Fun at the Big Hunk o' Man

by mArvelous
Storyline Shrinking Blob
Characters Blob Emma Frost Mystique Shadowcat
Category Marvel Growth Female Dom M/F Mind Control
Previous Chapter Big Blue and her gang blow off steam at a local strip bar.

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Everyone in the strip bar, man and woman alike, turned to stare at the three gorgeous muscle hotties who strode through the door, dragging the two hapless males along with them.

"Evening," drawled Big Scarlet. "How y'all doin'?" She sprawled herself in a chair, which creaked audibly under the weight of her power-packed physique.

"Drinks for everyone," announced Big Blue. "On the house." She picked up a nearly-full bottle of vodka from a stunned patron and finished the whole thing in one gulp. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and burped loudly.

Mistress Mind slapped Toad and Quicksilver on their asses. "C'mon," she said. "Get up there and shake what God gave you." She pointed to the stage where several handsome and well-muscled chippendales were dancing. "Or else," she threatened.

"Hey," said the bouncer. "You don't just walk in here and act like you own the place."

Big Blue laughed. "The little wimp actually thinks he can tell us what to do!" She leaned down, giving the bouncer a view of her unrivaled cleavage. "Listen up, honey, 'cuz I'm only gonna say this once. I'm Big Blue, and this is my Sisterhood of Big Babes. We go where we like, we do what we like, and we take what we like. And the rest of you just have to like it--or else."

The bouncer gulped. Each of these women looked like they could easily take down the Juggernaut. But he couldn't let them challenge him. Not in his own bar.

"If you came here looking for trouble, ladies, you made a big mistake."

"Wrong, little man," said Big Blue. "You're the one who's made the mistake!" She grabbed him by the collar and launched him across the room, laughing as he smashed into a table and sent glass flying everywhere.

At once, a full-on melee sprang up, sweeping across the entire room.

Big Blue smiled. No better way to spend a Saturday night than a good old-fashioned brawl!


"No more," moaned Logan.

"Oh c'mon, Logan," pouted Kitty. "What good is your healing factor if you can't go a round or ten with me?"

"Too much," gurgled Logan before passing out. With some amusement, Kitty noted his cock was still rock-hard.

"Looks like the flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak," said Shadowlioness. "And here I thought he was supposed to be a man's man. Oh well, plenty of fish in the sea."

She phased through the walls until she came to Piotr, working out in the gym. She checked him out, his muscular chest slick with sweat, and bit her lip, shivering with arousal. Pussy was getting wet all over again.

She phased back to normal and Piotr's eyes nearly fell out of his head.

"Who are you?"

"Don't you know me, Piotr?"

"KITTY?!?! What has happened to you?!?!"

"Look at me now, Piotr," giggled Kitty, completely drunk on her new physique. "Just LOOK at me!" She flexed her entire upper body and Piotr's eyes widened. Her muscles would put Hercules to shame! And her breasts were more than twice the size of his head!

She picked him up as if he were a baby, placed his cock between her colossal tits, and started flexing her chest, supporting his weight using only her immense chest muscles. He groaned as her almighty pecs pumped him dry, the greatest titty-fuck any man had ever enjoyed. Within seconds he shuddered and came.

Without warning, she tossed him down to the ground. With a seductive smile, she put her finger between her tits, drew out a glob of Piotr's cum, and slowly licked the digit clean. "Mmmmmm," she said.

She got down and mounted the prone Piotr, nearly suffocating him with her breasts.

"You oughtta armor up, stud," purred Shadowlioness. "That is, if you wanna survive the night."

Piotr gulped.


"Fuck," spat Emma as Dukes went soft before he could climax. The other women had drained him  dry. To get what she wanted, even more drastic measures were needed.

Not caring what she did to Blob's already addled brain, Emma telepathically put his higher brain functions into a coma-like stasis. His conscious mind (or what was left of it) would experience what was happening as if it were a dream. But the primitive part of his brain, the part that only wanted to fuck and kill--the only part she needed--would remain wide awake. For good measure, she telepathically stimulated that primal part into overdrive.

Blob's eyes snapped open. His stare was savage and feral. He sniffed the air, his cock growing huge and rock-hard as he caught the scent of Emma's needy snatch. Growling like a beast in rut, he grabbed her tits with giant paws and began pounding her mercilessly, smashing her against the wall as he pumped her full of his magical man-juice.

Suddenly Emma was afraid. He could tear her apart before the magic took hold! Panicked, she tried to shift into diamond form. But something was wrong! She felt a tearing in her entire body that had nothing to do with the madman ripping into her snatch, and her screams filled the air.


Fred Dukes blinked. He had had a bizarre dream, that a pale angel had descended from the heavens. That her beauty had driven him utterly mad, and that he had fucked her to death in a bestial frenzy. But instead of dying, the angel had been reborn in a blaze of light, even more glorious than before.

It had been a dream, he thought. But the Being that towered triumphantly over him was no dream.

She was close to 9 feet tall and glowed like a living lantern, lit from within by a pure white luminescence that radiated through her flawless, translucent skin. Wild mane the color of spun gold pouring down her back all the way down to her calves. The face of an angel, with burning golden eyes, absolutely perfect features, and pouty lips. Firm, perfectly shaped tits the size of beach balls, a teeny-tiny waist, and hips and ass that wouldn't quit.

Every inch of this angelic vision was packed with immense muscles. Her upper body was far more developed than the Hulk's. A 12-pack of abs, each the size of his fist, adorned her lower torso, and uncountable obliques. Her arms were bigger than the Hulk's thighs, and her thighs were nearly as large around as the Hulk's waist. As he watched, her entire body surged with titanic power at the merest flex, only hinting at the full might she possessed.

But unrivaled physical power and beauty were just the beginning. Emma had had a megadose of Blob's glamour-ous jizm, twenty times more than any of the other women had. The excess magic had interacted unpredictably with Emma's secondary mutation and triggered a tertiary mutation.

Instead of blocking her telepathy, her new form, a vastly superior amalgam of her human and diamond forms, enhanced it. The living crystalline structure of her new body allowed her to focus and channel her psionic energies much more efficiently, vastly increasing the range, power, and control of her telepathy.

The new mutation had also activated her formerly latent telekinetic potential, and enhanced it in the same way. She levitated herself off the ground with her new telekinesis, relishing the feeling of flight for the first time.

"Behold," the beautiful titaness said. "The Ascension of the White Empress."

Before Fred's eyes, she began pumping up an immense bicep that swelled to over three times the size of his own…and she wasn't even going all-out.

She turned 180 degrees in midair until her back was turned to him, and casually rolled her shoulders, causing an entire symphony of incredible muscles to bulge forth, dance, and ripple hypnotically across her almighty upper back. Blob was transfixed by the sight.

She smiled to hear his simple thoughts. She was more woman than any of the others who had drunk of the Blob's jizm, more woman than all of them put together.

And there was another trick her new form had. With a thought, her fingernails lengthened and became diamond talons. She slashed at a wall, carving five perfectly parallel tracks. With another thought, she caused the talons to shoot forth from her fingertips, like bullets. They ripped through the walls at supersonic speed, piercing everything in their path for miles until she willed them to stop. With a final thought, her nails regenerated.

At the sight of this, the Blob broke and ran, his only thought to get away from this demoness in the form of an angel.

"Where do you think you are going?" the Empress's laughter echoed in his mind. "No one can get away from me. Not anymore."

The wall in front of the Blob simply exploded as the White Empress walked through it, shouldering aside the chunks of rubble with ease. Blob ran right into her abdomen and bounced off. It was like running head-on into a granite cliff.

Telekinetically she levitated him into the air, drawing him towards her. Like a fly trapped in amber, he could do nothing against her psionic grip.

"Those jewels are too precious to waste," cooed Emma, delicately caressing his swollen nads. His erection rose painfully again at her sensual touch. "But the rest of you is expendable."

She dug her fingers into his muscular arm, and he yelped as her indescribably powerful grip easily pierced his skin and threatened to completely rip through his arm, even though she was barely exerting herself.

"You call this strength," she said contemptuously, shaking him like a wolf shakes a rag doll in its mouth. "Pathetic."

She tossed him down.

"You're going to help me build my new mutant order, little man," said the White Empress, her golden eyes glowing with amusement. "I promise you'll enjoy it."

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