It IS Psylocke!

by Master_Kind
Storyline Medieval Madness
Previous Chapter She meets someone else from home who is in the same city.

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"Hello, Emma. You're looking more whorish than ever, I see." Psylocke said with a smirk.

Emma looked up . . . and up! Psylocke was now a towering Amazon, at least seven feet tall. She had tits to rival Emma's oversized pair but on her large, leggy and athletic build they almost looked normal. She wore nothing but a silver chainmail bikini and a sword on a leather hilt. A cruel sneer crossed the exotic Asian beauty's features as she regarded Emma getting fucked doggy style in the dirt.

"All hail the White Queen." Psylocke said in a mocking sing-song. "Now just a fucktoy for every man who walks by and loving every minute of it."

Emma tried to feel some semblance of outrage and perhaps to try and stop the muscular stud plowing her pussy from behind but she . . . couldn't. She just couldn't. It felt too good to stop. She felt her face flush with shame and a nearing orgasm and tried to speak even as she was fucked harder from behind.

"Betsy, what is- aaah - going on?"

Betsy grinned and pushed aside her metal loincloth to reveal her pussy.

"I'll explain while you eat my pussy, White Queen." she said with a chuckle.

Emma had never been even slightly bisexual but suddenly Betsy's pussy seemed like the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. With just two steps, Emma found her face buried between Betsy's golden, muscular thighs and her lips and tongue desperately digging into the purple-haired Amazon's slick folds.

"You never even suspected, did you?" came a voice inside her head. "It never struck you as odd how calmly you took not being able to use your powers or how quickly you fell into your position as a fucktoy slave girl? Of course, why would it? I was using my vastly more powerful telepathy on you almost from the day you arrived."

Emma knew she should be angry but only three things mattered right now - the cock in her pussy, the pussy in her mouth and the sensation of the rough earth against her tits as she was rocked back and forth. Her body was in full control and her mind was just along for the ride

"My Master - OUR Master, really - wanted a honey trap for our enemies across the sea and who better than Emma Frost? The sheer number of times you've been fucked have reduced you to a slut who could orgasm from a stiff breeze. I know you're liking it and guess what? I have good news."

Emma let out a muffled scream of delight as she came from the cock in her pussy into Betsy's pussy, making the British woman laugh throatily.

"When you're done getting fucked here and eating my pussy like a good little whore, I'm going to let you have access back to your telepathic powers . . . in a way. You'll be broadcasting your need to get fucked like a siren song to anyone near you and nobody will be able to resist unless they're telepathic like me or magical like the Master."

Emma Frost faintly registered warning bells and a faint, distant part of her grew enraged . . . only to find itself boxed in and caged, helplessly watching as Psylocke altered her mind. The woman was now at least ten times as powerful a psychic as she used to be.

"Don't worry, Emma dear - you'll love every minute of it. I'm removing every single one of your precious standards. So long as it has two legs and can fuck you, you won't care what they look like or what gender they are. You're just a nympho piece of fuckmeat now. Hell, you make what Jubilee's become look dignified and that, believe me, is saying something!"

It was true. What a person looked like didn't matter - only getting fucked mattered.

"Time to drop the illusion now, I think."

Suddenly, the shining courtyard and beautiful sunny day vanished, replaced by a dank cavern with rooms carved out and torches barely illuminating the corners. The soft earth beneath her massive teats became rough stone. And the stud fucking her from behind . . .

She turned to see some sort of large, green orc with thick tusks and a pig nose plowing her where once the handsome stud had stood. He was hideous but still muscular and incredibly well-hung - not that it mattered. She was getting fucked and that was all that mattered.

"Most human women have to be paid or threatened to fuck an Orc but you've fucked all of the Master's soldiers without so much as an introduction for the past few weeks. Of course, you'll fuck anybody now. Isn't that right, Bambi?"

Bambi nodded. Getting fucked felt too good to ever, EVER say no! Wait, her name wasn't Bambi, was it? It was . . . Bambi. Bambi Frost? No? Yes?

"I rather think you're really not much of an Emma, any more." the mocking voice in her head teased as it grabbed her blonde hair and shoved her face harder into the Amazonian pussy in front of her. "Are you Bambi?"

Her lips, her pussy and her tits all tingled in a atom bomb level of climax as the Orc, Psylocke and her came in unison, making her squeal! The wave of pleasure shattered what remained of Emma's self-image.

Giggling as the Orc popped out of her pussy and Psylocke stood back to see Bambi's brainless face covered in her juices, the blonde just moaned and giggled.

"Bambi likes getting fucked!" she cooed nonsensically.

Psylocke smiled evilly.

"Of course she does. Stand up, Bambi. I think it's time for you to meet our Master."

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