She is taken to be strip searched.

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From the transport, the fallen heroine was led into the main maximum security building of the prison crossing through the main courtyard, only physically separated of the rest of the dangerous prisoners by an electrified barb wire. Somehow, the princess of the amazons felt their looks of rage, hate, anger and lust as the overwhelming fist of a Titan. But soon, she also began to hear their insults and menaces, fists at a simple murmur, at the end as a deafening storm. And, though the amazon tried to increase the speed of her steps, the armored guards restrained her one time and another pulling back of her chains. So, they spent five humbling, appalling five minutes to rove a thousand yards

Once into the building, along ample, long corridors, plenty of more armored guards and prisoners, Wonder Woman was led to a small office, were a dozen of guards and civilians were waiting for her. One of the guards pressed a button of his left armored forearm and the shackles of her wrists and toes fell to the floor. 

“Prisoner 6969. Undress you. NOW!!!”.-Roared the leader of the guards.

“My name is Diana of ThemiscyrAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH”.-Began to declare the princess of Themiscira when a pair of guards interrupted her nailing their electric batons deep on her kidneys. Immediately, the amazon collapsed to the ground among wild spasms of pain.

“Prisoner 6969. Stand up and undress you. NOW!!!”.-Roared again the leader.-“I…I can´t move. I...I cAAAAAAARGGGGGGHHHHHH…..”.-Howled again the fallen superheroine when the same guards nailed their electric batons again, this time on her large, firmly rounded breasts.

"No excuses, Prisoner 6969. Stand up and undress you. NOW!!!”.-Roared by third time the leader. Slowly, trembling in pain, with her eyes blurred in tears, Wonder Woman, stood over her red stilettos. Then, she turned over her feet giving her back to the guards and began to remove her yellow belt.

“Prisoner 6969. Face us. NOW!!!”.-Roared the leader one more time. Wonder Woman hesitated during a second. At the next second, she felt the deadly stings of the electric batons nailed on her rounded buttocks. Screeching in agony, the amazon princess fell on her knees, sobbing.

“Prisoner 6969. Look at us. NOW!!!”.-Commanded again the guard. Slowly, on her fours, Wonder Woman turned her scorched body facing to their tormentors. Then, she stood on her feet again, with her face sank on her cleavage and her eyes covered in tears.

Then, grabbing her red bustier by the golden “W”, Diana slid down her attire while tears of shame and pain fell over her marvelous bust. Guards and civilians gasped and panted in amazement when the 40DD firmly rounded, perfectly sculpted breasts of the amazing amazon jumped out of the bustier and bounced during a few seconds on her chest. Then, slowly, Diana grabbed the bottom of her attire, sliding it down along her long, shapely legs to remove it completely while her enormous boobs hanged on her chest as large cantaloupes. Finally, over her knees, she removed her red stilettos. Then, Wonder Woman stood over her bare feet, completely naked, covering chastely her amazing bust with her right arm and her pussy with her right hand.

"Prisoner 6969. I said ALL your clothes. NOW!!!.”.-Roared furiously the leader of the guards. Diana hesitated during a second. Then, she understood…too late. The electric batons hit her chiseled thighs sending her to the ground again, howling in agony.-“Enough….Please….No more…..”.-Begged the proud amazon, removing her bracelets, earrings and finally, her golden diadem, placing the items over her clothes.

“Prisoner 6969. Give your clothes to the overseer. NOW!!!”.-Roared the leader. Docilely, Wonder Woman took her clothes, stood on her bare feet and gave all her attire to the overseer.-“Don´t worry about your items. We will incinerate your clothes and melt the rest…..”.-Declared with rejoice the overseer.-“No…….”.-Muttered the naked princess of Themyscira.

 “Prisoner 6969. Put your shackles again. NOW!!!”.-Roared the guard. Obediently, Wonder Woman kneeled on the ground, still staring as the overseer leave the room with her clothes. Then, crying disconsolately, the amazon placed the shackles on her toes and closed them. But, when she had placed the shackles on her wrists and was on the point to close them, the guard said.-“Prisoner 6969. Place your hands on your back. NOW!!!!”.-Desperately, Diana obeyed him, though she knew what it was meaning. She wouldn´t cover her breasts and her crotch with her hands!!!. And the shackles closed around her wrists.

“Prisoner 6969. Move. NOW!!!”.-Commanded roughly the guard, pushing her abruptly. Slowly, at the sight of guards, prisoners and janitors, the naked heroine was led, along the same corridors back to the courtyard.

And again, with the same slowness, Wonder Woman was exhibited, this time totally naked, to the rest of the prisoners of the prison, while she was led to the next building to continue her ordeal.

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