Visit Peter and MJ at home, and seduce Peter in front of his wife.

by colleem
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Previous Chapter Make herself so irresistible to Peter, he is willing to cheat on MJ and indulge Felicia's every whim.

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Felicia smiled at the mirror. She had been beautiful before but now she was almost godlike. She let her hands went down her body over her big breasts and smiled. She looked at the little Paper she had just wrote and then picked up her keys and went to Peters home. She wanted to test how she would cause trouble in his life. Her only thought was how much she was in love with him and how horny she was. The fact that she had used Mind Control to change the view of him or everybody around him didn´t bother her very much now.
As she walked through the city she noticed that every male and most of the females were looking at her very interested. It seemed that the world was seeing her just like she wanted it. As the sexiest woman in the world. It felt good and even the taxi driver let her go for free after she gave him a seductive smile.
So she stood before the Building in that Mary Jane and Peter lived. A little bit nervous she knocked at the door and Mary Jane opened it.
"Oh it´s you…. what do you want here?" she asked and Felicia noticed the look in her face. It seemed that she was envy. Envy that Felicia was looking so much better than her and that she and Peter were friends.
"Oh hello darling. I just wanted to visit Peter after all I was just around the block. Is he home?" she asked and entered the room. Before Mary Jane could answer she heard Peter shout from another room.
"I am in here Feli. Just a second. I have to take some cloth on!" Felicia smiled and went to the next room looking at Peter who just put on his pants. As he saw her his eyes went wide. Did Felicia always looked so damn hot? And she wasn´t even wearing this tight cat suit that she normally wore as Black Cat. But he couldn´t get his eyes of her. She smiled at him and opened her lips a bit.
"Won´t you say hello to me?" With this words she gave him a long passionate kiss and Peter couldn´t help but moan in delight as he felt her tongue playing with hers. In a lusty fog he saw Mary Jane standing in the door and with crossed arms. She looked how her husband kissed this woman with more and more need and how his hands were wandering about her back. In her view it was clear. He was holding her so she couldn´t fall and he was moaning because he was not in the mood for her right now. but as a good guy he would never handle her wrong. The kiss of the two were just a sign for their friendship. Even as Felicia placed Peters Hand on her ass MJ didn´t say a word. Surely she just wanted her husband to gave her a nice massage. And Peter started to gave her ass an massage like he wanted to fuck her. She saw him press her towards his body and their kiss almost seemed to be endless. Finally they got apart and she smiled at him and licked her lips.
"What do you think Tiger. Time for a good old Blow Job? just your dick and my tongue?" she whispered in his ear and all he could say was.
"But my Wife?!"
She bend down and opened his pants.
"oh Peter. It seems you have a nice hard dick here. I think I know just what you need!" with that she just put his dick into her waiting mouth and started to suck him like a bitch in heat. Mary Jane watched carefully how her Husband was getting fucked up by her friend but it was strange. Why did Felicia had to put his cock into her mouth? Without thinking anymore about it she went of the room and peter moaned in ecstasy as he came and sprayed his hot semen all over this hot looking woman.
"Felicia… What have we done? My Wife …."
"Tiger… I don´t care … just kiss me! kiss the Lips that sucked you dry!!" she pleaded and he did what she wanted.

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