Storm completes her transformation into Hurricaine

by Gorel
Storyline Shrinking Blob
Characters Blob Storm Emma Frost Cyclops Rogue Shadowcat
Category Marvel M/F F/F Growth Body Modification Female Dom
Previous Chapter Storm has her way with Fred and becomes Hurricane.

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"Unnngggh, by the Goddess Yes... More, I demand more!"

Hurricane moaned loudly as she was fed more and more strength and beauty from the Blob, her white hair growing longer and more luxurious by the second. Once a goddess by name she was becoming one in stature as well, her muscles swelling larger along with her curves. With a final passionate wail a thunder crack sounded in the distance as her transformation completed and a flurry of wind blasted the room, sending everyone to the ground covering their eyes.

"YES! I am reborn." Standing up to her full 8 foot height, Hurricane stretched, basking in her new beauty. Her hair flowed down to her feet and swirled behind her like a cloud, the few bits of jewelry she still had on crackled with static electricity. Her eyes shone bright with inner light as did her smooth ebony skin as frost formed lightly over her muscles. Even while totally naked she no longer cared, her exhibitionist streak in full bloom she craved to be seen, admired, worshiped. "Bow to me sisters, for I am the embodiment of the churning skies, please me and be rewarded with splendor  rouse my anger..."

A tree exploded outside the campus, its trunk blasted with an intense shaft of air like a needle thin tornado mixed with lightning, its dead hulk ablaze from the electrical heat.

"...And know that my wrath is as dangerous as my whimsy." Sauntering through the crowd of women as they all rushed at the prone man on the floor, Hurricane made her way upstairs to meet the other goddess on campus.


Smiling as she and Scott walked down the halls to meet the others, Emma Frost could already hear the fun thoughts going through Ororoe's mind as they both met at the stairs.

"Oh my you certainly enjoyed yourself didn't you Sto- I mean Hurricane." Purred the White Empress as the two circled each other, appraising their new strength and beauty while Scott stood at the side of the hallway watching as the two amazon women preened and posed. "So what do you intend to do next hmm?"

"My old life was one of humility and restraint, no more. I wish to indulge and flaunt my new powers... Maybe with him." Pointed the woman at Cyclops as he began to feel like a mouse under the hungry gaze of a cat licking its lips. Hurricane's flowing hair swirled behind her, snow coming off her backside as she looked down on the injured X-man before he was suddenly floating towards the protective arms of the Empress, his head under her cleavage as she pressed him against her.

"He's in pretty rough shape my dear, I already punished the Blob for hurting him, what will YOU do?"

Pressing herself up against Emma, Hurricane squeezed Scott gently between both of their busts until he was surrounded by thier cleavage. Her hands roaming against the diamond firm skin of the Empress and rubbing gentle circles around the prone man between them. Kissing the gold and crystal woman passionately she sent electric jolts through her tongue to stimulate the two before pulling away and making soft butterfly kisses on Scott's face and forehead.

"Not all storms are rough sister, I can be as gentle as the lightest snowfall or soothing as a summer rain, if you will allow it." Already feeling Cyclops's erection strain against her waist she waited for the Empress to answer.


"Wow whats happening here?" Smirked Kitty as she made her way through the crowd of girls and woman swarming the living room. Many of them were shocked at her new height, power and beauty but were drawn back to the chance at their turn with the man on the floor. Finally making her way to the center she gasped before smiling, shaking her head at the Blob's predicament.

"Come on stud, make mamma Rogue a real BEAR of a woman!" Husked the southern belle as she ground against Fred's shaft, his mind on autopilot as he pounded into her, the only thoughts he had were to screw any woman offered to him and right now he was putting all his effort in pleasing the power leech Rogue. Already his glamour was effecting her, Her breasts were swelling one cup size after another along with her physique, pounding her palms against his barrel chest and causing the room to shake with her growing strength. "Yes, that's the spot, more, right there!"

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