person falls under," Mezmerella continued, "then the other can either snap them out of it or get help, it's like the buddy system at school. And us mind controllers are usually such a nefarious bunch. I shudder to think what one of my male counterparts might have done to you." Mezmerella shuddered theatrically for emphasis.Sat smiling mindlessly on the red cushions in the white ball chair was the raven-haired heroine known as Invisigirl. Her alter ego Violet Parr was Metroville University's newest freshman, while Invisigirl was the revivified superhero circuit's newest solo star. Despite that she still wore the Edna Mode designed classic supersuit of the Incredibles: red unitard with a black collar and yellow, orange and black "i" insignia on the chest, along with an orange elastic waistband and headband, a black domino mask, black bottoms and thigh-high black boots.  "All I'm doing is helping you relax and unwind as any young woman should at your age. Hmm, you know what, pet? I think your mother and I need to have a talk about all this, don't you?"Reflected in Violet's eyes was the glowing spiral on the screen in front of her. On her head was set a pair of white over-ear headphones, an antenna protruding from each earpiece and linked to a remote control unit in Mezmerella's black-gloved hand. Violet sat on the very edge of the ball chair with her legs open, smiling as she stroked her pussy through her costume with her gloved left hand. Her panties were wet and the spandex over them was beginning to form a cameltoe.Mezmerella's words soaked into Violet's pliable compliant mind as easily as the heroine's pussy juices seeped into her cotton panties. But the words didn't need a response. Her reply didn't matter.All that mattered was the spiral that ate her thoughts and her will. All that mattered was the sound in the headphones that filled her mind with new and better thoughts. All that mattered was stroking her flowe-- stroking her vagi-- stroking her slut cunt and letting it fill her mind with pleasure that made resistance impossible.All that mattered was total obedience to Mezmerella.* * **10 Years Before Syndrome's Attack*"Hi, I'm Dora. You must be Esmer--?""Call me Mez. Everyone does."Dora stood in the hallway of one of Metroville U's women-only dorms with a suitcase, a friendly smile and a sheet of printed paper. She was pretty, tall, blonde, blue-eyed and dressed in a checkered blue shirt and skinny blue jeans. With her subtle muscles and Midwestern accent she looked a bit like she'd just stepped off a farm.Mez had short-cropped red-hair and was wearing an orange t-shirt with black trousers. Weirdly the t-shirt had a few black stains that looked a little like scorch marks."Sorry about this. You must have been looking forward to a room alone and then admin..."Dora held the piece of paper up and gave a shrug halfway between apologetic and what-you-gonna-do."Yeah, it's OK. Come in."Mez waved her new dormmate in. The room was small and one side was bare except for a bed, two chest of drawers, desk and a chair. The other side was full of stuff, much of it giving the impression it had recently been swept off the other side of the room. Dora headed in and dropped her suitcase on her slightly dusty bed. "So what are you studying?" Dora asked."Probably a double major. Psychology and electronics. You?""I'm doing a PhD in dimensional physics.  They ran out of space in the grad dorm and didn't tell me... Wow! That's a lot of superhero stuff. Is that still allowed?"Dora had finally registered just what all the stuff cluttering Mez's side of the room was. Mez's bookcase was filled with comics with a few subsidiary piles that spilled out around her bed. Her walls were decorated with pictures of superheroes. Most were a little faded and had evident folds, cut from newspapers or magazines. Dora recognised Plasmabolt and Psycwave from the Phantasmics, but she'd never really followed the supers news before they disappeared so there was a dozen more she didn't recognise. There were bigger posters too, mostly of the Incredibles. And right over Mez's bed was an almost lifesize poster of Elastigirl running forward with legs and arms stretched to more than human length."They're not illegal. It was liability, insurance, remember? Besides now's the time to rebel, to be adventurous, experiment. Before we're trapped in the nine-to-five.""I guess... Speaking of experiments, what's that?" Glad of the opportunity to change the subject Dora gestured to Mez's desk where, alongside a soldering iron and a pile of electronic components, an old television had had its back removed and had sprouted a host of circuit boards at crazy angles. "A course project?""Sort of." Mez walked over and flicked a switch. The TV sprang to life displaying a pale green spiral that spun against a green background. "One of the professors was studying Psycwave's powers before she entered the Superhero Relocation Program. Never got very far. But this is supposed to be a mind-stabilizer. Whatever you're thinking and feeling it keeps you thinking and feeling.""Is that dangerous? What's it even for?"Dora looked away quickly, and tried to figure out if she was having any strange thoughts."Nah, it's not dangerous. It only sort of works. The idea was if you were a trucker driving late at night and concentrating hard on the road, then you'd project this on the windshield and keep on concentrating all night. But it turns out people are so full of different moods and emotions and thoughts it's impossible to stabilize a mind for more than a few seconds. To be dangerous something else would have to totally focus the mind first. More than just ordinary monomania or hypnosis or anything like that.""So, what are you doing with it?""Trying to improve it. I've got a knack for that sort of thing. I was thinking of maybe doing a PhD. Like you.""Sounds great. Can be tough though. My boyfriend and I have a few more years of long-distance relationship ahead. You got someone?""A boyfriend? I've never had much luck dating. Too busy studying, I guess.""Cool. Look, Mez, could I ask a favour? My friend Candy is waiting down with the rest of my stuff. Could you grab the food and put it in the communal freezer while I begin to unpack? The rest will wait, and you'll know how to make it all fit.""Sure."Mez left with the TV still spinning its green spiral pattern. Dora waited a minute before sticking her head out the door and checking the coast was clear. She felt a bit guilty but she'd been getting a very definite vibe off Mez and she wanted to be sure. Admin owed her and if she said things weren't going to work out she could probably gamble on a new roomie.Dora was pretty sure Mez had been checking her out. And there were the posters. Dora was straight, really did have a boy back home. She wasn't worried about rooming with a lesbian, if that's was Mez was. But things could get messy if Mez didn't know that's what she was.A boyfriend had once told her that if you wanted to know what a guy was really like then you went to his bedroom and checked what was under his mattress. That's where he kept the good porn, the stuff he wanted right to hand. Stuff that got him off quickest. That boyfriend had been a jerk but his advice had been good. God, she'd never dumped a guy faster than when she'd found a picture of two centaurs mounting and a crudely cut-out photo of her face stuck on one.Dora's hand quickly explored between mattress and bedframe. At first all she found was old clothes, it felt like a tracksuit or something. It wasn't entirely surprising that some of Mez's laundry had gone astray. Her laundry basket looked like someone was expecting a visitor and had quickly picked everything up and stuffed it in. Aha! There was a magazine or something.Dora pulled it out and found it was actually a thin comic. She was about to put it back in where she found it, when she realised it wasn't as glossy as the others she could see and some of the pages were weirdly stiff. She opened it up and considered maybe she'd been wrong about Mez. Very wrong. It looked Japanese and there were a lot of cocks. All of the men they ought to be attached to were off panel but they were spraying cum all over naked tied-up superheroines. More out of horrified curiosity than anything else she flicked to the centre. There was a centrefold drawing. The rest of the comic had been black-and-white line art, but this was colored and of better technical quality. Elastigirl and another Elastigirl in reversed colors, maybe an evil Elastigirl, were tangled up in each other's impossibly stretched limbs. Probably it had been a fight but now it was what might be generously called a sixty-nine even if long necks were wrapped around breasts or thighs to achieve it. Dora flicked back. The cocks in the panels with Elastigirl and a few other chosen heroines had all been carefully blacked out with pen.Dora carefully returned the porn-comic to where she had found it as she couldn't stop herself imagining Mez with the comic in one hand staring up at the Elastigirl poster above her. Dora's hand brushed against the clothes under the mattress again and grimly she pulled it out as a new suspicion entered her head. It was a flexible one-size-fits-all Elastigirl costume. She pushed it back into place like the comic.Dora slumped down on the chair in front of Mez's desk trying to decide what to do. There was always worse after all."Be adventurous. Experiment." Dora shook her head as she repeated Mez's words of advice. She'd known Mez all of five minutes and already she guessed the girl was so far in the closet she didn't realise she was in Narnia. "No, Dora! Be nice to your doesn't-know-she's-a-lesbian roommate. You'll be here a year after all. Maybe. Just avoid the Elastigirl fetish."There was a sudden brief smell of burning and Dora glanced at the screen to see a tiny plume of smoke rising. She was about to stand and investigate when the spiral on the screen suddenly turned orange and yellow and began to spin in a much more complex pattern. The way it moved... She had to keep watching. Without blinking. Or thinking. Totally focused and attentive.The screen turned briefly green again and dazed Dora tried to remember what she'd been thinking. A little woozy she spoke to herself."Be adventurous. Experiment. Nice to roommate. Lesbian. Elastigirl fetish."That sounded mostly right. She ought to keep repeating the words quietly so as not to lose them again. The screen was slowly shifting from green to orange as she spoke and she knew she had to keep repeating the words. Then the screen was steadily green and she was completely focussed on the words she was repeating. She sat mindlessly repeating the same words, allowing them to sink in. Sometimes the screen glitched and the spiral jumped and the order of her words glitched as well. But it didn't disturb her focus."Lesbian experiment roommate adventurous fetish be-nice lesbian fetish roommate Elastigirl adventurous be-nice experiment..."Dora shook her head. Something else had burned out a little less spectacularly and the TV was dead. She got up and started unpacking her suitcase. Mez would be back soon. Dora would be nice to Mez. As Dora began to put her bras and panties in a drawer she thought about how best to be nice to Mez."Everything's in the fridge or freezer," Mez told her as she arrived back. "Candy and I carried the rest into the lobby. It'll be safe there.""Thanks, Mez."Dora knew she'd have to thank Mez properly. She put aside her raunchiest lingerie for later. Tonight she'd dress in that Elastigirl costume and seduce her roommate. Dora had never licked a pussy before or been spanked or even been fucked in the ass by a strap-on but she wanted to experiment. She wanted to be nice to Mez, and experiment and indulge every one of her roommate's fetishes no matter how adventurous.

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