Oracle goes with a classic...the valiant ladies of Femforce!

by MacroLass
Storyline Superia-ority Complex
Category Bimboization Female Dom Mind Control Nudism Transformation
Previous Chapter While allowing Thanos to plot, Superia has Oracle recruit more heroines to her service.

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OOC:  Some of you might not be familiar with FemForce.  It's basically a fusion of "good girl" comic art and superheroes that first got started in the early days of the independant comics boom of the 80's and 90's.  You can read more about them at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femforce.

As she phased away from the battle in progress below her, Oracle thought about who should be inducted into the Femizon's ranks next.  After a bit of thought, the answer was obvious.  "Femforce was not only one of the FIRST superhero groups that formed but they are by nature an entirely female team.  The ripple effect through time of converting them to Femizons have incredible impact on the world, much more than turning the Avengers or the Justice League!"

First she focused on the team's leader, the patriotic Miss Victory.  Formerly a mousy scientist, Joan Wayne was now a top flight agent of the United States government in addition to her groundbreaking research secretly named Miss Victory.  After seeing the Fantastic Femizon she was inspired to convert to lesbianism too and develop her own suggestively costumed identity of red and white threaded ribbons as well as blue pasties and g-string with white stars.  She developed a formula called V-69 to give herself superhuman abilities.  Continuing to work for the US until the end of the war, she acquired her nom du guerre of Miss DD (Double D) as a cockney rhyming slang version of her first codename ..one she much prefered with her now sexually agressive attitude.  After the war she created a new version of her drug called V-96 which converted human women into Femizons which she also secretly used to seduce dozens of heroines over the last several decades into loving and obedient members of her personal harem FuckForce!

The first of these converts was Laura Wright who, as a senator's daughter, took over his seat during the war by a landslide from the mostly female voters.  A strident proponent of women's rights and the recognition of Themyscria into the UN, she also had a secret...she was the astoundingly busty vigilante named the Phantom Bulleteer.  A mistress of firearms (especially her twin .45s....), she usually prevailed because of the astounding ability to roll her shoulders in a certain fashion and have her already skimpy costume fall off...thus rendering her completely naked!  This tactic not only let her win in almost any fight with male opponents but served as an excellent protection for the maskless heroine's secrety identity as no one ever looked high enough to recognize her face.  Laura still serves in the US Senate after all these years due to her incredible popularity, defeating any effort to unseat her or eject her for the number of terms she's been there.

The last of the team's most famous trio would be She-gra, a mix of the old She-Cat and Tigra.  A mystic and sensual tiger goddess, circumstances caused her to find an avatar in the United States where her rage and fury were put to use against the mob and Nazi's during the war.  She was barely controlled at first until Miss DD and Fantastic Femizon teamed up to tame her during an orgy of epic proportions.  She tends to be feline in demeanor with moods changing from snide and sarcastic to cuddly at the drop of a hat.  Of course, her true role as Miss DD's *pet* is only known to a few, even on the team.  It's rumored that as the first of the cat themed heroines over the years, other felines that have followed her like Black Cat and Catwoman are part of her litter.  While that's not verified she does seem to be able to command obedience (and sex) from them at her whim.

Oracle took special care crafting the background for the alien scientist Mara aka StarLust.  The alien scholar had ventured alone into the universe seeking a fabled "lost tribe" of Femizons...eventually finding them through Miss DD and FuckForce.  Seduced by the human's drug, she is gladly an ambassador between Themyscria and her homeworld, married to her Mistress and proud mother of Ms. DD, a temporary successor during an absence of Joan's years ago.

Of course each member of the team got the same treatment, a new intricately crafted background that turned them into openly nymphomanical paragons of the new world Superia wished to see.  Sometimes they were left basically unchanged except for a few tweaks like Colt the Ponygirl...while others like Sinn and Tara Ta-Ta's the sizechanging stripper were majorly tweaked.  The end effect though when Oracle set all of the changes in motion that the world had changed even more with a sizable portion of the world now larger female population identifying themselves as Femizons by lifestyle, if not by physical birth.


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