What happened to Wonder Woman? How was she changed by Oracle's manipulations?

by MacroLass
Storyline Superia-ority Complex
Characters Wonder Woman Storm She-Hulk Starfire
Category Bimboization Mind Control Nudism Transformation
Previous Chapter Knowing that Earth is the focal point of this reality, Superia establishes her base of operations there...on the island of Themyscria!

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Lying back on her divan back on Femiza, Superia smiled.  That should make the earthly higher beings sit up and take notice...which in turn would provoke them into action.  She had to admit that while she loved her subjects with all her being and enjoyed reigning over them in an eternity of peace and love, there was something exciting about the initial incursion into a new reality.  That initial tension, the resistance to her will, the struggle that proved beyond a doubt that love was the greatest force of all...it invigorated and vindicated her, making her existence worthwhile. 

She regarded Diana as she was suspended in time and space after Oracle selected her.  Yes, she would be a fine vanguard for this new Earth.  She tweaked the heroine a bit for aesthetic's sake, enlarging her bust and lengthening the hair before sending her on her way. 

"Yes...a fine and loving servant you will be indeed...."

Diana blinked as she sank down into the large leather chair with her logo on it at the head of the meeting table.  For a moment it'd seemed like she'd...been in a dream.  Funny, she didn't usually nod off like that.  Maybe she needed some time off...

"Roll call," she declared with a smile.  "Fantastic Femizon...present."  The statuesque dark haired beauty was every inch the leader, trained from birth in Themyscria to rule.  She was of course totally nude except for her golden gloves, boots, and belt with her stylized 'FF' logo.  She'd first arrived during World War 2 to help the Allies against the Nazis and had been a prominent figure (pardon the pun) in politics ever since then.  She was one of Earth's preeminent (and dominant) metahumans, loved and respected even by those who were not her subjects.  Powerwise, the primary difference between the Femizon and Wonder Woman was that the Lasso of Truth had been replaced with Superia's Will, nicknamed on Earth the Lasso of Love.  Every person, heroes and villains alike, knew that all except the strongest willed caught in its loop was immediately overwhelmed with passionate love and obedience.  What WASN'T commonly known about it is that Superia learned everything about anyone caught in the coils...and could use her reality alteration to change the victim to her liking.  Many of The Femizon's teammates, friends, and lovers used to be men, bitter enemies, or heterosexuals...but were now completely converted, enslaved to the Goddess' will.

"Mother Nature, here."  Ororo 'Suzi' Storm was formerly a mutant worshipped as an Africian earth and weather goddess until Diana had tamed her years ago.  Now the other parent of Diana's two children Francine and Valeria, she was more famous for her constantly bared milky breasts, still firmly round and shapely after decades in the public eye.  Her long time lover Reba Richards was one of the most intelligent humans on Earth who acted as the team's scientific expert.

The next member was two for the price of one.  Normally she was Jennifer Walters, brilliant attorney who during the 50's had gotten most of the United States' statutes against public nudity repealed (on the grounds of religious freedom).  As a Femizon with extended lifespan, she'd also been gifted with super powers for her valuable service...a gamma irradiated metahuman form with the strength and stamina to fuck Princess Diana for days!  In this emerald form, she was a dim witted nympho but still an exceptional beauty.  Currently in her meta form, she grinned to her Mistress.  "She Slut ready to obey...."

Last but not least, the newest recruit was Pornfire aka Princess Koriand'r.  Her planet of Tamaran had long ago become a possession of the Femizon Empire and the Princess, like most of the royal family there, was a famous intergalactic erotic holovid star.  Looking to expand her fame, she journeyed to Earth to screw the lifeforms there...only to become Diana's submissive pet.  "Pornfire is here, Mistress."

Together, they were the FANTASTIC WHORES!

Taking the name given to them just after World War 2 by a disapproving editorial in the Daily Bugle as a badge of honor, the rotating group of heroines had been an important piece of world events for decades.  While normal people still looked at them askance for their outrageous sexuality and public state of undress, they were still well regarded in the public eye, even to the point where women sometimes actually emigrated to Themyscria to become Femizons of their own desire. 

"Good, we're all here," Fanastic Femizon smiled.  "Now on to business...."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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